Handicapped Scholarships

Top Psychology Scholarships

Top Psychology Scholarships

Top Psychology Scholarships

Careers in fields related to psychology are interesting and rewarding. The pay scales of psychology professionals are in line with other qualified health professionals in most countries of world. Psychology education like all other medical education is expensive. To encourage students to join careers in psychology many associations and welfare societies have started psychology scholarship programs to help students finance their studies. This article discusses some popular psychology programs.

  • APA Scholarship Program: The American psychology association scholarship program provides scholarships to students at all levels in all psychology related fields. These scholarships are provided in collaboration with many donors.
  • The National Honor Society in Psychology scholarship program: This scholarship program provides numerous grants every year to graduate and undergraduate students that are planning to pursue a degree in psychology.
  • NASP – ERT Minority Scholarship Program for Graduate Training: This program offers numerous aid programs to minority students from all fields including programs for psychology students.
  • Native American Assistance programs by government: Students from the native American community that are pursuing degrees in Guidance Counseling or Psychology can qualify for the aid provided by US department of education to minority students.
  • Latino Health Scholarship Program: The United Health Foundation and PacifiCare Foundation Provides numerous scholarships to students from the Latino community to pursue degrees in fields related to psychology.
  • Disadvantaged Students scholarships by government: Disadvantaged Students that wish to pursue a degree in any field of psychology can qualify for the financial aid provided by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Medical Service Corps (U.S. Army) Educational Benefits: The American army runs several scholarship programs for its members to pursue higher degrees in many fields. The Health Profession Scholarship Program for Optometry and Psychology provides aid to members of US army that wish to pursue a degree in fields related to psychology.

In addition to the scholarship programs mentioned above you can search for many other scholarship programs offered by colleges and universities over the internet. Most colleges and universities offering psychology courses provide psychology scholarships to deserving students. You can search for all such scholarships offered in US over scholarship search sites. In addition to searching over internet you can also contact your local psychology schools to look for any financial aid offered by them.

International students looking to study in US may also find some programs that they can qualify for. However, scholarships for international students are few and are highly competitive..

Asthma Scholarships-Give Your Scholarship Search an Inhaler Dose

Asthma Scholarships

Asthma Scholarships

Scholarships are helping many students to achieve their educational goals. It is no wonder that there is tough competition for many of the scholarships and the students have to perform out of their skins to remain competitive. There are some categories of scholarships which have reduced level of competition because only a specific group of people are eligible to apply. Examples of such scholarships include those that are offered to minority groups, employees, people with disabilities, etc. Asthma scholarships also fall into these categories.

The availability of an Asthma scholarship can be a surprise for many people reading this article. While surely being a pleasant surprise for aspiring college students suffering from asthma, it comes as nothing too shocking because asthma exists in the youth and such students might need financial support.

Let us take a look at some of the asthma scholarship opportunities that students can avail:

  • The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology provides scholarships to students who are graduating from high school and have been diagnosed with asthma. A single $1,000 award is given to a winner and other students are provided with $100 merit awards. Academic achievements, community service and extra-curricular activities are among the eligibility criteria.
  • The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America provides two high school graduates with a $500 scholarship each. The students must be diagnosed with asthma and must show the ability to be a role model for younger students who suffer from the same condition. The students are required to present documents of academic achievements and write an essay.
  • The Schering-Plough Corporation offers ‘will to win asthma’ scholarships. The scholarship is awarded to students in five categories. Each category has two winners which receive a $5,000 award.
  • The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network provide several scholarships worth $1,500 each to students with food allergies. The organization also provides scholarships to researchers doing research in food allergies, ear, nose, throat disorders.
  • Asthma scholarships are also for athletes. College scholarships for athletes with asthma provide a $10,000 award to such a student.

These were some of the examples of asthma scholarships as an outline. Students are encouraged to do further research from the internet or other sources. Students must not allow a condition such as asthma; prevent them from pursuing their dream of education. Asthma scholarships are there to help them out and the students should avail them.

Scholarships for the Disabled-All about Finding One

Scholarships for the Disabled

Scholarships for the Disabled

Disabled people are a significant part of population in the US. While they are disadvantaged in some way, some of them can perform professionally better than normal people. The acceptance for disabled persons in business world is increasing and now employing them is considered a normal practice in business. However, if a disabled person does not have a college degree he may have problems finding a job easily.

College education is expensive and most of the disabled persons can do little part time work to pay for their college education. Fortunately though, many government and private organizations have started providing scholarships for the disabled. These scholarships normally provide the tuition fee, books, paraphernalia and counseling. Government also provides tax benefits to the disabled.

The government provides many scholarships for the disabled. You can search and apply for such scholarships in your closest welfare office. Your application will be followed by a medical test, after which you will probably be granted a scholarship. Other organizations that provide scholarships to disabled people are as follows.

  • The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf Financial Aid and Scholarships is scholarship program that provides financial assistance to deaf students who want to pursue a college degree.
  • The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation offers scholarships specifically for disabled women who want to pursue a post graduate degree. The foundation also works to empower women as an active member of the society.
  • The Learning Disabilities Association awards higher education scholarships to students with learning disabilities. The organization also works to assist people with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD, to overcome their disabilities and become more productive individuals in the society.

There are numerous kinds of disabilities so different organizations provide aid to people with different disabilities. You can win a scholarship easily if you apply for these scholarships because there are significant numbers of such opportunities and competition is generally low.

You can search for a scholarship offered to you over internet. There are over 50 of scholarships search sites available over the internet that can provide you information on all scholarship programs for the disabled in USA.

After you find a scholarship program that you are eligible for make sure you make a complete application. You should provide all information and documentation required by the scholarship provider, and also includes medical certificates authenticating your disability in your application. If you have any past academic or other achievement, such as participation in events etc, you should mention them in your application.

Disability Scholarships-Two Options For the Disabled

Disability Scholarships

Disability Scholarships

Scholarships are a means of funding college education for those who don’t have the financial resources to pay for their studies. Scholarships are offered by government as well as the private sector, and there are awarded based on different criteria. One type of scholarships is that which is specifically designed for minority groups. The criterion of selection for a minority group scholarship also varies depending on the scholarships program, and one criterion for eligibility is disability.

There are many groups that provide disability scholarships. Because the students eligible for these scholarships are few in number, they are often placed under other minorities, and sometimes they do not get the college scholarship grant and college tuition money they need because they are often overlooked. But thanks to these groups, an increasing number of programs for disabled people are now being developed.

Disability Scholarships

The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation:

This foundation provides scholarships to physically disabled women who are interested in getting further education. The aim of the college grants and reduced college tuition program is to a) Provide financial assistance to the physically disabled women to achieve their goals b) To encourage women in general.

Learning Disabilities Association:

This organization is also actively involved in supporting the disabled. It not only provides grants and college scholarships to students with certain disabilities, it also offers its services and resources to people who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD.

In order to search for disability scholarships you can visit the financial aid office at your school. While the time the staff at the office can spend with a student is limited due to the volume of students that approach them, they can help you in finding scholarships you can apply for. Ask family members about any scholarships they know of; they may be a member of an organization that offers scholarships. Researching over the internet can help you find scholarship programs that you qualify for. You can directly check the website of the organizations that award scholarships to people with disabilities, or you can sign up with a scholarship search engine service—these sites match your information with the scholarships present in their database.

Disabled people, who cannot afford to go to college, can do so by applying for a scholarship that is specifically designed for them. You can find out more about the education opportunities by visiting your state’s department for disabled persons or by searching online.

Epilepsy Scholarships-Success without Seizures

Epilepsy Scholarships

Epilepsy Scholarships

It is a common misconception that scholarships are only for the students who are on top in their studies and are physically able as well. The have good participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well. It is a misconception because many scholarships are awarded to students who are less able in their studies and other activities and are also awarded to students who have disabilities. One example of such type of scholarships is the epilepsy scholarship.

The organization that is on the forefront in providing financial help to the students suffering from epilepsy is the famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Pfizer epilepsy scholarships are provided to students who are suffering from epilepsy but cannot afford their education. The company provides a minimum of $3000 to the students and requires the students to be taking anti-epileptic drugs and under the care of their physicians.

All the required documents and paperwork must be completed well within time. It is also required of the student to be good in academic performance.

The student must also file two recommendation letters and at least one of them must be from the physician. The application form can be downloaded from the website of the organization and a person can also find out about the eligibility criteria and other requirements from the website. All the information submitted in the application form must be true to the best knowledge of the student. It is usually better to complete all the application preparation well within the deadline. For this it is necessary to have knowledge of the deadline.

Some other epilepsy scholarships are:

  • Keppra Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program provides 20 scholarships worth $5000 each to students with epilepsy or their caretakers.
  • Epilepsy Foundation Scholarship Fund is for high school students of the Peoria area and provides a fund of $500.
  • Elam Baer and Janis Clay Educational Scholarship are for high school seniors already accepted in a post-secondary course and are worth $1000.
  • The Epilepsy foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania offers 5 $1000 scholarships to high school students already enrolled for college.
  • The Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho provides scholarships to high school or college students with epilepsy and provides money worth $1000.

These were some of the epilepsy scholarships available in the U.S. Many more epilepsy scholarships can be researched out from the Internet. These might also include international epilepsy scholarships. The generally routines which need to be followed are to find out as much good opportunities as possible and to apply to as many of them.

Scholarships for Minorities—How to Succeed

Scholarships for Minorities

Scholarships for Minorities

There are a number of scholarships available for minorities in various capacities. It is generally observed that the eligibility criteria for these scholarships are not as stringent as it is for other scholarships. The scholarships are offered by the Government, state or locally. The criteria for Government level scholarships are rather stringent though and while business and research workers might qualify easily, average students might face some problems. The local and state level scholarships are provided by private organizations some of the examples include Frederick Douglas Scholars Program, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson program and the United Negro College Fund.

Scholarships for minorities apply to the African American and Asian ethnicities and also to people of other races and even disabilities. Other organizations include March of dimes, Hispanic Nurses Association, Scholarship of Disadvantaged Students.

Funding for the minorities comes in various forms, i.e., it is not just for helping members of minority communities succeed educationally but also to start a new business or revitalize an existing one. These aids are available for both minorities and handicapped persons and may reach to amount of up to 100,000 $.

It must be remembered though that you must be careful to look for in the right places. Scholarships are highly sought after and people can make money out of unsuspecting people. So you must be careful, gather all the information and knowhow before you proceed. For instance there are some software manufacturers who provide their helpful software for a small fee but when you bring the software home you find out that the process that the software details is too complex and you have to hire the company’s paid help again. So a better workaround is to look for opportunities posted on the internet or other forms of communication.

Other good places to look for are the organizations themselves. You can make a visit or check out the website of the organizations. It is imperative that you research out all the requisites for the process because this will save you a lot of hassle. Also bear in mind that all scholarship processes have an application deadline and beyond that date your application will not be acceptable. So act quickly and quit procrastination. Another good strategy is to look for scholarships for minorities in a number of places because this will not only maximize your chances but also provide you options in the event that more than one scholarship is awarded to you. Furthermore, be brave and pursue your dreams proactively.