Military Tuition Assistance

NROTC Scholarships – Get the Added Advantage

NROTC scholarships are financial aids available for those students who are a part of Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. College education is really very expensive and many find it very difficult just because the fund is not enough for them. (more…)

Navy Scholarships – Endless Opportunities and Matchless Benefits

Navy scholarships are becoming very popular among students these days and more and more students are trying to qualify and apply for them. The main attractive point is that these scholarships provide complete financial assistance and the recipient remains burden free throughout his study years. (more…)

Navy ROTC Scholarships

You can get a jump start on your future and career with the help of navy ROTC scholarships. Apply for the ones you qualify and fulfill the requirements. There are dozens of schools and colleges that support these scholarships and you can opt for the one you wish to attend. (more…)

Navy Nursing Scholarships

The navy provides many opportunities for young men and women and the availability of navy nursing scholarships for those who are interested in making nursing as their career is also one of them. In fact, there are a huge number of scholarships and grants available for all career option in healthcare department. (more…)

Military Spouse Scholarship – For Pursuing Higher Education

Military spouse scholarship is available for spouse of military personnel to accomplish various educational dreams. If your spouse is in the military, you can avail this opportunity and enhance your qualification or complete your education if that is pending. The people working for the security of the nation have to work very hard and sacrifice lot of things for their nation. (more…)

IFR Flight Scholarships – For Selected Enthusiastic Students

Having a desire to have a career in flying makes a student dream high. However, the cost of education and training in this regard is not affordable. The cost is really staggering. Well, if you have the passion and dedication you can apply for IFR flight scholarships and accomplish your dream with the help of the scholarship award money. (more…)

Flight Training Scholarships

There is a long list available for flight training scholarships these days. With more and more students opting for making flying their career, the government agencies related to this department and many foundations and individuals has offered financial aids of many kinds to help those who have passion for flying. (more…)

Firefighters Ride across America Scholarship Fund

Firefighters ride across America scholarship fund provides financial assistance for those students who are interested in making their career as firefighters. If you are worried about winning the award money, there should be few things clear in your mind. Do not let the lengthy application procedure or the competition for the scholarship let you down. (more…)

Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC scholarships are financial aids available for students who are interested in pursuing education for at least two years. Many students join ROTC just because they are interested in the scholarship program that it offers and enables them to achieve the degree of their choice. (more…)

Scholarships for Children who’s Grandparents Are Veterans

The government and many non government agencies try to pay a mark of respect to veterans by giving them facilities and privileges in society. Other than these, there are many practical problems that these veterans face as they are quite short of money most often. Scholarships for children whose grandparents are veterans help their grandchildren complete their education even if they lack the money for education. (more…)