College Scholarship—4 Methods of Finding One

College Scholarship

College Scholarship

A lot of students are aware of the benefits of a scholarship for college, but they don’t know where they can find it. Here are four methods of finding scholarships.

Financial Aid Office

Students who are still in high school can contact their school’s college help office. The staff present there is committed to helping students, and they usually happily help students find college scholarship programs. However, the time they can spend with you will be limited as they have to cater to a lot of students.

College students looking for scholarships can visit their college’s financial aid office to find out if they meet the requirements of any scholarships or grants offered by the college. This aid is usually provided to students who qualify for it on financial basis; however, some money is also given to students who perform in academics or athletics.

Online Scholarship Search Engines

Another method of finding college scholarship programs is through the internet by using search engines, like and These search engines are one of the best known methods of finding scholarships. However, these ‘scholarship searches’ are not totally accurate. These searches provide you with scholarships that you qualify for according to ‘them’, after you provide personal information like your SAT/ACT scores, financial status, etc. This method of scholarship selection means that you will have to spend a lot of time searching the ‘search’ results for appropriate opportunities.

Local Newspaper

A lot of local scholarships are advertised in the newspapers by the sponsors. Keep checking theses local papers to find these scholarships. An advantage of a local scholarship is that your chances of winning it will be greater due to lower competition.  Make sure that you go through the local newspaper at least once every week to find these sponsored scholarships.

Social Network

Another method of finding a college scholarship is to ask your network.  If you have a solid network of friends and advisors, you can ask them for help. Tell them about the field of study you’re interested in and ask them to inform you if they find any scholarships that are suitable for you. You can also ask your relatives if they know about any college scholarship programs and if they are a part of any group or organization; you can look if that organization or group has some scholarship program for college students. There are also a lot of companies that offer college scholarships and grants to their employees, so make sure that you check with your company.