Available Scholarships

Henry Vogt Scholarship – Award for Outstanding Students

Henry Vogt scholarship is awarded to leaders in and out of the classroom. Students who are outstanding not only in academics but also have leadership qualities in them are presented with this award money. The winners are selected on the basis of ACT or SAT scores as well as on the basis of their cumulative grade point average. (more…)

Grandparents Who Died With Cancer Scholarships

Cancer is a disease that not only kills the patient but leaves the survivors in great deficit as there is involvement of lot of money in the treatment. This is the reason why many students whose grandparents or parents died of cancer had to leave studies in the mid session as they were left with little or no money. (more…)

Georgia Promise Scholarships – Make a Difference to Your Future

Georgia promise scholarships help students of Georgia make a difference in their future. Here scholarships and grants are available of different types for students who are dedicated to complete their education without any financial burden. Only few years back students had to depend on student loans in the form of outside funding. Loans have to be repaid back and that too with interest. (more…)

Ford Scholarships – Opportunities Open For Justifiable Students

Ford scholarships sponsored by The Ford Family Foundation were started keeping in mind the students who need money to complete their education. The main intention of the sponsor is to provide financial assistance to students who have a desire to help and work for other people along with having interest in completing their studies. (more…)

William E Mayer Memorial Scholarship

If you are a student who wish to complete higher studies, but lack enough fund, apply for William E Mayer memorial scholarship program. If you find out that you do not qualify for the scholarship program, do not get disheartened. There are many other financial aids available for which you can apply. (more…)

Wal Mart Foundation Scholarship

Walmart Foundation believes that good education creates new and more opportunities that help lead a better life. This is the reason why many financial aids are offered to eligible and deserving students. If you are interested to pursue higher education, apply for wal mart foundation scholarship programs that fit in your criteria. (more…)

The Scholarship Jacket Marta Salinas

The scholarship jacket Marta Salinas is a beautiful short story which displays the attraction of winning the scholarships. Everyone of us know that scholarships are available for students who excel in academics and in this story the award is described as a jacket with the name of the winner imprinted in golden letters. (more…)

Sears Scholarship – A Great Way to Share Profit Money

Scholarships are available in large number. This is mainly because the resources have increased in figures. Today, it is not just the college or the university or federal, state and local government that provides financial assistance to students. Many private business owners and huge companies provide financial support (more…)

Pizza Hut Scholarships – Great Opportunity to Complete Education

Pizza Hut scholarships are financial aids available for the employees of Pizza Hut and their spouses and children. In fact, nowadays many private businesses and organizations try to spend a part of their profit in the developmental works down for the betterment of community and the people living there. (more…)

Creative Writing Scholarships High School Students

Creative writing scholarships high school students are available for high school students who are interested to pursue their career in creative writing. There are many creative writing enthusiasts who cannot afford the high fees of creative writing courses and find them unreachable. (more…)