Merit Scholarships

California Transportation Foundation Scholarships

California transportation foundation scholarships are awarded to eligible and deserving students who are interested to pursue their career in transportation and they are US residents as well. Scholarships are available in abundance and it depends on students and their career options what they choose. (more…)

Bright Futures Scholarships

Bright futures scholarships are available for students in Florida. These scholarships were started in 1997 and these are funded by Florida lottery.  This scholarship program is for high school seniors and the award is given on the basis of academic excellence. (more…)

Braintrack Nursing Scholarships

Braintrack nursing scholarships help present students fund their education and achieve their academic dreams. Braintrack offers various scholarships and depending on the course and degree the student is free to choose and apply for the suitable one if he is able to fulfill the requirements. (more…)

Bill Peg Reese Scholarship

Bill peg Reese scholarship program is a renewable scholarship program awarded to high school graduates. The award money is $1,000 per semester and is awarded for all the four years. As an applicant you should have clearly communicated educational goals and objectives, strong academic performance, noticeable financial need, self awareness and must have participated in different school activities. (more…)

Bertha MacDonald Highland Dance Scholarship

When you apply for bertha MacDonald highland dance scholarship, you should be clear of the requirements. After all you need to be sure that the scholarship that you are opting for is appropriate for you and you are also eligible to apply for it. Just keep in mind that if you do not qualify for the scholarship, there is no use applying for it. (more…)

Ben Bibler Scholarship – For Students with Determination and Desire

Ben Bibler was the best example for people of what anyone could accomplish when he focused on his energy and had the right amount of determination and aspiration to achieve his goals. So, applying for Ben Bibler scholarship is not so difficult for those who are determined and strong minded to achieve their scholastic goals. (more…)

Art Scholarships for High School Students

Since the cost of education is high, scholarship search must start right from the high school years of a student. This is the reason why there are many types of contests like art scholarships for high school students in which students can participate and win the award money. (more…)

Arizona Scholarships – Scholarship Funding for Excellent Students

Scholarships and grants help students cover the college costs and save students from getting into further debt. Arizona scholarships are designed to help specific students. Several scholarships are available for students of different types and levels. You should find the ones that are suitable and fitting to your needs. (more…)