Masters Scholarships

Scholarships for Teachers

Scholarships for Teachers

Scholarships for Teachers

Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession. It is one of the most respected professions because teachers play a vital role in development of a good society. There are some 40 million teachers teaching at the elementary and secondary level in the US, so the job market for prospective teachers is wide and it is easy to find a job in teaching if you have a professional degree related to teaching. Keeping in view the importance of teachers in a society many aid programs are initiated to attract students towards professional degrees in teaching.

There are generally two types of scholarships for teachers. One type is the national scholarships offered by government or government owned departments and second is the local scholarships offered by welfare organizations and educational institutions.

There is generally a high competition for national scholarships, so they are tough to get. But if you are able to win these scholarships the amount of the scholarship will normally cover all your tuition costs and part of living costs. There are also some national scholarships which provide aid to teachers specializing in a particular field, such as Special Education, physical education etc. Information on all such scholarship programs can be obtained from the education department’s website.

Local scholarships are offered by colleges and universities, and other organizations with the aim to attract students towards teaching related professional courses. Some local scholarships for teachers are mentioned in this article.

  • The NAACP Lillian and Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship program that provides aid of $1000 to $2000 to prospective teachers.
  • The AKA Educational Advancement Foundation Merit Scholarship program that provides aid to students joining teaching related degree. The amount of this award is $1000.
  • Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers numerous scholarships of $250 each to prospective teachers.
  • Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund provides scholarships of up to $4000 to students joining a course related to teaching.
  • Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship program provides financial assistance of up to $2500 to prospective teachers.

Information on criteria and deadline of above mentioned scholarships can be obtained from their websites. Students can also search for hundreds of other scholarships for teachers offered in the US. There are also many scholarship programs that provide aid to already working teachers who want to get a degree to excel in their teaching careers. All of these scholarship programs can be conveniently searched over the internet using scholarship search sites.

MBA Scholarships-Important Strategies and Information

MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

MBA is a good field of study and a high level degree. Many students aspire to have this degree but are hindered by the process and expenses. The competition is high and MBA scholarships are also quite competitive. There are a number of sources of MBA scholarships which include bursaries, loans, etc for prospective students and are awarded on the basis of different criteria ranging from academic achievements to financial need.

The very first task of the student is to find out about the various MBA scholarships available. This can be done using a search engine. This is the most easiest way in terms of effort required but the large number of results will require you to put in a lot of post research effort. You can also search for various MBA scholarship opportunities on the websites of the Universities or schools offering a degree in MBA. You will want to find out about the best Universities first and then systematically search the websites of all the institutes. Applying to the best MBA schools will however, mean that you will have to face some tough competition. Another ideal way is to search through scholarship websites. These website provide important information related to the scholarships and their eligibility criteria.

These scholarships are available for both academic achievement and financial need. Generally, students with a good educational history have a better chance to win a MBA scholarship. The scholarships are either full ride or cover the partial expenses of the MBA education. There are also special MBA scholarships or women.

There are some strategies that can maximize your chances of success. Your academic record will play a great part in your success so do secure your transcripts while applying. If you have actively participated in extra-curricular activities related to your field then you will make a good impression on the sponsors. This includes participation in leadership seminars, etc. Try to find out MBA scholarships that are for a special category of people. This will reduce the competition for you if you belong to that category. Some scholarships will include an interview after your selection. You must be prepared for it and must learn how to exhibit good interview behavior.

Pursuing an MBA degree can be a life changing decision and a decision which should not be refrained from due to financial troubles. A little effort in finding out about MBA scholarships can help you with your financial problems related to your MBA degree. Good luck.

Women’s Scholarships for MBA Degree

Women's Scholarships for MBA Degree

Women’s Scholarships for MBA Degree

The job market today, especially in business administration related fields has become very competitive. Postgraduate degree holder professionals from within the US and professionals from other countries have increased the expectations of employers. Most employers now prefer to employ people with a masters or PHD degree. Education at post graduate level is very expensive and government generally provides no aid to students for postgraduate study.

In the 80’s many aid programs were specifically formed to provide women’s scholarships to encourage women to get higher education in order to make them play equal roles in national progress, but the gender gap among both the workforce and higher education professionals has greatly narrowed ever since, and is no longer considered to be socially destabilizing. This situation has caused many scholarship programs for women to vanish.

The universities today offer great flexibility in all degree courses, which help students in overcoming different hurdles in their higher education. Most of the universities now offer evening classes, which are a good option for family and working women. Some universities also offer online MBA courses, which also facilitates students who have some sort of difficulty in going to college.

Government grants for MBA courses are nonexistent but women can find many women’s scholarships offered by many welfare organizations and women-only professional associations. One such example is The Philanthropic Educational Organization that offers many scholarships to women pursuing a master’s degree including scholarships for women pursuing MBA degrees. They also offer student loan of $10,000 on 4% interest rate to women pursuing higher education.

Another example is The Education Foundation for Women in Accounting that provides financial assistance to women joining accounting and business related degrees.

Women can also look for special discounts offered to women in some universities. Many universities and business schools offer different discounts to different classes of women, such as discounts for single mothers etc. Many other colleges also offer confirm discounts to all students joining an MBA course, these confirm discounts are particularly common in UK.

Women can search for women’s scholarships for MBA and discounts offered by different colleges and universities over the internet. These offers can be searched over scholarship search engines available on the internet. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines that can provide you with information on all women’s scholarships and discounts available to you worldwide. Some of these sites can also provide you comparative information on living costs in different countries, in case you decide on studying in another country.

Scholarships Awards for Spouses of Navy Veterans

Scholarships Awards for Spouses of Navy Veterans

Scholarships Awards for Spouses of Navy Veterans

There are many programs that provide financial aid to active service members in Navy and War veterans, to get higher education. But the spouses of these soldiers are not eligible to get aid under these programs. Feeling the need of financial aid for spouses and dependants of these brave soldiers who protect the country, many military and private scholarship funds have started providing aid to spouses of Navy veterans. These funds can help you great deal in funding your higher education. Some of the scholarships for Navy veteran’s spouses are as follows.

  • The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) provides aid to Spouses of Navy veterans that are stationed overseas on active duty. The spouses must be enrolled on a part or full time course at undergraduate or graduate level. The amount of scholarships is $1500 annually at undergraduate level and $1750 at post graduate level.
  • The Service Members Opportunity Colleges degree program for Navy (SOCNAV) is a program that provides assistance to family members of Navy veterans in collaboration with many colleges worldwide. The program assures that the members can continue their study even with frequent Navy transfers. The program also provides distance learning scholarships awards.
  • Vice Admiral E.P. Travers Scholarship and Loan Program is a large scholarship program that awards thousands of scholarships to spouses of active duty soldier’s spouses that are enrolled in a college degree at an accredited institution.  The programs provides 1000$ grants of $2000 each every year to spouses of Navy veterans.

The program also provides student loans of $3000 to applicants. The loans are interest free and must be repaid within two years of the award.

The government has also done some legislation that is going to help military men’s spouses a lot. Some provision of the GI bill gives special rights to the Department of Defense to allow those who have served a minimum of six years in the Armed Forces, and who agree to serve at least four more years, to transfer their unused GI Bill entitlement to their spouse. Another provision states that when service men reach their 10th anniversary they can transfer the benefits under GI bill to their spouse or any of dependent children.

Spouses of military veterans can search for many other scholarships awards that are offered specifically to them. Hundreds of such scholarship programs for spouses of military veterans can be conveniently searched over the internet.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

With the free money given away for college education by federal and state governments as well as private companies and organizations, almost all students have a chance of funding their college education.

The best part of this money is that you don’t have to return it! The free financial aid comes in different forms such as scholarships, fellowships and government grants.

The first thing you need to do is to get FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can get a FAFSA from the institution you wish to attend or by visiting and following the instructions.

Make sure that you complete this document and submit it before the deadline. If you are able to get a government funded award, you will have to submit FAFSA every year in order to remain eligible for the award. This application is used to apply for numerous financial aid programs sponsored by the federal government. After the relevant authorities process your application, they will mail you a document in which the amount that you are eligible for will be mentioned.

There is no rule that says you can apply for only one financial aid program. Applying for multiple programs will mean that if the money provided by one fellowship or grant does not cover your school expenses, you can choose to fund your education with another financial aid program that you may have also won. You can search the web for grant and scholarship programs that also may be suitable for you. This can take some time, but careful research can produce great results.

Scholarship, Fellowship and a Grant—What’s the difference?

Scholarships & Fellowships: There is not a lot of difference between Scholarships and fellowships. The latter is usually applied to post graduate studies, while the former is generally used for undergraduate awards. Students who are returning back to college after a break can also apply for scholarships.

Government Grants: This is the money that is set aside by the government to help people in funding school. There are so many grants available for students that they can use in conjunction with a scholarship to move through college.

As mentioned above, financial assistance in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and grants are available for both graduate and undergraduate students looking to attend an institution of higher learning.  All you need to do is show diligence, do some research and complete the required paperwork; and you can get the money you’re looking for.

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

If studying in college was expensive for you, graduate school will be no different.

Some college graduates, after finishing their education, immediately start looking for jobs, while others aim to continue studying. There are also some people, who return back to school after working for a couple of years. Whatever reason you may have for entering graduate school, you will have to pay much more than college.

Fortunately, there are options for funding graduate school studies if you are truly interested in getting more education. In fact, you can get the desired education without paying a dime for it with a scholarship. Financial aid, including scholarships for graduate students and are offered by government as well as private bodies, and most likely by the institution you’re looking to study in.

If you wish to continue studying after completing college, then applying for financial aid is the best option you have. There are several types of financial aids on offer these days, so there is no question of running out of choices. All you need to do is search for them and apply.

How can you study in graduate school without paying for much? Here are some ways:

  • The most common method college graduates use to fund their studies is applying for scholarships for graduate students. A scholarship helps you with college expenses, and you don’t have to return any money to the school or the sponsor. However, a requirement with most scholarships is that you maintain a certain grade, and the scholarship application needs to be renewed each year. So, you can cover your study expenses with a scholarship if you keep passing your course.
  • Another type of financial aid that you can get as a graduate student is a grant. Grants are more flexible than scholarships. With a grant, you don’t have to maintain your grades. So, with a grant, you are not bound in any way.
  • Another type of financial assistance is providing your services to the school and offsetting the pay from your tuition fee. By getting an internship you will also be able to get freebies and discounts.

Grants and scholarships for graduate students can help you enter graduate school and complete your studies without worrying about the education expenses. If you’re applying for scholarships, then try to get as many applications in as possible, because more application can increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Master Scholarships – What Graduates Should Know

Master Scholarships

Master Scholarships

Today’s world is, no doubt, a world of education and competition. Having the best qualification in your field can ensure a successful professional life. This is the main reason that most of the students aspire for acquiring a Master’s or PhD degree in their field. In today’s competitive world, having a bachelor degree is simply not enough especially if you belong to the field of science, technology, business, etc.

Anyone is free to dream of a great career. It is also evident to everyone that having a higher level degree will automatically provide him/her a competitive edge over the less qualified people and will help climb the corporate ladder easily.

The main problem that stands like a wall in the way of students who want to acquire a master degree is the availability of funds. Master’s degree programs cost a lot and the students really need to apply for one or more scholarships, grants or loans to help them pursue their dreams.

The good news is that there are special scholarships available for graduate students. These scholarships provide money specifically to fund Master’s degree, Doctorate programs, law degree or any other advance study endeavor. The money is provided usually by large corporations and companies. It may cover the partial financial requirements of the study tenure or can be enough to cover all the requirements.

Acquiring a Master’s scholarship can be a tough job sometimes because of the reason that most of the opportunities may not be advertised through proper channels and the opportunities tend to be associated with a particular subject or field only unlike the ‘broad spectrum’ scholarships of the lower levels. For these reasons most people get discouraged and many scholarship opportunities go unclaimed.

The secret here is that you can use this situation to your advantage. If a certain opportunity is difficult to find and you show some determination, you can very well avail it. There is a very good strategy to maximize your chances and that is to associate yourself with a company that has the ability to match your qualifications and needs to the opportunities available. In this regard you have two options. You can sign up with a company for a small fee which will collect your credentials   and then a specialist from that company will make you aware of the opportunities available to you. The other option is that you can join with a company for a lesser amount of fee which will give you access to a searchable database through which you can find the appropriate opportunities.

Study Scholarships—Tips To Help You Get A Scholarship

Study Scholarships

Study Scholarships

Study scholarships are money given to students to help them finance their study. Unlike student loans this money never has to be paid back. This money is either given directly to you or paid to your college.  Scholarships are no longer only for students with financial need but the increasing cost of college education has forced almost all students to look for some kind of financial aid.

Scholarships are generally awarded by Governments, welfare organizations, commercial organizations, clubs, colleges and universities. However the sources of scholarships are numerous; they are also awarded by organizations representing a minority religious or ethnic community.

Study scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria. Scholarships may be awarded based on academic performance, athletic performance, aspiring talents, leadership abilities, financial need etc. There are also scholarship programs that provide aid to students from specific groups among society, such as scholarships for disabled persons or scholarships for single moms.

Some tips that might help you in getting a scholarship are as follows.

  • Make sure you qualify for the scholarships your are applying for. During search over the internet you will come across hundreds of scholarships programs and you will be tempted to apply for them. You should carefully read the requirements of each programs and only apply if you qualify for the program. It will save a lot of your time and effort, which you can utilize in a productive way.
  • You should make a complete application. You should ensure that you are providing all the information and documentation required by scholarship providers. You should also feel free to include proof of any extracurricular activities you may have participated in. Incomplete applications are generally not considered by the scholarship providers.
  • You should make applications on as many scholarships programs as you qualify for. It is a sure way of increasing your chances of getting a scholarship.
  • You should not pay to apply for scholarships. While your search on the internet you might come across a lot of scam that ask money to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are to give you financial aid, so no scholarship provider is going to ask you for a fee to apply for a scholarship. You should be aware of scams on the internet.
  • Start your search as early as you can. Starting your search early will give you more time to look for scholarships and enable you to apply on scholarships that have early deadlines for applying.

University and College Scholarships Grant

University and College Scholarships Grant

University and College Scholarships Grant

You may or may not be aware of the fact that college and university studies are becoming more costly every year. And this rise in education fee may make it difficult for you to get a degree from these institutions, whether you are a fresh graduate or going back to school after a gap; unless, of course, you have saved enough for it or have other means of paying the dues.

One way you can solve this problem is through scholarships. Grant for studies is available for both fresh students and those students who are coming back to finish their education. In fact, there are many scholarships available for such students.

A misconception about scholarships is that they are available to only straight A students. In reality, you can get a grant if you meet the requirements mentioned by the scholarship funding authority, and having an outstanding academic record is not compulsory for all scholarships.

Internet—A Great Scholarship Search Option

The internet gives you access to many many scholarships offered by colleges and universities. It is recommended that you start your search many weeks in advance to ensure that you can apply for the ones that suit you best. Majority of grants come with stipulations and you can apply for them only up to a certain date. You should know all the details before applying for one.

Scholarship Databases, Reviews and Message Boards

Big companies, associations, foundations, and also the schools themselves offer several scholarships. You should use the internet by entering all the relevant keywords in a search engine. The keywords will lead you to the websites that provide information on scholarships. Many people are also signing up for scholarship databases. However, you should be careful about which website you select, because there are scholarship websites whose purpose of being on the web is scamming the visitors. You can also find scholarship services that are free of cost. Try to find a service that provides a list of scholarships that are relevant to you, so you do not have to waste time scanning long lists.

Reviews of scholarship databases are also available on the internet; some people read these reviews to avoid scams. There are many online scholarship message boards as well; these message boards show scholarships grant awarded by different sponsors or individuals. While searching for scholarships, you should show patience and find the best options available.

Information about Business Scholarships

Information about Business Scholarships

Information about Business Scholarships

If you are planning to join an MBA or any other course in business you are most likely looking for financial assistance to fund your studies. Business studies are expensive and the curriculum is so lengthy that you will have little time left for part time jobs. Almost all business schools give out financial aid to students joining a business course. There are different kinds of aids given out by business schools. In this article I will explain the common kinds of financial aid offered to students and how students should search for it.

Most of the business courses offer a confirm rebate in tuition fees. These discounts range from 10% to 30% depending on the institution. These discounts may not be very helpful in meeting your expenses but they can at least provide you some relief in your tuition fees. In addition to these discounts some universities also offer discounts on accommodation expenses for international students.

Almost all business schools also run merit based scholarship programs. These programs provide financial aid to students with good academic background. To qualify for such programs you should have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Some scholarship programs also require you to show proof of your social and communication abilities for the award.

In addition to these two kinds of scholarship programs some universities and colleges also have the policy of giving discounts on request. You may write to your chosen college or university to request discounts in tuition fees based on financial need, academic achievements or sporting excellence.

Searching for scholarships can be a quite hectic task as you will have to randomly search for and read every scholarship programs that comes to you through search engines. You can make this task less hectic by using scholarship search sites that will provide you with information on scholarships in an arranged way. Some sites will also require you to fill a form explaining your requirements and your skills, then the site processes the information to automatically choose scholarship programs that suit your requirements and that you qualify for, however do not restrict yourself to such search engines. You should also try searching for financial aid offered by colleges, welfare organizations and government in your country that may not be in the database of these search sites.

Once you have found a scholarship program that suits your needs and that you qualify for make the application in an organized way. You should fulfill all the requirements of the awarding body and provide proof of all your skills and academic achievements.