College Scholarship—Types of College Grants

College Scholarship

College Scholarship

Investing in getting an education is one of the most important decisions an individual makes in his life. College education is especially important in this regard as it can help get the desired job and a salary that would adequately cover everyday expenses, thus enabling you to live a comfortable life.

However, college education can be very expensive and not a lot of people can afford it. This is the reason why students work hard to become eligible for a college—some spent their time on studying to get an academic scholarship, while others practice hard to get a sport scholarship.

Three Types of College Scholarship Grants

Academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, and departmental scholarship are three types that students generally need to focus on. They are available for both current and future college students.

Academic Scholarship Grant

This scholarship is awarded by some colleges to students who have an outstanding academic record before joining a college. Academic scholarships are available for students who have passed with distinction.

Students who are able to get an academic scholarship will have to maintain a maximum rating. Those students who are not able to keep their rating up to the required level will be given probational status until they progress to the expected level. A failure to achieve the necessary rating will result in revocation of the academic scholarship grant.

Athletic Scholarship Grant

This scholarship is available for athletes who have shown good performances in their respective sports. Athletic scholarships grants are sought-after scholarships. Students or athletes on athletic scholarship do not necessarily have to show good academic performance. In order to get an athletic scholarship, athletes should excel in their sport and get noticed by a scout.

Departmental Grant

This scholarship is available for students who have shown exceptional performance in a particular department. A departmental grant is awarded to students to keep them in that department.

Students should consider these three options and select the one that is suitable for them. The next step after scholarship selection would of course be the steps that are required to get that scholarship. So if you aspire to get an academic scholarship, study hard for it to get ahead of the competition; if you want to get an athletic scholarship, perform well in your sport to get noticed by a scout; and, if you need a departmental grant, excel in your department so that your department is interested in keeping you there.