Army College Fund

IFR Flight Scholarships – For Selected Enthusiastic Students

Having a desire to have a career in flying makes a student dream high. However, the cost of education and training in this regard is not affordable. The cost is really staggering. Well, if you have the passion and dedication you can apply for IFR flight scholarships and accomplish your dream with the help of the scholarship award money. (more…)

Flight Training Scholarships

There is a long list available for flight training scholarships these days. With more and more students opting for making flying their career, the government agencies related to this department and many foundations and individuals has offered financial aids of many kinds to help those who have passion for flying. (more…)

Firefighters Ride across America Scholarship Fund

Firefighters ride across America scholarship fund provides financial assistance for those students who are interested in making their career as firefighters. If you are worried about winning the award money, there should be few things clear in your mind. Do not let the lengthy application procedure or the competition for the scholarship let you down. (more…)

Scholarships for Children who’s Grandparents Are Veterans

The government and many non government agencies try to pay a mark of respect to veterans by giving them facilities and privileges in society. Other than these, there are many practical problems that these veterans face as they are quite short of money most often. Scholarships for children whose grandparents are veterans help their grandchildren complete their education even if they lack the money for education. (more…)

Scholarship for Disabled Veteran Grandchild

Scholarship for disabled veteran grandchild is available so that the sacrifice and service that the war veterans have gone through can be given a mark of respect. In fact there are many perks for the grandchildren of war veterans especially those who are disabled. However, some worry whether there is any financial backing for education or not. (more…)

Grants and Scholarships for Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets

Grants and scholarships for Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are available so that those who served in the war against Iraq and Afghanistan could get an opportunity to complete their education and make their lives better. If you are one of these veterans and you have a desire to complete your education or even enhance or add up to your qualification, you should go through these scholarship programs. (more…)

Army Scholarships – Have an Enhanced Future

You must be looking ways to make your future better. This is the reason why you are here looking for army scholarships or any scholarship program that fits in your requirements and other criteria. There is no doubt that the army offers various types of privileges and services to the members and their families. (more…)

AMVETS National Scholarship Program

AMVETS national scholarship program is available for high school seniors who wish to pursue their education and complete the four year degree program. It has to be a full time study and that too in accredited college or institution. The amount of the scholarship award money is fixed and it is $1,000 per year for the student. (more…)

Volunteer Scholarships – Attend College without Debt

Scholarships are of many types and are designed to help different types of students. Volunteer scholarships are available for volunteers in different sectors. When you have decided to apply for scholarships, you should prepare yourself for few things and keep in mind some important facts. (more…)