Masters Scholarships

Eastern Kentucky University Scholarships

There are numerous eastern Kentucky university scholarships available for students and they are based on academic merit, financial need and special talents or accomplishments. The need is analyzed by evaluating the family’s income of the applicant and it is also seen whether any other member of the family is attending postsecondary education or not. (more…)

Small Scholarship for Louisiana Residents

There are many postsecondary institutes along with various colleges and universities in Louisiana. If you are interested to complete your higher education here, small scholarship for Louisiana residents are available to help you out meet the expenses. (more…)

Free Scholarships Grants – Start Early and Win Award Money

A number of free scholarships grants are available for students nowadays. When you are in high school you do not worry much about how you would go to college or what college would you prefer going and many such related questions. (more…)

Masters Degree Scholarships and Grants – Limited Yet Applicable

Just as there are scholarships and grants for undergraduate and graduate studies, there are masters degree scholarships and grants available to help students pursue their master’s degree without financial burden. The cost of education has been an issue since years and the cost is continuously rising as well. (more…)

Scholarships for Adults

When we talk of scholarships for adults, we want to know about the scholarship opportunities that are available for the people who have been away from studies for a long time and want to make a comeback. There are a number of things that make the acquisition of an adult scholarship quite an ordeal. Firstly, most adults have jobs with decent salaries. As a result most adults are disqualified from need based scholarships. Secondly, most adults are also disqualified for scholarships for full time students because they cannot afford to get enrolled as full time students. Lastly, many scholarship opportunities are simply not adult student friendly by giving preference to younger students.

So is it all futile to look for scholarships for adults? The answer is that it is harder but not impossible. Adult students should search for scholarships offered by employers, associations, organizations, universities, etc that are meant to encourage or support the adult students.

Employers often financially support the study effort of their employees. This is in the direct interest of the company and the employee. Adult students should first find out whether their employer has anything to offer. Some employers will be offering money outright to the employees and others offer reimbursements to the employees. The amount of financial assistance can also vary depending upon the experience, job position, value, etc of the employee.

Adults who are members of professional organizations can be offered financial assistance from the organization. This is usually the case when organizations want to further their specific goals and objectives through educating their members. This also applies to national level scholarships. The government also supports the education of the adult members of the society because it could have numerous beneficial effects. An example of a government supported scholarship for adults is the Talbots Women scholarship fund which offers 5 scholarships worth $10,000 and 50 scholarships worth $1,000 to adult women returning to college.

The last option could be visiting one’s college or university to find out if it offers financial assistance to adult students. It is true that most of the opportunities that the educational institutions have to offer are for younger students but it is still worth giving a try. In fact many institutions do offer financial assistance to adult students. Examples include the University of Wisconsin and the Winston-Salem State University.

Education is the right of all without and with a little help from scholarships for adults; the elderly can easily exercise this right.

Information for People Looking to Apply for HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) is Georgia’s unique and nationally recognized program to help its students succeed. You can apply for HOPE scholarship to study in a public technical college or an eligible public or private college or universities in Georgia. Georgia Lottery for Education funds the program.

If you are a Georgia resident, who is attending a Georgia public technical college to earn a certificate or diploma, you are eligible for a HOPE Grant regardless of your high school graduation date and grade average. You may receive the award for an unlimited number of programs that are in accordance with the guidelines.

Enrolling as a full-time student is not mandatory, but you must be making satisfactory academic progress to stay eligible. Maintaining a ‘B’ average is not required for renewing the grant.

HOPE Grant Awards:

The grant covers your tuition fees, HOPE-approved mandatory fees, and up to $100 per quarter as book allowance.

The HOPE Scholarship for Recent High School Graduates

The eligibility requirements for recent high school graduates looking to get a HOPE Scholarship for a degree program at a technical college are the same as students looking to get a degree at one of Georgia’s public or private colleges or universities. The criteria for a first-year student are as follows:

You must be a legal resident of Georgia; must have graduated from an eligible high school in 1993 or later; must have a high school grade average of ‘B’.

Year 2000 and later high school graduates will need to earn a ‘B’ average in their core-curriculum subjects. For more details of the core-curriculum requirements, check with your high school guidance counselor.

The HOPE Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students

High school graduates, who graduated prior to 1993, may be able to apply for a HOPE scholarship for a degree program at a technical college. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

You must be a legal resident of Georgia; your HOPE cumulative grade point average must be 3.0 after the quarter in which you attempted 45 hours of degree credit. [Your eligibility is determined taking into account all your attempted degree credit and coursework converted to degree credit after you graduated from high school.]; you must not have a baccalaureate (four-year) degree or have attempted over 190 quarter hours (127 semester hours) of college credit.

You can apply for HOPE scholarship by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the HOPE Scholarship and Grant Application. An e-HOPE (online) application for the scholarship is available at

Union Scholarships-Union Scholarship Program

The Union Plus Scholarship Program has been awarding scholarships to union members and their families since 1992. It has given away more than $3 million in union scholarships to students who want to begin or continue their education at the post-secondary level. More than 1,900 families have benefited from these awards. The Union Plus Scholarship Program is offered through the Union Plus Education Foundation.

In 2010, some 121 union members and union family members have been awarded $150,000 in scholarships, ranging from $500 to $4,000.

The students who won the Union Plus Scholarship for studying in the different institutions (university, college, trade school or technical school) have different backgrounds, union affiliations, accomplishments and goals. This is a very competitive scholarship, as the program receives more than 5,000 applications each year.

Evaluation Criteria:

The scholarship can be won by anyone attending or looking to attend a college or university, a community college, or a technical college or trade school.

The evaluation process involves assessment of the student’s academic ability, financial need, social awareness and appreciation of labor.

A committee of impartial post secondary educators judges the scholarship applicants. In the first stage, a panel of independent career professionals reviews the applicants. They choose the semi-finalists on the basis of a point scale. The applications of the semi-finalists are then provided to judges who decide the finalists and winners.

If you want to receive a confirmation of receipt of your application, you may send a stamped postcard with your address, along with your application.

The judges’ panel includes representatives from the American Association of Community Colleges, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the United Negro College Fund, and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Scholarship Award Amounts:

Union Plus Scholarship Program provides awards ranging from $500 to $4,000. The award money is sent to successful candidates in one installment for study beginning in the fall of that year.

Notification to Winners:

If you win the scholarship, you will be notified on May 31by mail. You should receive your award letter within the first two weeks of June. Union Plus will not offer you any advice regarding the status of your application.

You should remember that the union scholarships offered by the Union Plus Scholarship program are very competitive. Union plus receives a number of outstanding applications each year, so you may not be able to win even if you have a stellar background.

Study Abroad Scholarship-Study in Australia

Australia is a special place for adventurous students looking for an excellent opportunity to study in a multicultural environment. Fitting-inn is easy as it is an English speaking country with only some differences in culture and living standards. Students looking for a study abroad scholarship can find one to study in Australia as different awarding authorities: Australian government, educational institutions and other organizations provide many financial aid scholarships. You can apply for a scholarship in Australia if you are an exchange student, research student, full course student, or an undergraduate or graduate training student.

Study Abroad Scholarship Programs in Australia

Scholarships offered by the Australian government include:

1) Australian Development Scholarships: The Australian government and its partner countries cooperate to provide this scholarship. The purpose of it is to support studies made to make advancements in the fields of human development, good governance and economic growth. As a winner of this scholarship, you are expected to apply the experience and qualifications you get to your home country.

2) Australian Leadership Awards:
This scholarship is for postgraduate students who want to study in Australia. These awards also provide short-term fellowships in specialized fields of study or research. Australian Leadership Awards are for students and professionals belonging to the field of social and economic development and policy reform.

3) Endeavour Awards: These awards are for Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern, European and American students. The competition is high for this award due to its worldwide reach, wherein two students belonging to the same country can win. This is a merit-based scholarship, and the award given is $30,000/ year.

Other sources for study abroad scholarships include: educational institutions, foundations and corporations. Every educational institution offers many scholarships in each field of study. Here are some of the scholarships you can apply for:

1) IWC Water Leader Scholarships offered by the  University of Queensland

2) A E Ringwood Scholarships for PhD Research in Earth Sciences offered by the Australian National University.

3) Beaney Scholarship in Pathology offered by University of Melbourne,

4) Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) offered by the University of Tasmania, and

5) CAMD PhD and MSc Scholarships offered by the University of New South Wales

Study abroad scholarships in Australia can help you pay college fees and get the degree to you want. So, if you plan on studying in an institution outside your country in a multicultural environment, you can consider these scholarships.

Scholarship Programs for Teachers

Teaching is increasingly becoming the career of choice for many young graduates because of the excellent career opportunities that are now available to professionally qualified teachers. Like all other fields a professional qualification is required to excel in teaching career.  Professional degrees are expensive to pursue but they can guarantee a promising career for you. There is a shortage of professionally qualified teachers in almost all countries of world, to fulfill this shortage many private organizations and teaching colleges have started scholarship programs to help students get professional degrees in teaching. In this article I will explain some such programs offered by different sources.

  • American Montessori Society Scholarship Program: The scholarship program offers aid to 16 talented students every year. These scholarships are provided to students that are going to join a qualification in Montessori teaching and that are accepted by AMS education programs.
  • The Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides aid to students that are interested in getting a qualification in teaching blind or visually impaired children.
  • Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship program: This scholarship program provides aid to students that are planning to major in education at the graduate or post graduate level. The program provides aid of $1000 to numerous students every year.
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Scholarship Program: The board runs several scholarship programs for teachers at all levels. There are several scholarship programs offered to elementary teachers, middle school teachers, math teachers, science teachers and reading and language arts teachers. These scholarship programs provide aid to numerous students every year.
  • PDK Prospective Educator Scholarship Program: This program provides aid to students that are members of the Future Educators Association or students that have some relation to PDK, who are also majoring in education.
  • Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship program: This scholarship program provides financial assistance to talented high school students that are planning to major in education.
  • SPS Future Teacher Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides aid to students that are currently pursuing degrees in physics and that want to work as physics teacher in future. The program provides aid of $2000 to numerous students every year. The students should also be a member of physics teachers club to apply for the scholarship program.
  • Teach Grant Program: This scholarship program provides aid of $4000 to talented students that sign a contract to work in a low income elementary school for a specified period after completion of their education.

Scholarship Opportunities for Teachers

Teaching was once known as a noble but low paid profession, but with increasing specialization in teaching field the pay scales of teachers have raised and some very competent people are earning more than professionals from any other field. There are also many countries and regions in world that have a shortage of trained teachers. Many scholarship programs are initiated to provide aid to prospective teachers to help encourage students to join teaching related degrees.

These scholarships are offered by the government, welfare organizations and teaching institutions. You can take advantage of these scholarships to pay for your tuition and living costs. Most of these scholarship programs are aimed at fulfilling the shortage of teachers in a particular region; one example is the scholarship programs offered by the New York department of education.

New York have a shortage of trained and qualified teachers, to fulfill this shortage the New York department for education have started providing many incentives to prospective teachers. Some of their programs are mentioned b below.

  • STEP (Summer Teaching Experience Program): This program is aimed at developing the skills of out of state teachers. Selected teachers from different states are given support, stipend and a summer internship to take a teaching course in New York.
  • Housing Support Program: This program provides aid to teachers who want to get certified or who want to get further higher education in their field at the bachelors or masters level. The scholars have to agree to work in a high need region for three years after completion of their study. The scholarship provides stipend and housing supplement to scholars.
  • Graduate Scholarship Cohort Program. Accepted candidates for this program are provided aid to join a course in high shortage areas. The program mainly provides aid to study in the sciences, ESL (English as a Second Language) and Mathematics.

In addition to scholarships mentioned above, you can also use the platform of The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to look for scholarships. The board collaborates with many organizations to provide aid to prospective teachers.  This aid is provided under different programs funded by different organizations. Each of the programs has different criteria for the award of the scholarships. You can get more information on all programs offered by the board on their website.

You can also make use of scholarship search sites to look for all scholarship opportunities for prospective teachers offered in the U.S and abroad.