Last Name is Gatlin or Gatling

Weird Scholarships

Financial assistance for deserving applicants comes in many forms. There are the highly sought after ‘scholarships’ of different kinds which do not have very stringent eligibility requirements like the ‘grants’. Further, there are many types of loans available which have further easier requirements but are unpopular with the applicants because of the fact that by taking this option, the students will have to pay a debt later on. One of the most interesting types of financial assistance opportunities come in the form of weird scholarships. These are scholarships that are for reasons which are simply weird.

Weird scholarships include all the scholarships that are for non-traditional reasons. Let us take a look at some of the scholarship opportunities that are available.

  • Are you known for your height? If you are a male who is at least 6 feet 2 inches or a female who is at least 5 feet 10 inches then you can qualify for the Tall Clubs International Scholarship which is worth $1,000.
  • Do you think that you can create prom outfits out of just duct tape? If your answer is yes then you are eligible for $3,000 provided by the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest.
  • The American Welding Society provides scholarships for prospective welders or applicants who are good at welding.
  • If you are good at the art of vacuum coating then you can win $2,500 provided by the Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation.
  • Left-handers are also eligible for many special scholarships like the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship.
  • Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is for people who love calling ducks and provides an amount of $2,000.
  • We enlisted a scholarship opportunity for tall people earlier. What about dwarfs? Yes dwarfs can benefit from the Billy Barty Foundation scholarship.
  • Are you a vegetarian? If your answer is yes then you are eligible for the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship which is worth $5,000.
  • This is going to be a little funny but is your last name Gatling or Gatlin? Well you guessed it; you are eligible for a scholarship called John Gatling Scholarship. Another one of these is the Zolp scholarship which is for Catholics with the last name zolp.

This was a review of some of the weird scholarships that are available. There are many more scholarships of this sort available on the internet and through other listings. It is certainly not weird to take your chances with weird scholarships.

Odd Scholarships—Some Options You Can Consider

Odd Scholarships

Odd Scholarships

If it has been difficult for you to find a mainstream scholarship that you will be able to get, you should look at other options. A large number of scholarships are being offered by institutions for many different reasons. The exact requirements can be different, but there are a lot of unique scholarships that you can apply for. In fact, ‘unique’ may not aptly describe some of these odd scholarships. For instance, scholarships are available for left-handers, tall people, cloth designers who use duct tape for making clothes, etc. Applicants for some of these scholarships are judged on their application and essay questions. Some are awarded to people who win some specific contest.

In order to find odd scholarships, you need to do some searching. The internet can be used for this purpose as there is a lot of information on this type of scholarships available there. Checking with local businesses is also a good idea, as you might be able to get something that is offered exclusively to local citizens. It’s amazing that there are so many different methods that students can use to pay for college. You only have to prepare yourself to enter the competition. Even if you are not able to get a specific scholarship, you will enjoy the experience.

The Billy Barty Foundation Scholarships

This foundation awards scholarship to individuals who are below a certain height. It’s true, the only criteria for this scholarship is that you have to be short.

Culinary Institute of America Scholarship

This institute offers a scholarship to the person who wins The All-American Apple Pie Contest.

North Carolina State University

You will be eligible for a scholarship at the university if your last name is Gatlin or Gatling.

Tylenol Scholarships

You are eligible for a scholarship awarded by Tylenol if you’re studying in a medical related field and have proved yourself to be a strong leader.

Loyola University Scholarship

You can get a full scholarship for studying at this Chicago institution if your last name is Zolp.

Harvard and Texas A&M also offer scholarships based on the last name or genealogical roots of individuals. These are only a few of the odd scholarships that are available. Researching and taking the time to apply and competing could make you the winner of an odd scholarship that will take care of all your college education expenses. Make an effort to find the right scholarship to fund your college education, either completely or in small amounts.