Scholarship Q&A

Johnson and Johnson Scholarship

Johnson and Johnson scholarship programs are designed and created to help students pursue their career in medical field. There are nursing scholarships available for those who have a desire to attend nursing school and opt for this noble career. It is a fact that plenty of jobs are available in health care department and the demand is increasing. (more…)

Scholarship Resume

The scholarship resume can be a vital part of your scholarship campaign. An effective and eye catching scholarship resume can be the difference between failure and success. Many people have trouble in designing effective resumes and are clueless about the inclusions of a great resume. The purpose of this article is to educate the reader about the steps that are required to produce a working scholarship resume.

The resume first mentions your name with the proper title (Mr. Mrs. Etc), your address and your contact number. You must generally be vigilant about your spelling and grammar mistakes. The formatting and spacing of the text must be appealing to the eye. Most importantly, for all categories you must list your achievements chronologically beginning with the most recent and proceeding back in time. List the most important inclusions first and then proceed to the ones which are less important.  Let us take a look at the various inclusions of a valid resume.

  • Academic achievements will list all your CGPAs, percentages, etc. This will also include any academic competitions entered and/or won. This category will also include any sort of academic activity performed other than the school/college hours.
  • Athletic achievements will describe your ability in sports. This will include awards, team memberships, solo performances, etc.
  • Artistic achievements will describe your ability in the arts. This will include all awards won and art competitions entered. This will also describe any special training or talent in the arts.
  • School and community involvement will describe your concern for the betterment of your community and school. This will describe any volunteer work that you have done in service to the community and/or your school. This will also list all the memberships that you have of community and school groups.
  • Seminars/conferences attended will describe all the seminars and conferences related to your field that you have attended. This is usually a display of your commitment with your field.
  • Skills and personal attributes will describe any skills that can be useful. This includes proficiency in the use of computers, verbal and written language skills, trainings, etc.
  • Work experience will describe any relevant paid or unpaid work experience that you have. This is usually an indication of your initiative to work and prosper.
  • Career plans will give a brief sketch of your future plans. This is usually a strong indication of your sense of direction.

These were some of the things that a scholarship resume must include.

When Are Scholarships Taxable?

The number of scholarships offered in America and the rest of the world is increasing every year to help more and more students get their college degrees. The increasing cost of college education has also forced almost all students to look for some kind of financial aid. Financial aid to students is available in form of scholarships, grants and loans. While almost every students is worried about when are scholarships taxable, most of the students looking for scholarships are unaware of the tax consequences of scholarship money they will get. The college aid office do provide guidance on taxability but good quality guidance on taxability is only available from tax professionals that obviously charge a fee for it. In this article I will throw some light on taxability of scholarships.

A scholarship can be taxable by tax authorities when it is regarded as your income. Scholarships can be regarded as your income depending on different factors. The first thing that will affect the taxability of scholarships is the purpose scholarships are awarded for. Scholarships that cover tuition fee or books are mostly tax free, and scholarships that are aimed at paying for living costs are generally taxable. If your scholarship covers both tuition and living costs your scholarships can be partially taxable.

Another factor that affects the taxability of scholarships is the awarding body of scholarships. If the scholarships are awarded by government they may be tax free even if they cover your living costs, accommodation, meals etc Scholarships awarded by private organizations and colleges are mostly taxable. However some organizations may have arranged a tax exemption for you from the government.

Another dimension to are scholarships taxable is the citizenship of the winning person. If the person is a non-citizen in America the scholarship may be taxable even if it covers tuition fee. International students who have won a scholarship can ask the scholarship provider for more information on taxability of their scholarships. Scholarship providers genrally help international students with tax matters.

Most of the time a student gets a scholarship, he will be notified whether he needs to file a tax return or not. The above article sets out general guide lines for taxability of scholarships. For more information students can search for websites by tax professionals that can help them understand tax consequences of their particular scholarship. There are a lot of sites on the internet that provide free guidance on tax matters.

College Scholarship Applications-The Do’s and Don’ts

College Scholarship Applications

College Scholarship Applications

Scholarships are a means of relieving financial burden of the students who are entering college level. An important stage in the scholarship application process is the college scholarship application form. The application forms require you to fill in the required information exactly as specified. Let us have a general idea of how one should deal with the college scholarship application process.

Firstly, you must promptly gather all the required information for the form and you should keep in mind the deadline for form submission. You applications must be well in time because no one will accept a late application.

Secondly, some questions of the form can be rather tricky and you will have to read them carefully. A good strategy would be if you attentively read out each section of the form and then fill in the information. If you do not know the answer to a question then you should first confirm it.

Thirdly, hesitation can put you at a loss. You must not be shy to discuss anything that is bothering you regarding the forms. You can ask your parents or anyone else who can help you. The High School guidance councilor can be the one for you. He/she can be your one stop solution to your problem.

Fourthly, you must be quite organized. Being organized not only means managing time well but also it is required of you to keep a record of your paperwork. You must keep a record of everything as it will come in handy later. You must keep it in one place and not lose it.

Lastly, it might seem odd but you must also write neatly. If your writing is illegible then this could have a bad impact on your application process. You must take care of the minor details as well. You must avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. You must not leave any blank space. If something is irrelevant you must write ‘not applicable’ in the given space.

In this game of numbers, you must apply to as many opportunities as possible. You must do your research on the internet or from another source and apply to as many places as possible. This will significantly increase your chances of success. There are many college scholarships available and certainly one can be for you. College scholarship applications are your first step towards a college scholarship and you must do you best to fill it promptly and accurately.

What are Guaranteed Scholarships?

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

Scholarships or student loans are fast becoming a necessity for students going to college. Financial aid is no longer only for students with financial need but the rising costs of college education has forced every school leaver to look for some kind of financial aid. Scholarships normally have a criterion to qualify for; most of the scholarship programs will require you to have an excellent academic background. There are also scholarships that are awarded to athletic students or students from a specific community of society. All of these scholarships require students go through the process of applying and qualifying for the scholarship, but there are some scholarships that have no criteria for the award.

Many colleges and institutes worldwide give rebates in tuition fee or accommodation expenses to every student joining their institute. These colleges do so in order to attract students to join their college. These rebates are normally advertised as guaranteed scholarships but they are actually discounts in your fee and accommodation expenses. Some colleges also provide these discounts to only international students in order to attract international students to join there college. The purpose of such discounts is to build reputation of an international college and to increase the cultural diversity at their college.

The discounts offered by institutes in tuition fee and accommodation expense range from 10% t 30% of total cost. These discounts might not solve all your financial worries but they can help you greatly by reducing the financial burden on you. Some colleges also provide free accommodation for up to six months to all international students joining a course in their college. Many other institutions also provide packages in which students can pay for one course and do the second course for free, such as the ACCA plus free MBA package advertised by London School of Business and Finance.

There is another kind of guaranteed scholarships.  Some colleges advertise scholarships based on academic performance. These colleges provide discounts in their fee according to your academic performance. The better your academic background the higher will be the amount of discount. Some of these institutes may waive your full fee if you have a very excellent academic background. The aim of these colleges is to attract talented students to join their college.

Students can find hundreds of guaranteed scholarships by little effort over the internet. Most of these guaranteed scholarships are advertised by colleges, so they are easier to find then other scholarships.

College Scholarships—Free Scholarship Search Benefits

College Scholarships

College Scholarships

A College scholarship is essentially free money for paying college fees. You don’t have to pay back any money that you get by winning the scholarship, and a lot of scholarships d not have any special requirements except the application criteria. However, every year a lot of scholarships are not awarded to anybody because there are no applications submitted by students to get them.

A major reason why people do not apply for college scholarships is that they are under the impression that it is difficult to find one and that the search process is tedious. With the advent of internet, it has become easy to search for college scholarships. Free scholarship services are available on the web, and you have the convenience of applying for scholarships through the internet as well, which saves you the money spent on purchasing forms and also the trip that you have to make to the place where you could submit your application.

After finding a free scholarship service, you just have to sign up for the scholarship program that you are interested in. This process involves filling an application form with your personal information, such as email and your interests. However, don’t just select any program that comes up in the search engine results, because there are many programs that are not legitimate. Always check for things like business contact information, which should be in the form of a business address and phone number and not just a P.O. Box, and also check the type of information that is asked of you.

There is no need to pay for a scholarship program, because you can find different free of cost scholarship services. The scholarship database of a free and paid service is the same as well.

The benefit of using a free online scholarship search service is that you don’t have to do much at all; everything is already ready for you. The information that you provide to the search services is matched with the scholarship programs present in its database. The results are mailed to the email address that your provide, and you can choose from the available college scholarships. Free scholarship search works in this manner. However, you should remember that search engine provides results based on what ‘it’ identifies as ‘suitable’ opportunities for you.

By performing a free scholarship search, you may be able to get the money that you need to fund your college studies. So take this opportunity.

Scholarship Definition

Scholarship Definition

Scholarship Definition

Scholarship definition is easy and straightforward. You need to have some student eligibility and financial problem due to which you can apply for any scholarship program. The performance-based scholarships are awarded to meritorious students. However there are other scholarships also that are granted to students who are in need of financial assistance and they are able to provide a genuine reason behind it. The recent economic recession has left many families under financial pressure and crisis due to which the students in the family are not able to continue their education. They can give reasons that can be verified and supportive documents produced when needed.

The definition of scholarship has changed with years. There are different types of scholarships and they are awarded to students for many purposes. For example, there are students who have the caliber and can get good grade but they are very poor and cannot afford paying for their higher education. Not only this, college scholarships can be awarded to students who have that dedication and commitment towards achieving their academic requirements. There are scholarships awarded to students by different educational institutions, private organizations and influential personnel in your locale or state.

Scholarship definition is for general and specific students. Remember, a scholarship is not given to anyone blindly. You have to qualify and apply for the scholarship and then if you are found eligible and fit, you will be granted the scholarship money so that you are able to complete your studies. The student goes through many verification steps and the students have to make sure he or she provides legitimate information. You may require a recommendation letter from your teacher and produce it to support that you are a dedicated student.

Teachers are aware of the academic excellence of students and they can give the right assumption of the caliber and capability of the student. They also refer names of certain students who are extraordinarily intelligent or can provide name and fame to the institution if given proper chance to complete their education. Scholarship definition does not end here because even if the student is not excellent, he can receive the money.

Scholarship Money—How to Get It

Scholarship Money

Scholarship Money

Almost every student entering college these days is in search of scholarships to finance the high tuition fees. When you start to search for money to finance your studies there might be many questions in your mind, such as how to get these scholarships? Are these scholarships for tuition fees only and how to finance other expense? This article provides answers  to some of the questions that may come in your mind.

What is a scholarship?


Scholarship is any financial award given out to help students finance there studies. It may come in form of onetime payment, renewable award every semester or in the form of a discount in tuition or accommodation fees.

Scholarships are generally awarded by universities, welfare organization and government organizations to help more and more students join college, however organizations representing particular classes of society also run scholarship programs based on religion, ethnicity etc.

Scholarships are different from loans because you will not have to pay them back. In most cases money is given directly to students and not paid to their colleges, as in the case of student loans.

Is scholarship money only for tuition fees?


In the cases where scholarships are given directly to students, Student can use the money to pay for food, accommodation, books etc. However it is prudent not to waste the precious funding.

When is the money given?


It depends upon the scholarship you are getting. Most of the scholarship programs either give money to students in lump sum before the start of the semester or give out a monthly stipend. Some programs also make mid semester payments, it will enable the less prudent students to get through the second half of the semester.

As mentioned earlier some scholarship programs and nearly all grant programs give money directly to college for your tuition fees or accommodation expenses if you are an international student.

What is the basis of a scholarship award?


College scholarships are not only awarded to students with a 4.0 GPA. In fact most of the scholarship programs are aimed at attracting students towards a high need field, such as nursing or engineering. Some of the scholarships are awarded to encourage people from a minority or less developed class of society to join higher education, such as African American or Hispanic scholarships.

Many schools also offer scholarships to bright school leaving students. These scholarships are generally merit based.

Whatever may be your case, if you are determined to join college and continue your studies you should not let money become a hurdle in your way. You will be able to find a scholarship to fund your studies with little persistence and effort.

Scholarships—Tips for Students Looking for a Scholarship

Scholarships—Tips for Students

Scholarships—Tips for Students


Most of the students leaving school and joining college studies are not able to arrange the funds for college studies easily. There are thousands of scholarship programs offered worldwide but the number of students applying for these scholarship programs are also in thousands. In this competitive environment some basic tips on how to apply for a scholarship will give you the edge over other applicants. This article aims at providing you the basic tips that may be helpful while searching for a scholarship.

  • Make multiple applications. You should apply for as many scholarship programs as you can quite simply the more you apply the more are the chances of winning a scholarship. Moreover if you are lucky enough to get more than one scholarship you will find more money to fund your studies and living costs. While you go for multiple applications, ensure that each application is made with complete seriousness.
  • Educational institutions are not the only place to look for scholarships. You should not restrict yourself to colleges and schools while looking for a scholarship, there are many welfare and government organizations that offer scholarships to deserving students.
  • Use a scholarship search site. Scholarship search sites will save a great deal of effort and time by providing information to you in an arranged way. They can also search scholarship programs for you according to your requirements and your past academic achievements, which will spare you the effort of reading individual requirements of every scholarship program.
  • Do not hesitate to write a personal statement or an essay. A personal statement or essay is an opportunity to express your confidence, competence and ideas. You should take every opportunity to offer a personal statement because it will help awarding bodies evaluate your personality. The personal statement is a strong message that may win you a scholarship even if you have low GPA or bad sat scores.
  • Apply to scholarships prior to admission. It is important because most of the scholarships are also awarded prior to admissions.
  • Have letter of recommendation on hand. They may be required by the scholarship awarding body, so you should have them written and signed by your past teachers even before you begin the search for scholarships.

Getting a scholarship to fund your studies may not be a very easy task but if you are committed to continuing your studies, and you make your scholarship search and application in an organized way you will most probably be able to win a scholarship.

Scholarship Questions

Scholarship Questions

Scholarship Questions

When you are applying for any scholarship, you need to prepare the essay, which is the most important part and most often found the hardest one by students. You need to know some commonly asked scholarship questions that will help you prepare a good essay. Do not hesitate applying for the scholarship simply because you find it difficult to deal with the questions. Make preparations and plan in a perfect direction so that you are able to apply and get the scholarship money successfully.

Most of the scholarship application forms will first ask you about your field of specialization and your academic plans. The main intention behind asking this question is to know how deeply your interest is in your field of specialization and how dedicated you are about achieving your academic goals. There are few more general and some specific questions that are usually asked to the student on the basis of which the reviewing panel decides whether the money should be awarded to the student or not.

Some of the commonly asked scholarship questions are –

  • How will you contribute to the betterment of the society with the help of the subject you have majored?
  • What is your main goal and what do you want to be?
  • What is the importance of your major in the present society?
  • What are the future prospects of your major and how do you foresee it in the next 10 years?
  • What are the most common problems that your field of specialization is facing?

Apart from these questions related to your major you will also be asked questions related to current affairs and social issues.  For example –

  • What are the most important problem prevailing in the society today?
  • What is the greatest threat for our environment today?
  • If you were given a chance, what changes would you like to bring in your school?
  • Point out a controversial problem from your college campus and give your views of tackling it.

These are just examples. Scholarship questions can be many more and different too. You have to answer them sensibly and smartly in order to get the scholarship money.