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Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Foreign Students Scholarships in South Korea

Generally students from all over the world prefer to go to developed countries which host some of the most reputable institutes of the world to complete their education, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Ireland, Japan and Germany. However, South Korea is fast becoming an attractive destination for international students due to the favorable policies of South Korean government.

It is a fact that many South Korean students go to developed countries to study than why are international students choosing South Korea for their studies? A little time a go South Korea only offered courses in Korean language and there was obviously no place for international students who do not speak Korean. The south Korean government with the aim of developing their education system and making English a common second language started inviting teachers who can teach English to teach in their institutes, and they starting offering numerous grants, foreign students scholarships and discounts to international students to boost the quality and repute of their universities worldwide.

International students studying in South Korea will have many advantages as compared to students in US, UK Australia etc. The cost of living in South Korea is much less then all these developed countries, so it is easy for students to pay for their living costs. Moreover the tuition fee for most of the courses is much less then US, UK or Australia and the quality of education provided to students is comparable to these developed countries. International Students can get high quality education in South Korea at very lower total cost (living costs plus tuition costs) then other developed countries.

Students from most of the cultures will not have a problem adjusting in South Korea because people are generally hospitable and food from every culture is conveniently available in big cities. The government offers many foreign students scholarships to quality students. The government also has a much more lenient policy than other developed countries about part time work for students.

Many colleges and Universities in South Korea are also offering aid to students from different fields. These colleges offer scholarships in form of Grants, discounts or free accommodation. Students can search for scholarships in South Korea related to their own area of interest using the scholarship search engines available over the internet. Students should also visit websites of colleges and universities in South Korea to look for and apply for financial aid offered by these institutes.