Bill Gates Scholarships

IT Scholarships – For Meritorious and Passionate Students

Scholarships and grants exist for all types of students today. IT scholarships are for those who are interested to pursue their career in Information Technology. With the advent of computer and internet, there has been an introduction to many job opportunities and those who get the specific degrees receive a handsome salary as well as perks too. (more…)

IBM Watson Scholarship – For Engineering Students

The IBM Watson scholarship program was created and started to attract excellent engineering students to the Watson School of Engineering. The funding is done with the help of donations made by retired IBM officers. The support is given to undergraduate students and transfer and freshmen are also included in the criteria. (more…)

Gates Scholarship – Find the Details and Apply

Usually it has been observed that when people become rich they forget about others and the problems they used to face when they lacked financial support. But in the case of Bill Gates this is wrong. Bill Gates scholarship is created and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (more…)

Negro and Latino Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for minorities in the US are offered by the government as well as organizations and companies outside the governmental framework. Given below are Negro and Latino scholarship opportunities offered by different bodies.

African American Scholarships

The scholarships for African American students mentioned below are not all the opportunities that are available; these are, in fact, some quality programs that you can apply for. You may meet the eligibility requirements of all of these programs, or you may not be eligible for any them.

United Negro College Fund

The financial aid provided by this fund will be enough for your tuition fees, accommodation charges, course books, and other fees.

Vivian Thomas Scholarship

This scholarship program awards scholarships to science and medical students.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

This opportunity is for students of all ethnic minority groups. It is awarded to accounting students only. The money that you get by winning this scholarship can be up to $5,000.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

This fund provides a merit based scholarship. The financial aid that you will receive will cover room charges, tuition fees, books expenses and boarding.

Hispanic Scholarships

Here are three programs that Hispanic students can take advantage of.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded to up to 3500 students every year, and it is open for both graduate and undergraduate students. The money that you will get ranges from $1000 to $3000.

One of the main programs that the Hispanic Scholarship Fund supports is the Gates Millennium Scholars initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This program is channeled towards minority groups in the US, such as Hispanics. The financial aid provided by the program covers tuition fees for college as well as your other financial needs. High school seniors can apply for this scholarship. The criteria for selection include: proven leaderships skills, dire need of a financial aid scholarship, and a GPA of at least 3.3/4.

First in My Family Scholarship Program

This program awards scholarships to 200 Hispanic students every year. The money provided by this program is up to $5000.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Scholarship Programs

These scholarships are for students who are enrolled at a HACU college. These programs award up to $3,000 to 200 students.

These are some of the best Negro and Latino scholarship opportunities. Make sure that you apply for as many as you can, because more applications often increase the possibility of winning.

Full Tuition Scholarships-The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

Higher education is admitted as a basic right for all and provided free in many countries of world, such as Sweden and Norway. In countries where education is not free the rising costs of education has become a major concern for government and students. In USA many government and private organization are providing scholarships to students to help them fund their college education. The largest of such organizations is The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that runs the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program for minority students.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is the largest private scholarship program in America that provides $1 billion worth of scholarships to students every year.  In addition to these $1 billion scholarships the program has started offering scholarships for public health courses worth $58 million.

The scholarship program has provided 10,000 full tuition scholarships to low income students from American, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native and American Indian communities to pursue degrees in education, science, math’s, engineering, library science and public health. The scholarships are generally awarded based on financial need and academic excellence in relevant field.

The program requires the students to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher and to meet the criterion set out by federal Pell grant. The students are also required to demonstrate participation in community service and good leadership skills. Only students who are joining college for the first time and who are US citizens or permanent residents can apply for the scholarships.

The deadline for application is usually in January; however you can search for exact dates on the program’s website. Every applicant is required to fill three forms; the personal information form, the nominator form and the recommender form. It is also a good idea to submit proof of any extracurricular and academic achievements you have made in past. All scholarship providers generally prefer students who have extra academic skills over students who just excel academically.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program provides 1000 full tuition scholarships every year to students that fulfill their criteria. The amount of these scholarship awards vary with each individual’s needs, as the scholarships are aimed at providing for the tuition cots and part of living costs. However, according to 2006 statistics the average amount of award for undergraduate students was $7,000 and for graduate students was $15,000. If you are eligible to apply for scholarships offered by this program you can download the application forms from their website.

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Almost every school leaver these days is looking for scholarships or student loans to fund his studies. Students at postgraduate level face even more financial problems due to very high cost of postgraduate education. With hundreds of applicants on each scholarship program the competition for each scholarship award is tough, therefore applying for a minority scholarship will put you at advantage because you will face less competition. The American Indian minority is the smallest ethnic minority group in the United States but their history with higher education is deep. The Harvard University and Dartmouth College was founded to train American Indians. Continuing this history many organizations now award scholarships to Native Americans. This article highlights some of such programs.

Native American College Scholarship Fund: The Native American College Scholarship Fund is an organization that runs several scholarship programs to help Native American students get their education higher education. In addition to financial aid the organization provides counseling services to students, and also provides them other services, such as guidance on reduced college tuition costs, free access to resources, and learning campaigns.

The Fund also runs scholarship programs that provide aid to Native American mothers to pursue a degree in Native American history and culture in tribal colleges. 

Ottawa University: The Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas have a long history of providing aid to Native American students and it is still running aid packages for Native American students from all fields.

State Programs: There are some states that provide for in-state tuition expenses of Native Americans, such as the Oklahoma and Oregon. Some states only run programs for tribes who are resident in the state while others provide opportunities to all tribes.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation runs Native American scholarships program by name of Gates Millennium Scholar program. These scholarships are provided to students who have good academic background.

NALE: The Native American Leadership in Education and the Tribal Business Management Program offers financial assistance to Native American students that are planning to join a course in Education or business fields. These scholarships are awarded to students who show academic potential.

Detailed information on above mentioned programs is available on their websites. There are hundreds of other Native American scholarships programs that provide financial assistance to deserving students from American Indian origin. Students can search for these scholarships on scholarships search engines. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines available over the internet.

Bill Gates Scholarships

Bill Gates Scholarships

Bill Gates Scholarships

Bill gates Scholarships are offered to new college students every year. The scholarship money is awarded in large amount and has helped thousands of students to go to college and complete their education. This scholarship provides students with sufficient money and the students that meet the requirements can go on receiving money through their bachelor’s degree. They simply have to renew the scholarship and they can also get it through the graduate degree also. This scholarship offers a good opportunity to the scholars who are able to win this scholarship.

If you are a student and need funding for your educational needs, go through the conditions set for the scholarship. If you find yourself qualifying, do not presume that you might be turned down. Simply go ahead and apply for the scholarship because you never know how you will win the scholarship money. If you are attending the college from the very beginning or if you are in high school you should be senior and then you can apply for the scholarship. This program is also available for many minorities and you should also apply for the Pell Grants.

Bill gates scholarships can be offered to students who study in the fields – computer science, engineering, education, mathematics, library science, science and public health. The application process starts in August and continues till January of the preceding year. If possible take recommendations from someone so that it certifies that you have worked and provided services for the betterment of the community. The main criteria are that you should be doing well in your school, should have done some services for the community and must have some leadership qualities too.

If you have these qualities, you should fill out the application form for Bill gates scholarship and you have to answer 8 essay questions along with that. These questions are asked to know how dedicated you are regarding your studies and what are you going to do in future after you achieve your graduate degree. Even if you do not qualify for this scholarship, do not give up hope. Look for other options for funding your education.