Scholarship Requirements

Scholarships can be a very good source of financial assistance to students. There is a great diversity of organizations which are willing to offer help to students either to meet their own ends, as a sign of showing their concern for various issues, or just out of charity and community service. It is expected then that the diversity of scholarship requirements would match the variety of the scholarship opportunities. It could indeed be a very good idea to have knowledge about the various scholarship requirements. Let us take a review of the various scholarship requirements that the students can hope to come across. This could act as a checklist for personal scrutiny.

  • The most common scholarship requirements include a ‘demonstration of proficiency’ to be eligible for the reward. This might include, a very good writing ability, a good talent in the various arts like drawing, painting, dance, etc., being erudite in your respective field of science or being good at sports. These requirements usually include those scholarships which allow more competent candidates to have a better chance of success.
  • The candidates are also required to fill out the FAFSA form, which makes them eligible for federal scholarships. The candidates should also in all instances, gather complete information about application deadlines, application procedures, special requirements and most importantly all the relevant scholarship opportunities. These points include the general requirements that the students should take care of.
  • Sometimes there are some very specific scholarship requirements. These include scholarships according to physical characteristics (left-handedness, disability, height, etc), sex, academic level (sophomore, junior, etc), career (military, journalism, medicine, firefighting, nursing, etc), nationality and immigrant status, etc.
  • Some scholarship may have changing requirements. You might be required to qualify for certain requirements at the time of application and then you might be required to fulfill further requirement later on. This generally applies to scholarships that are renewable.
  • There are generally three categories of financial aid available: scholarships, grants and loans. These might have slightly different requirements and implications. For instance, loans require you to return the money later on and the application procedure for the grants can be different form scholarships.
  • Some scholarships are for international students. These are generally very prestigious and have stringent requirements. An example is the Fulbright Scholarship.

This was a brief account of the various scholarship requirements that the students must be aware of. The prospective candidates are advised to always find out about the specific requirements of the scholarship opportunity they are interested in.

Firefighter Scholarships-Money For Heroes

Firefighters belong to a much respected career path. They are respected and loved by all as true heroes. There are many volunteer and professional firefighting organizations throughout the US. This means that many sources of firefighter scholarships are available. This scholarships money, although modest as compared to other scholarships, is aimed at encouraging people to adopt this community service. People interested or engaged in firefighting can opt for some of these scholarships. Let us take a look at some of the opportunities that are worth checking out.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs offers an amount of $4,000 to professional or volunteer firefighters who are experienced and also are pursuing a degree in fire science.

The J.R Haines Memorial scholarship offered by the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association grants an amount of $1,000 to its members who are enrolling in fire science or related majors.

The F. Michael Sacca scholarship by the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department awards an amount of $1000 to applicants who are enrolled in a fire science program.

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association sponsors an amount of $2,000 for motivated firefighters who are interested in gaining a degree from a fire science or related program.

The Fire Service Scholarhsip  is offered via a lottery draw to family members of acitive, retired or deceased Minnesota  fire fighters. The maximum amount is $1,000.

The James C Basile scholarship is offered to candidates from the Ventura County who are graduating from High School and will be attending the University of California. The applicants must also have one or both parents incapacitated or killed during law enforcement or fire fighting acitivities.

The Glynn County fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship gives a varied amount of annual awards to children of Glynn County Fire Deparment members. The scholarship amount varies.

The Bluecoats, Inc. scholarships offers scholarship for active or retired Clark County firefighters who are undergradate students attending the University of Nevada Las-Vegas.

These were some of the options that prospective, current or retied firefighter can look for. In Addition to these there are many other opportunities that are available and the internet can be consulted for further help. Firefighter scholarships are not only a means of honoring the people involved in this noble community service but also help to extend a helping hand to the families of deceased or injured firefighters. Generally, any person interested in the profession is eligible for a firefighter scholarship.

Middle School Scholarships

Middle school scholarships are considered to be a little difficult to acquire as compared to high school or college scholarships. The reason for this is the dearth of opportunities related to middle school scholarships. On the other hand, there is not much competition for these scholarships which makes their acquisition a little easier as well. Nevertheless, the effort is well worth it because it is a very good thing to win a merit scholarship at such a junior level and it will help in winning the hearts of scholarship providers at the higher level. Let us take a look at some of the middle school scholarship opportunities that are available.

The Children’s Scholarship fund (CFS) is for children who are not younger than 8 years. It provides need based scholarships to children between grades Kindergarten and 8 only. Applications are accepted in several cities throughout the USA.  Check out www.scholarshipfund.org for further information.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation aims to help low-income but brilliant middle school students. It chooses 75 seventh grade students for financial help.

Other options that are available include indirect means for funding the child’s school education. These include sources which award kids for their community service, talent in science or arts, essay contests, etc. Some organizations try to promote their products by offering help to the students.  The Kohl’s Kids Who Care offers an amount of $300,000 to 1,900 students annually. The students must be between the ages 6 to 8 and must have demonstrated outstanding community service. The Gloria Barron prize for young heroes provides young leader with an amount of $2000, media coverage opportunities, a recognition plaque and a certificate of recognition. The prize is offered to 10 students each year between the ages 8-18.

Changing our World / Simms Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy is provided by the Association of Fundraising Professionals to students between the ages 5-17 and 18-23 who have demonstrated a concern for the community by engaging in or encouraging the acts of philanthropy.

These were some of the opportunities that he students must be aware of. Further information can be acquired through a school scholarship counselor (if available) or through the internet. It is generally a good idea to research out well before settling for a certain option. Children with special abilities, talents or disabilities can also search for middle school scholarships specifically designed for them.

Scholarships Graduate Students Can Apply For

Scholarships graduate students can apply for are less common than the scholarships available for undergraduate students. While most students can be tempted by the easier option of a student loan there are a number of other options that can be considered. Firstly, the students must conduct some research on the scholarship providing organizations that they already know about. There is a possibility that they will be providing graduate scholarships. Secondly, Employees can benefit from the scholarship policies of their employers. Most organizations are more than willing to help their employees gather greater educational proficiency because it certainly benefits the company. Last but not the least, all the search facilities such as the internet, library catalogues must be consulted. Let us now take a look at some of some of the specific opportunities available.

One of the first options that come to mind is the scholarship money provided by the colleges themselves. Graduate education is expensive and many colleges support their enrolled (especially alumni) in a number of ways. These include grants and fellowship opportunities.

High need areas like nursing, teaching provide a world of opportunities to people interested in pursuing degrees in these fields. Keeping in mind the need of professionals in these fields, many organizations, institutions, etc provide ample financial support to the students. So students of special or high need fields are advised to research out the available opportunities.

Great opportunities are also available for researchers. Many research leading organizations and educational institutions provide scholarship graduate students can apply for. If a student is planning to get enrolled to a program which will require him/her to conduct research, then he/she can be eligible for one or more of such scholarship opportunities. An example is the graduate research fellowship offered by the National Science Foundation.

Members of professional organizations can get grants for graduate level studies. Examples include the Pi Sigma Alpha, The Emergency Nurses Association, etc which provide grants for higher studies to a set number of their members annually.

The Fulbright Scholarship program is another example. It was set up to be a means for strengthening relations between America and other countries and gets its funding from the Congress. The program provides about 1500 grants in all fields and disciplines. The applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree or an extensive experience in their fields.

This was a brief outline of the various scholarship graduate students can apply for. The students are advised to conduct further research.

How to Find Grad School Scholarships

Grad school scholarships are in demand because the cost of education continues to increase. These days, anyone looking to enter grad school usually intends to apply for a few scholarships to pay the associated costs.

There are a few ways in which you can locate grad school scholarships.

Start from your educational institution. Ideally, you should go to your future school and get help from their financial aid office. The office will have resources, such as lists of scholarships and grants that you may be able to win.

You can also seek the help of your loved ones. There may be a friend of your father, or your own family member who may have heard of a scholarship, or may be a member of group that awards scholarships to students like you. Many people apply for scholarships, so you may also be able to find someone who has won a scholarship in the same field that you have chosen.

Another resource for finding grad school scholarships is the internet. There are scholarship databases that anyone can access. You can search by providing your subject details. These sites should be able to help you locate providers.

The government also helps students pay for school, especially if they are facing a financial crisis. You can find out if you qualify for federal government aid or not by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarships are based on several different criteria. There are merit based scholarships that are awarded to students on the basis of academic, athletic, or artistic merit; scholarships that any student can apply for; ethnic minority scholarships; disability scholarships; military scholarships; single mom scholarships; height scholarships, last name scholarships, and many more.

An important thing regarding scholarships is to start searching for them early. You won’t want to feel the disappointment of finding a scholarship you can apply for after the application deadline has passed.

Another thing to remember is that if you get a student loan to fund your education, you will have to repay it after you finish or quit school, but if you get a scholarship or grant, you won’t have to pay back anything. With a scholarship you will have to maintain a certain level of performance, whereas with a grant you get the money, no strings attached.

Check with scholarship groups; they often have opportunities available. Professional associations in your field may also offer grad school scholarships.

Cappex Scholarships

Searching for scholarship opportunities that you qualify for and that is available in your region can become a very hectic and time consuming process. Most students overlook many scholarship opportunities that they may get due to difficulty in locating such scholarships. To search scholarships through normal search engines students will have to go through a hectic process of searching for scholarships and reading the individual requirements of all scholarship programs and a lot of scam may also hinder their efforts. The solution to these problems is provided by scholarship search engines available over the internet.

There are over 50 scholarship search engines over the internet. These scholarship search engines available over the internet are aimed at facilitating students in searching scholarships. They consist of a large data base of scholarships organized on basis of region, criteria for application and other factors. Most scholarship search websites also provide the facility of automatically searching for scholarships that meet your needs and that you qualify for. One such scholarship search site is cappex.com.

Cappex scholarships search provides the facility to students to search scholarships according to their needs and qualification. The website contains a large database of scholarship opportunities offered worldwide. You can also get some insight into the education industry and scholarships by reading the articles on diversified topics available over the site. The site also publishes some research work on education industry and scholarships, which can also be found at the website.

In addition to providing the facility to students to search for local and international scholarships, cappex.com also runs cappex scholarships program. One scholarship offered by this scholarship program is the Cappex Health Careers & Nursing Scholarships.

The cappex Health Careers & Nursing Scholarships are aimed at providing financial assistance to students from health and nursing related fields. Numerous students are provided $1000 scholarships each year. Students that wish to apply for the scholarship will have to write a 200 word paragraph on the topic ‘what makes you a good college student and why you should get the scholarship’. Detailed information on this program and all other scholarship programs offered by cappex can be found on the website.

Scholarship search sites are a very useful tool that can save a lot of your time and effort that goes into searching for scholarship on the internet. Students from America should also search for scholarships over the FAFSA website in addition to using scholarship search engines.

Study Abroad Scholarship-Study in Australia

Australia is a special place for adventurous students looking for an excellent opportunity to study in a multicultural environment. Fitting-inn is easy as it is an English speaking country with only some differences in culture and living standards. Students looking for a study abroad scholarship can find one to study in Australia as different awarding authorities: Australian government, educational institutions and other organizations provide many financial aid scholarships. You can apply for a scholarship in Australia if you are an exchange student, research student, full course student, or an undergraduate or graduate training student.

Study Abroad Scholarship Programs in Australia

Scholarships offered by the Australian government include:

1) Australian Development Scholarships: The Australian government and its partner countries cooperate to provide this scholarship. The purpose of it is to support studies made to make advancements in the fields of human development, good governance and economic growth. As a winner of this scholarship, you are expected to apply the experience and qualifications you get to your home country.

2) Australian Leadership Awards:
This scholarship is for postgraduate students who want to study in Australia. These awards also provide short-term fellowships in specialized fields of study or research. Australian Leadership Awards are for students and professionals belonging to the field of social and economic development and policy reform.

3) Endeavour Awards: These awards are for Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern, European and American students. The competition is high for this award due to its worldwide reach, wherein two students belonging to the same country can win. This is a merit-based scholarship, and the award given is $30,000/ year.

Other sources for study abroad scholarships include: educational institutions, foundations and corporations. Every educational institution offers many scholarships in each field of study. Here are some of the scholarships you can apply for:

1) IWC Water Leader Scholarships offered by the  University of Queensland

2) A E Ringwood Scholarships for PhD Research in Earth Sciences offered by the Australian National University.

3) Beaney Scholarship in Pathology offered by University of Melbourne,

4) Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) offered by the University of Tasmania, and

5) CAMD PhD and MSc Scholarships offered by the University of New South Wales

Study abroad scholarships in Australia can help you pay college fees and get the degree to you want. So, if you plan on studying in an institution outside your country in a multicultural environment, you can consider these scholarships.

Psychology Scholarships List

The demand for qualified psychologists worldwide is increasing rapidly. Most of the countries of world have a shortage of qualified psychologists. This high demand has translated into excellent career opportunities for qualified psychologists. To help students pursue a degree in field of psychology many organizations have started scholarship programs for psychology students. Psychology scholarship list is provided in this article. You can apply for the discussed scholarships or you can also search for many other psychology scholarships over scholarship search sites available over the internet.

  • The National Honor Society in Psychology Scholarships: The society runs a scholarship program by the name of Psi Chi scholarship program. The program provides aid to numerous undergraduate and graduate students every year.
  • ERT Minority Scholarship Program for Graduate Training: This program provides aid to students from all ethnic minority groups living in the US. The aid is available to students that are pursuing a full time or part time degree in Psychology.
  • American Psychological Association Scholarship Program: The APA scholarship program provides numerous scholarships every year to students enrolled in all psychology related fields.
  • Native American Assistance Program by Government: Students that are registered tribal members and pursuing a degree in Guidance counseling or physiology can get aid through the Native American assistance program run by the U.S department of Education. Information on this program can be obtained from the website of financial aid office of the U.S department of education.
  • This United Health Foundation and PacifiCare Foundation Scholarships: The foundation runs a scholarship program by the name of Latino Health Scholars Program. The program provides aid to Students from the Native American communities that are planning to pursue a career in psychology or other medical related fields.
  • Medical Service Corps (U.S. Army) Educational Benefits: The U.S army runs several scholarship programs for students from different fields including the Health Profession Scholarship Program for Optometry and Psychology. This program can help members pursue a degree in psychology and obtain rank of second lieutenant in army.
  • Federal Financial Aid Programs: Government runs many scholarship programs for students from different fields. Students can search for all scholarship programs offered to psychology students over the FAFSA website. Application for government funded programs can also be made online.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained form their websites. In addition to these programs students can also search for scholarship programs offered by many psychology schools.

College Scholarship Opportunities That Are Overlooked

Getting a scholarship to fund studies is becoming increasingly important for most students due to the sky rocketing costs of higher education. There are hundreds of scholarships offered by numerous organization based on different criteria. Most students try to look for college scholarship opportunities that are based on some popular criteria such as academic excellence or athletic performance; it is the most logical thing to do but students should not overlook the scholarship opportunities that provide aid based on unusual criteria. These scholarship opportunities provide the chance to students to fund their studies even if they do not fulfill the criteria for academic or sports scholarships. In this article I will discuss some such college scholarship opportiunites.

  • If you like to drink milk and you have little athletic ability you can win a $7000 scholarship to fund your studies by writing an essay on the benefits of drinking milk and sending it with a photo of you in milk mustache.  In 2010 25 such scholarships were awarded to students.
  • Do you love to skate board? If you have a passion for skateboarding you can apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship program. This scholarship program provides aid to four students every year. The student with first position gets a $5000 scholarship while the remaining three get $1000 scholarships.
  • There are some scholarships offered to students based on height. The tall club offers scholarships to students that are over five feet ten inches tall for women and over six feet tall for men. The Little People of America group offers this award both for those with dwarfism and for individuals under four feet ten inches in height.
  • Students who are in love with potatoes and want to join a course related to potato farming can get aid through Potato industry scholarships.
  • If you have a talent for music you can get aid for college studies through the School Band and Orchestra Magazine Scholarship program by simply writing an essay on how music has made an impact in your life.
  • If you have read the Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead and can write an essay about it you can get aid of $10000 through the scholarship program offered by The Ayn Rand Institute.

More information on above mentioned scholarship programs can be obtained from their websites. You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities based on varying criteria and offered in different regions over the internet.

Discover Scholarship Program Scams That Rob Your Money

The number of students looking for scholarships is increasing due to the increasing costs of college education. The numbers of genuine scholarship programs that provide aid to students at different levels are also increasing. Everyday millions of students search over the internet to look for aid that can help them complete their education. This huge activity has made scholarship scams a very booming business. There are scholarship programs over the internet that are designed to imitate scholarship programs by popular government and private organizations, such programs ask for money on account of different fee without providing any actual scholarships to students. This article will provide you basic information to discover scholarship program that are scams and avoid them.

Scholarships for students are meant to provide aid to students to help them complete their education, so no scholarship provider is ever going to ask for money to apply for scholarships. Scholarship scams that are mostly advertised on the internet ask for different kinds of fee during the application process. First you will be asked to pay application fee and handling charges just to mail you the application form. Once you have submitted the application form you may be asked to pay administration or judgment fee; after which you will be notified that you have not won the scholarship in most cases.

Another type of scholarship scams will inform you after the above mentioned process that you have won the scholarship and ask for a disbursement or redemption fee. You should be alert to such demands because no legitimate scholarship program can ask for money to dispatch scholarship money.

Another trick played by scholarship scams is to ask you for tax. After you are notified that you have won the scholarship, you will be told that the scholarship providers are liable by law to deduct tax at source, so you should pay tax before the money can be disbursed. You should remember that scholarships are normally not taxable unless they contribute towards your living costs. You can contact a qualified tax consultant to know exact consequences of your scholarship program. Legitimate scholarship programs normally deduct tax from the money that will be provided to you rather than asking you to deposit tax.

You should be extremely careful while giving your credit card or debit card information online. Normally no scholarship program is going to ask you for your card or bank details.