Masters Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships—Where to Look for Them?

Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships

A postgraduate degree is necessary for proper career development in the competitive job market of today. Study at postgraduate level is expensive and it is impossible for most of the students at post graduate level to fund their studies without a scholarship or grant. There are thousands of programs run by different organizations worldwide that provide financial aid to students at postgraduate level. This article highlights some of these opportunities.

Royal Society Fellowships: The fund provides financial assistance to postgraduate research students who want to study in United Kingdom and carry on research in the field of natural sciences.

British Chevening Scholarships: This fund provides assistance to students joining a one year postgraduate course in the United Kingdom.

Australian Leadership Awards: This program offers financial assistance to students from the field of social and economic development and policy reform. Financial assistance for short-term fellowships in specialized fields of research or study are also provided under this scheme.

Beaney Scholarship: this programs offer scholarships to students majoring in Pathology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Accenture Scholarship: The fund offers scholarships to students from the fields of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering studying at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme (ORSAS) awards scholarships to students joining a full-time study at a research degree in United Kingdom. The scholarship covers the difference between the home country and international rate of tuition fees.

In addition to the above programs there are lots of other popular scholarship programs such as the Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland), The PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture, and the Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities scholarship. You can search for information on all these programs by simply visiting their website.

Some developed countries also run scholarship programs to help students from developing countries gain higher education from reputable universities of the world. One of the most popular programs is the agreement between commonwealth countries whereby each country runs separate scholarship programs for the students from other common wealth countries. UK runs many programs that give opportunity to students from less developed common wealth countries to study at postgraduate level in prestigious universities of UK.

You will also find that many universities are offering discounts based on academic merit to postgraduate students. These discounts may not cover a large portion of your expenses but they are helpful in meeting your expenses of postgraduate study.

Masters Scholarships—How to Get a Scholarship at Postgraduate Level

Masters Scholarships

Masters Scholarships

A decade ago a bachelor degree was enough to build a respectable career but competition in job market has greatly increased ever since. Your career development can be seriously hindered if you do not have a postgraduate degree in your field. The study at postgraduate level is expensive too, and it is difficult for most of the students who may even be struggling to pay off the past students loans to pay for tuition fees at postgraduate level. In this article I will discuss the financial aid available to students from The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) and some other organization.

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is an international program under which commonwealth governments offer financial aid to students from other common wealth countries. The participation of each country is organized by a national nominating agency. All member countries run their own scholarship programs, which generally offer scholarships to students at postgraduate level.  United Kingdom offers scholarships for postgraduate study and Academic Fellowships for staff from universities of developing country. They also offer Professional Fellowships for mid-career professionals from developing countries. Complete information on all offered Masters Scholarships and requirements of the scholarship programs can be viewed on their website.

Philanthropic Educational Organization is a welfare organization that offers scholarships and student loans to postgraduate students.

Education Foundation For Women In Accounting and the Computing Research Association is an organization that offers scholarships to postgraduate female students in the field of computing and accounting.

MBA is a very popular degree among students joining postgraduate studies. Many organizations run scholarship programs specifically for students willing to join an MBA course. You can easily find hundreds of such programs advertised over the internet. Many universities and colleges, particularly in UK, offer special discounts to MBA students and other students joining a Maters course.

The organizations named in this article are mentioned only to highlight such opportunities, with little effort you will be able to find thousand of other programs that offer assistance to masters students. You should also search for scholarship programs run by government organizations in your home country. These scholarship programs may or may not be advertised on the internet so you will have to contact higher education regulatory bodies in your home country for complete information on these programs. Most of the governments of developing countries run these programs to promote quality education among their students.

MBA Scholarships—Things You Should Know

MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

A lot of students these days dream of getting an MBA degree from a university of considerable repute. Admission to an MBA program is normally difficult and the course itself is expensive too.

While it is difficult for students to pay for the heavy tuition fees of MBA, there are also large numbers of MBA scholarships offered by business schools around the world.  The competition for MBA scholarships is often tough, as lots of students are trying to get theses scholarships. The business schools often award the scholarships based on different criteria, such as merit, past academic achievement, leadership skills, and financial need. In this competitive environment knowledge of all financial opportunities available to you and knowledge of where to look for is crucial in winning you a scholarship. This article aims at giving you some basic knowledge about searching a scholarship that suits your needs.

You can find MBA scholarships in a number of ways. The first place to visit is the websites of different colleges and universities that are offering business programs. Most of the institutions offering MBA programs are also awarding scholarships to students who meet the criteria of their scholarship programs. You can get detailed information from their websites and then make a self evaluation of your eligibility for the scholarship. Some institutions also offer guaranteed scholarships; these programs offer a rebate of normally 10% to 30% in tuition fees or accommodation expenses to every student that gets an admission in the MBA course. You can avail these guaranteed discounts but they will not help you a great deal in financing you education.

You can use search engines to look for scholarships offered by different organizations and educational institutions around the world, however the process becomes very hectic as you will have to search for scholarship programs that suits your needs and then read the individual requirements of all programs and self evaluate your eligibility for the program, all by yourself.

Scholarship search websites can also help you greatly in finding a scholarship that suits you. You can simply fill in their questionnaire and let them find a scholarship according to your requirements. These websites can also help you evaluate if you meet the criteria of a particular scholarship program. Arranged information provided by these websites can make the hectic task of finding a scholarship easy for you, and also save a lot of your time and effort.

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

College is almost everyone’s dream. However, education does not come cheap. If your parents are capable of paying for your education, you are in a very comfortable position. Even if that is not the case, you do not need to give up your dreams as there are various kinds of education loans that you can get.

Education loans can be quite burdensome as you have to pay it back within a fixed duration. A better alternative is to look for different types of scholarships. Scholarships are either given by the college or different organizations. There are usually gives by different organizations or chairs of different colleges. Further, there are many a scholarships which are given to the students of a specific area of study and you can apply to any particular scholarship depending on your qualifications and the subject you are going to pursue.

First of all, choose the area of study you are interested in. You must shortlist a few colleges that you would be interested in and start looking for the scholarships that suit your requirements. Internet is always the best place to start looking for graduate scholarships. There are various websites which tell you what all graduate scholarships are available for a particular area of study. However, stay away from scams as there can be many. Scholarships are always there to pay the students. If a supposed graduate scholarship program asks for your bank account details, credit card information or for payment of money, it is most likely to be a scam and you must double-check it. In the USA, the Department of Education also provides information about fraudulent or deceptive agencies and gives tips regarding how to ensure you are not fooled by such organizations.

Further, to ensure that you get the scholarship, make sure that you meet all the qualifications. Fulfill all the requirements of the application rigidly in order to ensure that your application is not rejected on some minor ground. You must also file you application before the deadline or your application will be rejected. To ensure this, organize all the relevant documents in advance. Most of the scholarships have an interview procedure also and therefore, you should start preparing for it as soon as you submit your application.

If you are applying for federal aid in the USA, you must also file your FAFSA early. The government always puts up the form online and you can just download it and file it.