Milk Mustache Scholarship

Scholarships-List of Some Unusual Opportunities

Some Unusual Opportunities

Some Unusual Opportunities

Scholarships for bright students, good athletes or single moms are not the only options available to students looking to fund their education. Here are some unusual scholarships on offer.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to males over 6’2″ and females above 5’8″.  The money that you can win is $1,000. More information about it is available at:

Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students of ‘short stature.’ Similarly, the Little People of America offers scholarships to students and their families, who have a height of 4’10” and shorter. The amount available with this scholarship ranges from $250 to $1000. You can visit for more details about this program.

The Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship

This program provides four different scholarships. List yourself in this program and you can either win a $5,000 scholarship for college or a $1,000 award. The big award is given to one student and the smaller to three students. You will need to have grade point average of at least 2.5/4.0, be a graduating senior, and a US citizen. has more information.

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Scholarship

USBC provides a variety of scholarships, such as Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow scholarship of $1,500 for distinguished male bowlers at the high school level. This is a renewable scholarship. Another scholarship for bowlers is the Alberta E. Crow Star of Tomorrow. This is also a renewable scholarship worth $1,500 and it’s provided to female high school bowlers. You can find out more about these scholarships at:

The Scholar-Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Award

This is a $7,500 scholarship that is awarded to 25 graduating high school seniors. Winners also get a special advertisement that is shown in USA Today and a totally free trip to an awards ceremony at Disney Wide World of Sports’ Milk House in Orlando, FL. Moreover, you will be inducted into the Milk House Hall of Fame. Get more information from

The Students for Organ Donation Youth Leadership Award

You can apply for this scholarship if you’re a full-time high school student or an undergraduate college student. The money that you will be able to get with this scholarship ranges from $500 to $1,000. Candidates who win are actively involved in the promotion of organ donation and transplantation. Learn more about the application criteria by visiting:

Students can apply for several unusual scholarships. List provided here can help you fund your education with free money. Check the details of unusual scholarship programs by visiting the sites.

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

Most of the students are not able to get any financial aid from their parents to fund their studies, so some kind of financial aid is becoming a necessity for most students in order to pay for their education expenses.  All students wish they can get a scholarship to fund their studies, as scholarship money does not have to be paid back. There is varying criteria for award of scholarships all over the world; some scholarships are awarded based on high GPA, some on basis of athletic performance and yet other on basis of financial need. However there are some scholarship programs that have unusual criteria of qualifying for financial aid. I will discuss some of such programs in this article.

  • The Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program awards scholarships to students who skate. One $5000 scholarships and three $1000 scholarships are awarded by the association every year. You can see detailed information at their website
  • The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (AASEV) awards scholarships to students who are interested to join fields relating to the grape and wine industry. The scholarship amount varies each year. Their website is
  • The Scholar-Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year award provides aid to students who have what it takes to sport the famous milk mustache. Theses scholarships help twenty five students pay for college every year. The amount of the award is up to $7500. Winners also get a trip to Disney Wide World of Sports’ Milk House in Orlando, FL and an induction into the Milk House Hall of Fame. You can get more information on their website
  • The Arabian Horse Foundation offers a scholarship programs named in remembrance of William Zekan. The program provides financial assistance of $2500 to horse lovers. More information can be obtained from their website
  • There is an organization that helps tall students pay for college. These scholarships are awarded by Tall Clubs International. Males over 6’2″ and females above 5’8″ are eligible to apply for this $1000 scholarship

In addition to the above mentioned unusual scholarship programs there hundreds of other unusual scholarships. There are scholarships for fat people, for short people or for people who speak a particular language, and numerous other scholarships based on unusual criteria. You can find all such scholarships on scholarship search sites.

You may also search for normal types of scholarships that you qualify for on these search engines. Most of these search engines will provide you with the facility of searching for a scholarship according to you own academic background and your own skills.