Army College Fund

VFW Scholarships – Qualify, Compete and Win

VFW scholarships are available for veterans. This is a golden opportunity for the veterans to complete their education without debt. Cost of education is getting higher year after year. The number of school and college drop outs would have been high if there would not have been so many scholarships and grants available. (more…)

VFW Scholarship – For Veterans to Continue Their Education

VFW scholarship is a financial aid program that supports education of veterans with overseas active duty. There are certain specific requirements that the applicants need to fulfill in order to complete their education. If you are a veteran or related to one in some form or another, you should look for funding options available for people like you. (more…)

US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Scholarships

US army reserve scholar athlete scholarships are given to those students who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in academic and athletic fields. Several well-deserving students have received the award money since now for demonstrating outstanding excellence. (more…)

Service Scholarships for Military Service Men

Service Scholarships for Military Service Men

Service Scholarships for Military Service Men

Service scholarships are scholarships that provide aid to service men who are or who have been serving on active duty in military. These scholarships are aimed at providing aid to the brave soldiers that protect their country. These scholarships are considered by many to be a major benefit of a career in military.

There are different programs that provide different kinds of aid to Military service men; there are programs that provide aid only to members of military, and there are also programs that provide aid to spouses and dependent children of servicemen. These service scholarships are generally awarded based on financial need, unlike normal scholarships which are generally awarded based on academic merit. This article highlights some of the aid programs designed to help service men.

  • General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Programs: This programs provides aid to children of active duty, Title 10 AGR/Reserve, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active duty, retired, retired reserve and deceased Air Force members; spouses (stateside) of active duty members and Title 10 AGR/Reservists; and surviving spouses of deceased personnel for completion of their undergraduate studies.
  • The Army College Fund (ACF): is a scholarship fund that provides financial assistance to service men who sign up for the GI bill. A candidate can qualify for aid of up to $20,000 in addition to aid under GI bill if he is a high school graduate, scores a 50 or better on the ASVAB, and qualifies for certain Army jobs or specialties. The government has also done some legislation under which Military servicemen can transfer their benefits under GI bill to their spouses and dependent children if they fulfill certain conditions.
  • The Navy Advanced Education Voucher Program (AEV): is a program that provides aid to for service men who want to move up in their career in Navy. The program provides aid for courses related to Navy. The amount of the scholarship is $6700 annually for three years.

In addition to the programs mentioned above service men can search for many other scholarship opportunities available to them over the internet. There are also many scholarships programs that provide aid to spouses and dependents of servicemen on active duty. These programs can also be searched over the internet. The use of scholarships search engines is recommended for searching such scholarships because they will save a lot of time by providing information on scholarships in an organized way.