Available Scholarships

Kirk McDonald Scholarship

Kirk McDonald scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who have faced and overcome harsh conditions in their childhood and yet have desire to get educated. They are encouraged for the humble beginning of their lives through these scholarships and encouraged to succeed in life. (more…)

Karl King Scholarships

Scholarships are of various types and available for almost all types of students also. The availability of Karl king scholarships sets an example that scholarships are available in any field today. There are still many misconceptions that prevail in students’ minds and majority believe that they cannot qualify for the program just because they are not academically excellent. (more…)

JPA Scholarship – For Professional Development Programs

JPA scholarship is award money of $250 which is given so that the chapter members attend conferences and study programs and all this is for their professional growth. The application forms are submitted through emails. You need to qualify for the programs and only then you are allowed to apply for the scholarship program. (more…)

Johnson and Johnson Scholarship

Johnson and Johnson scholarship programs are designed and created to help students pursue their career in medical field. There are nursing scholarships available for those who have a desire to attend nursing school and opt for this noble career. It is a fact that plenty of jobs are available in health care department and the demand is increasing. (more…)

IT Scholarships – For Meritorious and Passionate Students

Scholarships and grants exist for all types of students today. IT scholarships are for those who are interested to pursue their career in Information Technology. With the advent of computer and internet, there has been an introduction to many job opportunities and those who get the specific degrees receive a handsome salary as well as perks too. (more…)

Imagine America Scholarship

Imagine America scholarship is available for high school seniors interested to attend specific colleges or trade schools. The application and selection process for this scholarship award is different. You can apply directly for this scholarship through online application process. (more…)

Imagination America Scholarship

Imagination America scholarship is one of the scholarship programs that are designed and created to help millions of students accomplish their career dreams. There are plenty of students who have the desire and dedication but lack availability of fund to complete their education. (more…)

IBM Watson Scholarship – For Engineering Students

The IBM Watson scholarship program was created and started to attract excellent engineering students to the Watson School of Engineering. The funding is done with the help of donations made by retired IBM officers. The support is given to undergraduate students and transfer and freshmen are also included in the criteria. (more…)

HRSA Nursing Scholarship

HRSA nursing scholarship is one of the financial aids offered to students who wish to pursue their career in nursing. The scholarship program helps to ease the financial burden and expenses that pile up usually when one opts for a specific course. Today, the healthcare department needs more helping hands (more…)

How Many Scholarships Are There?

If you have read that there are thousands of scholarships available for different types of students, you must be wondering how many scholarships are there in actual. Well, there are virtually many scholarships but all of them are designed keeping in mind different types, levels and standards of students. (more…)