Teaching Scholarships

How to Find Scholarships for Teaching

Teaching is one of the most respected and noblest professions you can adopt to earn your lively hood. In the past teaching was thought to be a noble profession with few rewards, but increasing professionalism and greater specialization in different fields that are now required to teach students from all fields have also caused the pay scales of teachers to rise. If you have decided to obtain a teaching degree or a teaching license you can be sure of a rewarding career.

To attract the students to join teaching profession many government and welfare organizations and teaching schools have started scholarship programs for talented students. There are hundreds of different scholarships for teaching that can help you pay for your tuition and living costs. In this article I will give you different tips on finding scholarships for teaching that you are eligible for. You can use this information to make your search more convenient.

  • Search scholarships on scholarships search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarships search sites available over the internet. These sites are very use full because they can automatically search for all scholarships in the specified category in your region and that you qualify for. These automatic searches can save a lot of time and effort that goes into randomly searching for scholarships.
  • Contact your school’s financial aid office. Many scholarships may not be advertised on the internet so you will have to visit financial aid offices of your teaching schools to look for scholarships for teaching. If you have an excellent academic background you may be offered a discount in tuition fee even if they are no available scholarships.
  • Appoint a counselor. You can save a lot of your time and effort by appointing an education counselor. These professionals have knowledge of scholarship opportunities in any field and they can guide you through the whole process of searching and applying for a scholarship.
  • Look for international scholarships. There are many countries in world that offer scholarships for prospective teachers to fulfill the shortage of professional teachers in their country. You can look for these scholarships on scholarship search sites or talk to your education counselor about them.

Once you have found a scholarship that you are eligible to apply for you should make your application very carefully. Make sure you provide all the information and documentation required by the scholarship providers in order to qualify for the scholarship.

Scholarships for Teachers

Scholarships for Teachers

Scholarships for Teachers

Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession. It is one of the most respected professions because teachers play a vital role in development of a good society. There are some 40 million teachers teaching at the elementary and secondary level in the US, so the job market for prospective teachers is wide and it is easy to find a job in teaching if you have a professional degree related to teaching. Keeping in view the importance of teachers in a society many aid programs are initiated to attract students towards professional degrees in teaching.

There are generally two types of scholarships for teachers. One type is the national scholarships offered by government or government owned departments and second is the local scholarships offered by welfare organizations and educational institutions.

There is generally a high competition for national scholarships, so they are tough to get. But if you are able to win these scholarships the amount of the scholarship will normally cover all your tuition costs and part of living costs. There are also some national scholarships which provide aid to teachers specializing in a particular field, such as Special Education, physical education etc. Information on all such scholarship programs can be obtained from the education department’s website.

Local scholarships are offered by colleges and universities, and other organizations with the aim to attract students towards teaching related professional courses. Some local scholarships for teachers are mentioned in this article.

  • The NAACP Lillian and Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship program that provides aid of $1000 to $2000 to prospective teachers.
  • The AKA Educational Advancement Foundation Merit Scholarship program that provides aid to students joining teaching related degree. The amount of this award is $1000.
  • Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers numerous scholarships of $250 each to prospective teachers.
  • Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund provides scholarships of up to $4000 to students joining a course related to teaching.
  • Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship program provides financial assistance of up to $2500 to prospective teachers.

Information on criteria and deadline of above mentioned scholarships can be obtained from their websites. Students can also search for hundreds of other scholarships for teachers offered in the US. There are also many scholarship programs that provide aid to already working teachers who want to get a degree to excel in their teaching careers. All of these scholarship programs can be conveniently searched over the internet using scholarship search sites.

Teacher Scholarships in New York

Teacher Scholarships in New York

Teacher Scholarships in New York

If you’re looking to get a degree for teaching, but don’t the financial resources to pay for college, the good news for you is that teachers can apply for both full and part time scholarships. So, if you’re looking to start a new degree or finish a course you’re taking, you can pay for it with a scholarship.

If you are an existing college or university student, you can contact the financial aid office to get information about further ongoing teacher scholarships.  If you haven’t started your service yet, check with your local Board of Education to find out how you can pay for school. Teacher scholarships become greater for people who live in areas where there is a shortage of educators, especially in high demand content areas.

A lot of these teacher scholarships have no financial need requirement. However, you should check the websites to get additional information.

Teacher Scholarships in New York: An example of high demand areas is New York. The City needs teachers desperately, particularly in high need schools. Therefore, the New York City Department of Education offers a wide variety of incentives and special programs to practicing teachers and teachers of the future. Given below are some of these programs.

Housing Support Program: With this program, you can get living stipend and housing supplement if you are interested in becoming certified or getting either a bachelors or masters degree. You will however need to commit to teaching in a high need school for at least three years.

STEP (Summer Teaching Experience Program): This program is specifically designed for out of state teachers. The program provides housing support, stipend, a summer internship and professional development.

Graduate Scholarship Cohort Program: The master’s degree seeking candidates who are awarded this scholarship will be placed in a scholarship track of study in accordance with areas where teachers are most needed in the sciences, ESL (English as a Secondary Language) and Mathematics.

More information on different other scholarships for out of state and New York teachers, check your local scholarships.

You will have to pay $500 as per National Board for Professional Teaching Standards requirements, but you get the opportunity to apply to several major organizations, which provide a wide range of teacher scholarships. Each of these scholarships awarding organizations has a state and education criteria; many require the winners to work for the public school system and according to critical areas of instruction.

Teaching Scholarships-What Teachers Should Know

Teaching Scholarships

Teaching Scholarships

Teaching is a noble profession and a profession which is in demand in many areas. Most of the time a person requires teacher training or teacher education to qualify for a teaching position. Many teaching scholarships are available to provide financial assistance to prospective teachers undertaking teacher training.

If you are already enrolled as a student you can check with your institute regarding any financial assistance that they may be offering. If you are in an area where there is good demand of teachers then you are in a good position to get a scholarship because there will be plenty.

Here are some of the scholarships that you can look for:

  • American Montessori Society Scholarships are offered each year to eligible candidates that were accepted by the organization.
  • Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship is offered to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in education and is worth $1000.
  • The Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship is offered to students who plan to teach visually impaired students.
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Scholarships provides funds to students who are training for a variety of teaching disciplines.
  • Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship is provided to students aiming to pursue an education degree.
  • PDK Prospective Educator Scholarships
  • SPS Future Teacher Scholarship are offered to future physics teachers and is worth $2000.
  • Straight Forward Media’s Teacher Scholarship is offered every year and is worth $500.
  • Teach Grant Program is worth $4000 and is provided to students who desire to teach in the ‘low income’ schools.

Teaching scholarships can also be classed into national scholarships and local scholarships. National scholarships have tougher criteria but have more money to offer. Some of these scholarships are for the general public and some for specialists in a subject.

There are some tips you can follow to get the scholarship of your dreams. You can search through the various online search engines. You can not only find links to teaching scholarships but also will be able to download entire listings of scholarships. The other reliable source is to check out the teaching school for possible opportunities. Teacher associations are another good source which provides scholarships to prospective teachers.

You can always check with various corporations. Many corporations are willing to support the development of the community by providing scholarships for various purposes.

Getting a teacher certificate will be a welcome addition to your skills and getting a teacher scholarship will save you a lot of trouble which you may face during the process of acquiring one.