Handicapped Scholarships

Narcolepsy and Scholarship Money

Narcolepsy is a typical sleeping disorder in which the person suffers from daytime drowsiness as well as sudden attacks of sleep. The people suffering from this health problem face different types of problems in day to day life. Opting for a career is difficult for the kids suffering from this problem and it is also felt a Scholarship would be of great help to a student suffering from this type of disorder. (more…)

Scholarships for Students with Epilepsy Who Want To Reach Their Dreams

We all are aware that scholarships are available for students who have the caliber and are excellent academically but do not have the financial support to complete their education. There are a number of financial aid programs made available to deserving and needy students and scholarships for students with epilepsy is also added to the huge list. (more…)

Scholarships and Help for Children with Dyslexia

Paying for higher education is not easy for people these days. Majority of the students have to look for scholarships and grants and they depend mostly on the outside funding to get support for their higher studies. The number of scholarships has increased and so there are scholarships and help for children with dyslexia also. (more…)

Non Verbal Learning Disability College Scholarship

Learning disabilities are of many types and one common definition can be the disabilities that affect a wide range of academic and functional skills. These include ability to listen, speak, read, write, reason and classify information. Non verbal learning disability college scholarship programs are designed to support students of specific disabilities. (more…)

Minority Scholarship Programs For Minority Students

Minority scholarship programs are designed and created to help students belonging to minority group of people accomplish their career dreams. Usually, people of minority or underprivileged group do not have sufficient money to provide adequate funding for the education of their children. (more…)

Kansas Student with Disability Scholarship

Planning for college for disabled students is almost like a dream. They have to face various considerations and challenges if they plan for their college education. In addition to the subject they would like to major in and the college that they would prefer attending, (more…)

Scholarships Parents with Disabilities

When it comes to scholarships and other free financial aids, you have to fulfill the requirements of the sponsor or meet the expectations. You can also search for scholarships that fit in your criteria. For example, if your parents suffer from any kind of disability and there is financial crunch in your family due to this, you can apply for scholarships parents with disabilities. (more…)

Scholarships for Disabled – To Help Students Become Creative in Life

Scholarships for disabled are available to enable students become productive in society and go beyond their position in life. many private and government organizations and institutes offer financial help for disabled students because the main intention of these are that being disabled is no different when it comes to acquiring higher education and degrees. (more…)

Scholarships for Disable Children – A Great Opportunity to Fulfill Your Dreams

There are various types of impairments and so scholarships for disable children also differ in types and amount as well. Some disabilities are specific like visual and hearing impairment while some are more commonly seen as well. Remember that your disability matters here and you will be offered financial support only when that matches with the requirements of the particular scholarship program. (more…)

Dyslexia Scholarships – Financial Aid for Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a visual disorder but it is a disorder that is caused by the brain and the child is unable to recognize symbols. This problem has different types of symptoms and effects on people of different age. Dyslexia scholarships are available for those students who suffer from this disease (more…)