College Grants and Scholarships for Computer Science Students

The demand for computer professionals is increasing rapidly all over the world and so are the pay scales of qualified computer professionals. Greater number of students than ever now wish to join fields related to computer science due to the excellent career opportunities these fields offer. A college degree is necessary for any person to succeed in his career; college education in computer science is expensive as all other education is, but there are a number of college grants and scholarships offered to computer science students that can help them complete their education. This article explains some of the many scholarships available for computer science students.

  • SWE Scholarship Program: The SWE scholarship program provides aid to female students that are planning to join a degree in computer engineering or other computer related engineering degrees. The program provides aid of $10,000 to wining students to pay for tuition fees and living costs.
  • AFCEA Educational Foundation Scholarships: The AFCEA’s foundation runs a scholarship program by name of General John A. Wickham Scholarships. This program provides assistance to full time students in field of aerospace engineering, computer engineering and electrical engineering. Junior or senior students who have a minimum GPA of 3.5 can get aid of $2,000 through this program.
  • ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarships: Students from minority communities or women that are attending a full time four year degree program in computer or video game related fields can get aid through ESA foundation. The amount of these scholarships is $3,000.
  • Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund: The fund provides aid to students who are working towards their associate or bachelor degree. Bachelor degree students can get aid of $2,000 and associate degree students can get aid of $1,000 through this program.
  • Intel Science Talent Search: This is a very prestigious scholarship program that is awarded to one talented student every year. The scholarship program provides aid of $100,000 to the winning student. Application deadline for this program is Nov 17 every year.
  • NFB Computer Science Scholarship Program: The NFB program is designed to provide aid to blind students who are planning to join a course related to computer science. This program provides aid to 30 students every year.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are hundreds of other aid programs for computer science students. Students can look for such college grants and scholarships for computer science over the internet.

Are Scholarships Taxable?-All About Tax Consequences of Scholarships

Getting scholarships and grants for higher education is fast becoming a necessity for many students due to rising costs of college education. More and more students are looking for scholarships and more scholarships are offered to students than ever before. Almost every student searching for a scholarship has a question in mind that is “are scholarships taxable?” This article provides some information about tax consequences of a scholarship.

The answer to the question “are scholarships taxable?” depends upon a number of different factors. The factors that affect the taxability are the type of scholarship, the awarding body, your citizenship, and what scholarship covers. All of the above factors will determine if your scholarship is considered as your income.

The type of scholarship is the first factor that affects taxability. Scholarships that are provided specifically to pursue a course or get education in a specific field or college are normally not taxable. The scholarships that require you to be enrolled on a part or full time course are also not taxable. Open scholarships which are paid directly in to your bank account or scholarships that does not attach any requirement as to enrollment in a course may be taxed.

Scholarships awarded by the government are always tax free; the question of taxability only arises when the scholarship provider is a private association or college, so if you are provided a scholarship by government you need not to worry about tax consequences.

Scholarships in all countries are awarded to citizens of the country or resident non citizens, as well as to international students. Your status in the country in which you get a scholarship affects the taxability. Normally scholarships paid to citizens are tax free and scholarships for non citizens or international students may be taxable either by the country you are studying in or your home country.

Scholarships that pay for the tuition fees, books, research and other educational expenses are generally not taxable. The scholarships that pay for room, food, laundry or any other part of living costs may be considered as your income in some countries and may be taxed. However, in cases where it is taxed, generally only part of scholarship that covers living costs will be taxed.

You can also contact your scholarship provider for information on taxability of your scholarship or you can contact any tax consultant in your area to discuss the taxability of scholarship you are being awarded.

Scholarships for Military Spouses

The military itself and government is working to provide more and more facilities to brave men and women that defend the country. Education of dependent children and spouses of military men have been a major concern for policy makers recently and some appreciable progress has been made in this area to provide better educational opportunities to children and spouses of military men. In addition to favorable changes in some policies announced in the GI Bill, there are many other military scholarships and grants programs started for spouses of service men. Some such opportunities are discussed in this article.

The GI Bill announced many favorable changes in policy for benefits available to service men. Military persons were allowed to study at any accredited institute in US at little or no cost at all. The bill has allowed service men to transfer their benefits under the grant scheme to their spouses, however some conditions on transfer are implemented but it provides great relief to military service men. In addition to these benefits military spouses can avail number of other scholarships for military to complete their higher education.

The Military Spouse Career Advancement program is an aid program launched by Department of Defense in collaboration with department of Labor. It is one of the biggest scholarships programs for military spouses. The program provides scholarships worth $32 million to military spouses that wish to pursue higher education in high-growth fields, such as education, health care, information technology, and many other fields. The scholarship program provides for the tuition fees, books, lab fees and all other education expenses of the scholars. More information on deadlines and eligibility can be obtained from the scholarship program’s website.

Another military scholarship program is the Homefront Spouse Scholarship program. This scholarships program provides aid to 37 military spouses each year. The award is a very prestigious one, so it is highly competitive. The applicants are required to fill a questionnaire regarding life experiences and write an essay on any topic to apply for the scholarship program. The questionnaire can be seen on the program’s website.

There is also number of other scholarships for military spouses programs run by different organizations based on varying criteria. There are also some scholarship programs specifically for the spouses of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan war. You can search for such scholarships using scholarship search engines. These search engines will provide you information on all military scholarships offered in America.