Low Income Scholarships

Scholarships for Aviation Schools

The cost of education is staggering and overwhelming especially for the students who are interested to pursue a specific career. The good thing about the present day is that there are many scholarships and grants available for all types of students. If you are a student it does not matter whether you are interested in studying the mainstream (more…)

Scholarships In For Nigerian Undergraduates

There are many numbers of scholarships and grants available for eligible and deserving students. Scholarships in for Nigerian undergraduates are also in considerable number and so you need to follow certain points so that you have enhanced chances of winning the award money. (more…)

Hope Scholarship Money Unclaimed In Tennessee

Recently hope scholarship money unclaimed in Tennessee has been the real buzz among the students. However, there are many scholarships that remain unclaimed every year. The government and many non government agencies offer financial aids and some of them are well known while some remain unnoticed also. (more…)

Homeschool scholarships – Better Funding Options Available

Students who have completed their schooling by attending regular classes get the advantage of qualifying for the scholarships and grants available for students. The main problem lies with those who have completed through home school. Well, there are some good and supportive home school scholarships available for such students. (more…)

High School Senior Scholarships – Select the Right Option

Every now and then you come across students getting scholarship award money and you wonder how do they find, apply and win. Well, today there are hundreds of high school senior scholarships available for eligible and deserving students. (more…)

Canadian Scholarships – For Meritorious and Needy Students

Canadian government is extremely concerned with the overall development of the people living there. It is not just the Canadians but those who come to Canada to study is also helped out through various Canadian scholarships available for international students. (more…)

6 Tips to Get Travel Scholarships

6 Tips to Get Travel Scholarships

6 Tips to Get Travel Scholarships

Studying in another country is the dream of many ambitious and adventurous students. The main aim in studying abroad for most students is to get valuable multicultural experience and exposure; however, students from developing countries generally wish to study aboard for better quality education then their home country.

Studying in another country is expensive because you will have to provide for the expenses of living and study together with other little expenses. There are many private and government organizations that provide travel scholarships to students to help them study in another country; one example of such programs is the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship program that provides aid to students to study outside US for one year. The following 6 tips can help you in getting travel scholarships:

  • It is a good idea to appoint a counselor for yourself if you are looking for scholarships aboard.  This is highly recommended because these professionals have knowledge of varying terms and conditions of different government and colleges in different countries of world, and they can provide you assistance to get through the scholarship and visa processes.
  • You can talk to your counselor or research personally about countries that offer high quality education at lower costs. One example of such countries is South Africa that provides high quality education at low tuition fees and with low living costs as well.
  • You can look for confirm discounts in addition to scholarships. Some countries have trend of offering these confirm discounts to every student that enrolls in a particular field or course. This trend is particularly prevalent in the UK.
  • Prepare all your documents in advance of applying for a scholarship. The requirements for documents greatly depend on the country your are applying in. In some countries colleges will not be concerned with anything other than your educational documents, but in some other countries colleges may require you to submit bank statements and other documents. Your counselor can provide you complete information on such requirements.
  • IF you have not appointed a counselor you should know the visa requirements of each country before you apply for a scholarship in that country, only apply if your  are able to meet those requirements. These visa requirements can be seen online on foreign office websites of different countries.
  • You should also bear in mind that in most cases you will be required to get travel insurance before you can leave your country, in addition to it some countries may require you to arrange a health insurance.

Travel Scholarship

Travel Scholarship

Travel Scholarship

As there are different types of scholarships, there is travel scholarship available for students who need to travel while acquiring their education. Usually, scholarship money is provided to students who excel in their academic field. There are scholarships that are based on the needs of students as well. The students have to prove that they are dedicated and committed towards achieving their academic degree. Whatever is the field of education, the student has to be more than sufficient so that the student is able to accomplish his scholastic needs.

If you are facing any kind of financial crisis, you can find and apply for the most suitable scholarship that has the capability of fulfilling your needs. You also have to go through the qualifying factors and see to it that you fulfill them properly. You will have to provide essays on the topic given in the application form. These essays are meant to know what is the thinking of the student regarding his career and future. Also, the panel is interested to know what is the student going to do for the betterment of community and society once he or she completes the academic qualification.

Travel scholarship helps students go for educational tours and they cover almost everything related to the tour, for example accommodation and food expenses also. The scholarship money is more than sufficient and the student is able to complete his tour, as it should be. If you have to write essays you can also go through various articles that will give you tips and provide guidelines so that the essay looks impressive and is able to persuade the panel members.

When you are applying for scholarships you have to show your desire to succeed because this motivates the individual in achieving excellence in any endeavor. Express your feelings and dedication through the essays that you will produce along with the scholarship application. When you are applying for travel scholarship, you should collect information on different types of places and show your interest in the field. To gather information on different places does not require traveling to those places. You can have all information on Internet as well.

First Generation Scholarship

First Generation Scholarship

First Generation Scholarship

First generation scholarship helps students pay their college expenses easily if they apply and win the scholarship money. This scholarship is for the student who is the first member of his immediate family. These scholarships are actually available for those students who belong to families that need financial assistance to carry on the education of their children. Usually these families find it difficult to cope with the high fees and expenses associated with college education.

When these scholarships were not made available to the students, they either left their studies or somehow manage it with the help of student loans. Student loans are good option for those who cannot afford their college expenses, but after all, a loan is a loan and the student has to pay back the student loan for almost half of his life, which is very frustrating. In the meanwhile if he loses his job, he has to manage the repayments along with meeting other basic utilities.

If you are a college student and want to apply for first generation scholarship you should visit scholarshipzone.com where you will find complete information regarding the availability of scholarships. You just need to signup at their website and the requirements are that you should be a resident of America and must be above 18 years of age. These drawings are done every month and so you can apply for them when it is convenient for you. You can also check out availability of scholarships with your college so that you have more options to choose from.

The students who want to apply for the scholarships have to show academic excellence and along with that they also need to prove their leadership qualities. If you are a student and think that you need more than one scholarship to meet your educational expenses, you can apply for as many as you can. If you need money for the completion of your education, you should start looking for scholarships and start applying for them. It is important that you start early and apply for first generation scholarship and other funding options that are available for you and you qualify to get it.