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Sure Ways to Find Scholarship Offers

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarship offers available to students all over the world, but finding a scholarship in you region that suits your needs and that you qualify for is often a very difficult task because of the different criteria for each of the scholarship offers. In this article I will tell you some ways to find scholarships more conveniently.

  • Financial Aid Office: The first place to look for scholarships is the financial office of your school or college. Most of the colleges hire qualified counselors to assist students with aid matters. These counselors can provide you valuable leads to scholarship offers.
  • Scholarship search sites: These online scholarship search engines are a very useful tool that can make the process of searching for scholarships very convenient. There are over 50 of such scholarship search engines that can provide complete information on almost all the scholarship offers in developed countries. They also provide information on all scholarship programs offered in developed countries but may not cover all programs in a country. Most of the scholarship search sites can also search a scholarship for you that you qualify for by letting you complete a personal information form. These search engines save a lot of your time and effort.
  • Government Aid Website: If you are searching for scholarships in America, you find all scholarships offered by the U.S government on the website of the aid office of the U.S department of education also known as the FAFSA website. This site provides information and online application facility for all programs offered by government. Students from countries other than U.S may also be able to find such government websites for their countries.
  • MNC’s Websites: You should also look for scholarships offered by large organizations. Almost all multinational organizations run scholarship programs in their fields for talented students. Some examples are the scholarships offered PEPSI, Intel, Mc Donald’s and Dell. You can find such scholarships with little effort over the internet.
  • Newspapers: Most of the large scholarship funds and welfare organizations use newspapers to advertise their scholarship programs. Particularly students from developing countries where internet is not widely accepted as an advertisement medium should keep an eye on scholarship advertisements in newspapers.
  • Discounts: You should not only look for scholarships, some colleges and universities may be willing to offer you discounts in tuition fee based on your grades or sporting excellence in the previous institute.

Negro and Latino Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for minorities in the US are offered by the government as well as organizations and companies outside the governmental framework. Given below are Negro and Latino scholarship opportunities offered by different bodies.

African American Scholarships

The scholarships for African American students mentioned below are not all the opportunities that are available; these are, in fact, some quality programs that you can apply for. You may meet the eligibility requirements of all of these programs, or you may not be eligible for any them.

United Negro College Fund

The financial aid provided by this fund will be enough for your tuition fees, accommodation charges, course books, and other fees.

Vivian Thomas Scholarship

This scholarship program awards scholarships to science and medical students.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

This opportunity is for students of all ethnic minority groups. It is awarded to accounting students only. The money that you get by winning this scholarship can be up to $5,000.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

This fund provides a merit based scholarship. The financial aid that you will receive will cover room charges, tuition fees, books expenses and boarding.

Hispanic Scholarships

Here are three programs that Hispanic students can take advantage of.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded to up to 3500 students every year, and it is open for both graduate and undergraduate students. The money that you will get ranges from $1000 to $3000.

One of the main programs that the Hispanic Scholarship Fund supports is the Gates Millennium Scholars initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This program is channeled towards minority groups in the US, such as Hispanics. The financial aid provided by the program covers tuition fees for college as well as your other financial needs. High school seniors can apply for this scholarship. The criteria for selection include: proven leaderships skills, dire need of a financial aid scholarship, and a GPA of at least 3.3/4.

First in My Family Scholarship Program

This program awards scholarships to 200 Hispanic students every year. The money provided by this program is up to $5000.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Scholarship Programs

These scholarships are for students who are enrolled at a HACU college. These programs award up to $3,000 to 200 students.

These are some of the best Negro and Latino scholarship opportunities. Make sure that you apply for as many as you can, because more applications often increase the possibility of winning.

Full Tuition Scholarships-The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

Higher education is admitted as a basic right for all and provided free in many countries of world, such as Sweden and Norway. In countries where education is not free the rising costs of education has become a major concern for government and students. In USA many government and private organization are providing scholarships to students to help them fund their college education. The largest of such organizations is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that runs the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program for minority students.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is the largest private scholarship program in America that provides $1 billion worth of scholarships to students every year.  In addition to these $1 billion scholarships the program has started offering scholarships for public health courses worth $58 million.

The scholarship program has provided 10,000 full tuition scholarships to low income students from American, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native and American Indian communities to pursue degrees in education, science, math’s, engineering, library science and public health. The scholarships are generally awarded based on financial need and academic excellence in relevant field.

The program requires the students to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher and to meet the criterion set out by federal Pell grant. The students are also required to demonstrate participation in community service and good leadership skills. Only students who are joining college for the first time and who are US citizens or permanent residents can apply for the scholarships.

The deadline for application is usually in January; however you can search for exact dates on the program’s website. Every applicant is required to fill three forms; the personal information form, the nominator form and the recommender form. It is also a good idea to submit proof of any extracurricular and academic achievements you have made in past. All scholarship providers generally prefer students who have extra academic skills over students who just excel academically.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program provides 1000 full tuition scholarships every year to students that fulfill their criteria. The amount of these scholarship awards vary with each individual’s needs, as the scholarships are aimed at providing for the tuition cots and part of living costs. However, according to 2006 statistics the average amount of award for undergraduate students was $7,000 and for graduate students was $15,000. If you are eligible to apply for scholarships offered by this program you can download the application forms from their website.

McDonald Scholarships for Deserving Students

McDonald Scholarships

McDonald Scholarships

Costs of education are rising every year and so is the number of students working part time to finance their studies. Now almost every college student works part time to arrange funds for his studies. Keeping in view the financial hardships faced by students many big multinational companies have started scholarship programs for general students and students working in their companies. The most popular of these programs are the McDonald scholarships and Pepsi scholarships.

McDonald has initiated a scholarship program to help prospective students working at their company offices or retail outlets in financing their college education. The scholarships are offered once every year to students who excel academically.

One intelligent student from each of the 50 states is selected to participate in the scholarship contest. The student who wins the contest is awarded a $5000 scholarship and the other 49 students who took part in the contest are awarded $1000 scholarships to acknowledge their talents.

Prospective Students who are planning to join a college degree and who have worked for at least part time for minimum of four months with McDonald can apply for the scholarship program. Students should also have a good history of work with McDonald and be helpful in community to qualify for this scholarship program.

All applicants who fulfill the criteria of the scholarship program are required to fill an application form with the company and get their AIN numbers. After filling the form students can see updated information on their application status online, and students can also correct any mistakes made while filling the form. Every applicant should make sure that it provides all the information and documentation required by the company, as incomplete applications are not considered.

The aim of this scholarship program, as stated by the company, is to give back to the community what McDonald has got from the community. It is an excellent opportunity for prospective students working at McDonalds because the amount of the scholarship is significant that will help them finance their studies, and even if they do not win the final award, they can at least get $1000 dollar McDonald scholarships.

Students can also search for scholarships offered by other big corporations. Many corporations in the US and worldwide offer scholarships to talented students. No matter from which part of world you are, you can search for such scholarships offered by companies in your country with ease over the internet.

How to Avoid Common Scholarship Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Scholarship Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Scholarship Mistakes

The rising cost of education has made the competition fierce for available scholarship opportunities. There are hundreds of scholarships in every field of education but there are also countless students who want the same scholarship as you do. If you avoid common mistakes made by most applicants while applying for a scholarship program, you will have very better chances of getting a scholarship. This article discusses some common mistakes made by students while applying for a scholarship program.

Multiple Applications:

Most of the students are unable to strike a perfect balance between their number of applications and quality of applications. Applying on multiple scholarship programs is a very god idea, it will increase your chances of getting financial aid, but every application should be made with complete seriousness fulfilling all requirements of the scholarship provider. You should avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes, and your hand writing should be legible. Furthermore, you should only apply for the programs you are eligible for, which will save your time and effort.


The worst mistake you can make while applying for a scholarship is making a late applications. The deadlines are set for a reason by scholarship providers and late applications are generally considered non-serious applications.

Complete Application:

You should fill the form carefully and provide all information required, also carefully read the documentation requirements and fulfill all those requirements. Students from developing countries who are applying for a scholarship program in a developed country may be required to get their documents attested by an authority in their home country. Take these attestations seriously, as applications are not considered without these attestations.

You should also take very opportunity to include an essay or personal statement in your application. These personal statements can help explain your personality traits and interests to scholarship provider.

Scholarship Search Sites:

The use of scholarships search sites is highly recommended while searching for a scholarship. Students who try to search randomly over the internet waste a lot of their time searching for a scholarship, and they generally do not find much real scholarship opportunities they are eligible for. These search sites can help you get information on all programs you are eligible for quickly.


There are many sites on the internet that will ask you for money or your credit card number before giving you information on scholarships. You should be aware of these scams, scholarships are meant to give you financial assistance, so no scholarship provider will ever ask you for money to give information about scholarships programs.

Corporate Scholarships-How to Find One

Corporate Scholarships

Corporate Scholarships

Scholarships are a need of students in this time of expensive education. It is no wonder that many corporations have come forward to provide scholarships to students. These scholarships not only make a goodwill gesture from the corporations but are also a means of producing educated people in the fields that the corporations are working in. Some corporate sponsored scholarships are provided for brilliant students who have good achievements in their study career and other are entirely need based. It must be remembered that for both types of scholarships there is a very good competition.

There are some strategies which can improve your chances of success. The student who is aware of his prospective field of study will be able to identify the different corporations which can provide scholarships to him/her. This could cut down the effort needed to be put into finding various corporate scholarship opportunities. Online search databases and search engines are also a very good place to start out from. These sources are convenient but generate a lot of results and are time consuming.

Since these scholarships are provided by corporations so it is a good idea to search for corporate scholarships on the websites of various corporations. Let us take a look at some of these scholarships:

  • The Tylenol Scholarship is offered by the makers of Tylenol and is given to students of the various medical disciplines. The amount of money and the number of students vary year to year.
  • The Rhodes scholarship.
  • The Bank of America student leader scholarship.
  • Coca-Cola first generation scholarship offers scholarships to American Indian freshman students.
  • Coca-Cola scholars’ program scholarships are awarded to 250 high school seniors.
  • The Gates Millennium Scholars is funded by a grant provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and provides scholarships to members of different communities for different studies.
  • Intel Science Talent Search is a yearly nationwide competition which offers a first place award of $100,000 to encourage students to take up the field of science, technology, etc.
  • The Dell Scholars program offers 250 scholarships worth $20,000 each.

It is generally a good idea to have a complete knowledge of eligibility criteria before applying. Some corporations also provide scholarships opportunities specifically for the children of employees. These scholarships are good to apply to because of the reduced competition. It is also better to apply to as many opportunities as possible in a timely manner.

Scholarships Finder Websites-How to Use Them

Scholarships Finder Websites

Scholarships Finder Websites

There are thousands of scholarship programs in every country of the world that provide aid to different classes of students based on different criteria, finding a scholarship programs that you are eligible for among these scholarships is a hectic and difficult task. The problem is that you will have to manually search for and read every scholarship program advertised on the internet to search for a scholarship program that you are eligible for and that suits your requirements. The hectic process requires a lot of effort and time, and also restricts your search to the programs you are able to search for i.e. many programs might remain undiscovered by you during your search.

The solution to this problem was provided by scholarship finder websites. There are over 50 of such scholarship finder websites over the internet. These websites contain large databases of scholarship listings from all over the world. You can search for all scholarships in their database with ease because the scholarship listings are arranged in categories based on criteria for the award.

Most of these scholarship finder websites also provide you the facility of searching for a scholarship program according to your own specifications. You will be required to fill a form providing all your information and requirements, and then site will automatically search for a scholarship that you are eligible to get. It is a very useful facility which can make it very convenient for you to search for a scholarship.

These scholarship sites provide information on all most all scholarship programs offered in developing countries for local and international students, so they are an excellent tool for searching scholarships offered in developing countries for local and international students. However, one drawback of these search engines is that their search is based on their database of scholarship listings, many of scholarship programs offered in developing countries might not become part of their database.  These sites are useful tools for students from both developed and developing countries but they do not provide complete lists of scholarships to students from developing countries.

Students from developing countries can search randomly on the internet for scholarship opportunities in their home country. The best strategy to use Google search specific to your country, it will save you from a lot of trash and make it easy for you to search for scholarships. Students can also contact local government and welfare organization for any scholarship opportunities provided by them.

Company Scholarships-The Tylenol Scholarship Program

Company Scholarships

Company Scholarships

There are many corporate bodies in every country of world that offer scholarships to students at different levels in order to help the disadvantaged students of society who cannot pay for their education, however company scholarships are not only need based many companies also provide scholarships to encourage talented students, and some provide scholarships to students related to a particular field tied with an agreement to work for the company for a specified period, such scholarships are aimed at increasing the amount of qualified professionals in the related field.

There are hundreds of corporations in America that provide scholarships to students based on varying criteria. The Tylenol scholarship program is one such program that provides aid to students who are not able to go to college without financial aid.

The Tylenol scholarship program is an old program that is providing assistance to students from medical related fields since 17 years. The amount of scholarships and numbers of scholarships offered by the program varies every year. In year 2009 Tylenol awarded 40 scholarships ranging from $5000 to $ 10,000, and in total $250,000 worth of scholarships were awarded by the company.

The Tylenol scholarship program is not only for nurses and doctors, as in the case of almost all other health care scholarships. Any student who is enrolled on a degree related to medical field is eligible to apply for scholarship under this program. The scholarships are awarded based on financial need but the scholarship providers will also expect a minimum level of academic performance from applicants. There is tough competition for these scholarships, so every applicant should carefully read complete information available on their website and make sure he/she is eligible to apply for the scholarship program. Applicants should also make sure that they provide all the information and documentation required with the application.

Students can also look for many other company scholarships over the internet. Almost all big organizations in America and other countries of world run scholarship programs for deserving students. These scholarships may not pay for all you expenses but they can greatly decrease the financial burden on you.

Company scholarships can be conveniently searched over the internet using scholarship search sites. These sites will automatically search for a scholarship that you are eligible for according to your academic background. Students from developing countries may check directly on the websites of big corporations in their country to look for scholarships.

Education Scholarships-Funding Higher Studies

Education Scholarships

Education Scholarships

In life it’s important that you give yourself every chance of being successful. Getting a degree from an institution of higher learning is one such opportunity. However, going to college on their own is not an option for everyone as the financial aspect of higher education can prevent people from following their dream.

If you are one of the people who cannot afford college, it is not the end of the road for you, because there are different ways in which you can still enter college; and one of these methods are scholarships. Funding your college education with a scholarship can enable you to concentrate on your studies without worrying about tuition fees and other expenses.

Scholarships are awarded by educational institution as well as companies and organizations. You can apply for both internal (college, university) scholarships and external (organization, company) scholarships at the same time. In fact, it’s a good idea to apply for maximum number of scholarships, because more applications, in most cases, increase your chances of winning.

You can use the internet to search for scholarships. It’s an effective way to find scholarships because you can not only get information about opportunities offered by different institutions and organizations, you can also get a list of scholarships if you search with the help of a scholarship search engine service. But, beware of the considerable number of illegitimate sites.

Scholarship Websites

Here are two scholarship websites that can help you with your search.

There is a lot of good information available on this site. To find help, you will have to complete the registration and make a profile in which you will enter personal information and your college aspirations. It finds scholarships that are suitable for you, and also reminds you through email when you can apply for them.

When you register and fill out a profile on this site, it will help you in your scholarship search. You can find out facts about the scholarships, such as its value, the maximum amount of money you can get, due date, why the particular is suitable for you.

This site not only searches for scholarships that you can apply for, but it also edits the essay you need to write with your application. It also provides information on scholarships that are geared towards adults looking to go back to college. You can find tips and advice on financial aid as well as scholarship strategies on this site.

There are numerous websites that help you find scholarships. Funding your studies with a scholarship can help you realize your dream of getting higher education in your chosen field of study.

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Almost every school leaver these days is looking for scholarships or student loans to fund his studies. Students at postgraduate level face even more financial problems due to very high cost of postgraduate education. With hundreds of applicants on each scholarship program the competition for each scholarship award is tough, therefore applying for a minority scholarship will put you at advantage because you will face less competition. The American Indian minority is the smallest ethnic minority group in the United States but their history with higher education is deep. The Harvard University and Dartmouth College was founded to train American Indians. Continuing this history many organizations now award scholarships to Native Americans. This article highlights some of such programs.

Native American College Scholarship Fund: The Native American College Scholarship Fund is an organization that runs several scholarship programs to help Native American students get their education higher education. In addition to financial aid the organization provides counseling services to students, and also provides them other services, such as guidance on reduced college tuition costs, free access to resources, and learning campaigns.

The Fund also runs scholarship programs that provide aid to Native American mothers to pursue a degree in Native American history and culture in tribal colleges. 

Ottawa University: The Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas have a long history of providing aid to Native American students and it is still running aid packages for Native American students from all fields.

State Programs: There are some states that provide for in-state tuition expenses of Native Americans, such as the Oklahoma and Oregon. Some states only run programs for tribes who are resident in the state while others provide opportunities to all tribes.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation runs Native American scholarships program by name of Gates Millennium Scholar program. These scholarships are provided to students who have good academic background.

NALE: The Native American Leadership in Education and the Tribal Business Management Program offers financial assistance to Native American students that are planning to join a course in Education or business fields. These scholarships are awarded to students who show academic potential.

Detailed information on above mentioned programs is available on their websites. There are hundreds of other Native American scholarships programs that provide financial assistance to deserving students from American Indian origin. Students can search for these scholarships on scholarships search engines. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines available over the internet.