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Financial Aid—What You Should Know

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to people in need of financial help and is provided to pay for the college education dues. It is made available in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, part-time employment, etc. The amount of money awarded depends on a number of things including the degree of financial need, available funds, academic results, type of student, etc.

Your first stop is to know about FAFSA which is the free application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is filed in January 1st to March 10th of each year either electronically or by post. Four to six weeks after your application (two to four weeks for electronic application), you will receive the SAR which is the student aid report. The SAR will detail all the information that you submitted in the FAFSA form and will describe your EFC which is the estimated family contribution, the amount of money that your family is expected to pay for your education. The funds which will be released to you as financial aid will be equal to the college tuition fee minus the EFC.

Also check whether you are required to fill out a College Scholarship Services profile (CSS) which details further financial information about your family and are required by some colleges.

You must also be aware of the types of financial aids available and your options. The common options are grants, student loans and college scholarships. Grants and student college scholarships are free money since it is not required to be returned. Grants are predominantly based on financial need while college scholarships are usually based on academic merit and are also called MERIT AID. Student loans are money loaned from an institution or the government and must be returned. You must also be aware that for many of the financial aid opportunities you are required to fill out the FAFSA but there are some opportunities like the private scholarships where you are not required to fill out any such form.

You can check with the various sources to find out the different sources of grants, loans and scholarships. You can also apply for all these types of financial aid together. You should apply for financial aid each year, even if you did not qualify for it the previous year. Circumstances change and you might qualify for a scholarship the next year.

You must also know that eligibility criteria for financial aid are various and you must apply for it regardless of your financial condition.

Free Scholarship Search—Find Up To $10,000

Free Scholarship Search

Free Scholarship Search

Students looking to enter college have the option to get government aid if they cannot pay the required tuition fees. However, in the present economic situation, the money provided by the government will not be sufficient to cover higher education expenses. The option of getting a loan is also there, but this comes with the risk of entering your chosen field after studies with a debt hanging over your head. Considering these facts, the best option seems to be a scholarship, as it can enable you to complete your studies without worrying about the financial side of things. There are a many scholarships being offered to all types of students.

With technology such as the internet at your disposal, you can conduct free scholarship search in a matter of seconds. You can find programs that are relevant to you and apply to them through the internet. There are other resources for finding scholarships as well, such as your high school’s financial aid office and newspapers. There are many companies offering incentives to students graduating from high school to study further; you can try to find these scholarships as well.

During your online free scholarship search, you will find that you can normally get up to around $10,000 of scholarship money. The sign up process for these scholarships is uncomplicated; you will have to at most enter your name, contact number, and email address. Giving your email address to these websites, you should expect messages from these websites containing information on some type of awards available. Be aware though, not all scholarship sites are legitimate. In fact, there are many scam sites looking to rip-off unsuspecting visitors. Check the information they are demanding and if there are any other requirements, like applying for certain amount of courses. You should also check for a proper business address and phone number.

You also need to start your free scholarship search early. There may be a lot of scholarship opportunities for you, but you may not be able to apply for them just because you started the search after the last date of application. Therefore, start your search well in advance; in fact, it’s a good idea to start searching for scholarships while you are still in school, so that you have ample time to find the scholarship opportunities that are best for you. Try to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

You can also find scholarships with specific selection criteria, such as scholarships for left-handed people, disabled persons, minority groups, etc. Make sure you perform a comprehensive scholarship search to find maximum opportunities to fund your studies.

College Scholarship Application—How to Fill Out the Required Information

College Scholarship Application

College Scholarship Application

A college scholarship application is used for getting the money needed for funding college education. However, it’s a tough thing to perform all the tasks, such as filling out the forms, organizing the required documents and transcripts, and writing those essays. But, as mentioned above, it’s worth the effort, as you can get free money to help you pay for school.

While filling the college application form, you should carefully enter all the information, and also provide all the information that is needed for getting the scholarship.

College scholarship application process should be performed very carefully. You should read all the information required for the application and double check everything. There is different documentation that you will need to provide to the awarding authorities. You should make sure that all the paper work is complete and organized properly.

You should keep in mind the deadline for submitting applications provided by the awarding authority. Leave enough time for the application to reach its destination because your application will not be entertained after the given deadline, unless there is an extension given by the awarding institution.

When entering your personal information in the college application form, you should take one question at a time. If there are a lot of questions, take a break occasionally. Remember, it’s important not to leave out anything; therefore, go slow and read carefully.

Fill the form using common sense. If a question is troubling you, ask your parents to help out. If they are not able to provide the answer, get help from school; an excellent option is your high school guidance counselor. You can also consult your high school’s financial aid office to get answers; they may also provide some useful advice on the topic.

If you are not an organized person, you should organize yourself to do everything correctly. Organize things in files and folders, and don’t lose anything. Write down the last date of submission. Also, keep a second copy of everything just to make sure that you can replace a missing document if required.

This may sound silly, but you should ensure that your writing is neat. It important to submit a perfect application, so every little detail matters. Also, there should be no grammatical or spelling mistakes because it can create a really bad impression. You will need an application to get the money to fund your studies, so take care of all the details.

Scholarship Searches—How to Enhance Your Search

Scholarship Searches

Scholarship Searches

Due to increasing costs of college education, search for some kind of financial aid has become integral part of college planning process. Students normally look for student loans to finance their studies because they are easier to get and most students do not know that they can get a scholarship with little effort. This article explains some strategies that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your scholarship searches.

The first strategy you should follow is to start early and to start in an organized way. Starting early will give you more time to search and apply for more programs, and will enable you to apply on programs with early application deadlines. You should get organized by developing a list of qualities on basis of which you think a scholarship can be awarded to you. You should also not hesitate to enter your ethnicity, religion or even a disability in this list because many scholarships on awarded based on these criteria. This list will provide you the basis on which you should search for scholarships.

Secondly, you should not rely on a single source to look for scholarships. There are number of scholarship searches engines that will help you find a scholarship that you qualify for, these scholarships search engines save a lot of time and effort too, but you should also look for scholarships offered in your country by small organizations that might not become part of database of these search engines. You should find as many scholarships as you can which you qualify for and then make applications on all programs you have searched with complete seriousness.

Thirdly, you can increase your chances of getting a scholarship by undertaking some tests, such as SAT or ACT. For students from developing countries British council takes tests related to different fields. These tests are internationally recognized. If you are from a country where English is not native language you can take IELTS of TOEFL to have proof of your proficiency in English language.

You should also get reference letters from your teachers that explain your past performance in relevant subjects. These reference letters are particularly important while applying for subject specific scholarships.

Lastly, you should be aware of scam on the Internet that asks you money to apply for a scholarship. Scholarship are meant to help you out financially, so no scholarship providers asks money to apply for a scholarship or grant.

Undergraduate Scholarship—Things You Should Know Before Applying

Undergraduate Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarship

When thinking of getting an undergraduate scholarship, you may feel a sense of despair. You may think that the competition is really tough for these scholarships as there are a lot of people in need of them. The fact of the matter is that there a lot of undergraduate scholarships on offer; all you need to do is start searching for them. Here are some things that you should know before searching for an undergraduate scholarship.

The first thing to remember is that scholarships are not awarded to only those who are financially in need of it. No doubt your financial condition is a factor in the scholarship, but it is not the only factor. In a lot of scholarships, financial need may be one of the criteria for getting the scholarship; in some scholarships, it is not a factor at all.

The second thing that you should remember is that you should thoroughly search for scholarships. You should not be satisfied with a brief search in which you find a few programs that you are eligible for, you should search to find a number of programs, and then evaluate these scholarships to find the ones that you are more likely to win. You should apply for all the scholarships that you are eligible for. You can win some of the undergraduate scholarship money on offer, so give some thought to what your options are going to be.

There are a number of search options available to you. You can visit your school’s financial aid office and tell them about your interest in finding a scholarship. The staff over there will guide you in this respect. However, they have to attend to many students, so the time they will give you will be limited. Another thing you can do is ask members of your family if there are any scholarships they have information about. They may be members of an organization or group that runs an undergraduate scholarship program.

Online scholarship search engines are also available for this purpose. You can get a list of scholarships by entering personal information, such as your SAT scores and financial position. However, finding relevant scholarships through these search engines is very time consuming as they do not provide precise information.

An undergraduate scholarship can cover your college tuition fees, room charges, book costs and other expenses, enabling you to study with freedom.

Study Scholarships—Tips To Help You Get A Scholarship

Study Scholarships

Study Scholarships

Study scholarships are money given to students to help them finance their study. Unlike student loans this money never has to be paid back. This money is either given directly to you or paid to your college.  Scholarships are no longer only for students with financial need but the increasing cost of college education has forced almost all students to look for some kind of financial aid.

Scholarships are generally awarded by Governments, welfare organizations, commercial organizations, clubs, colleges and universities. However the sources of scholarships are numerous; they are also awarded by organizations representing a minority religious or ethnic community.

Study scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria. Scholarships may be awarded based on academic performance, athletic performance, aspiring talents, leadership abilities, financial need etc. There are also scholarship programs that provide aid to students from specific groups among society, such as scholarships for disabled persons or scholarships for single moms.

Some tips that might help you in getting a scholarship are as follows.

  • Make sure you qualify for the scholarships your are applying for. During search over the internet you will come across hundreds of scholarships programs and you will be tempted to apply for them. You should carefully read the requirements of each programs and only apply if you qualify for the program. It will save a lot of your time and effort, which you can utilize in a productive way.
  • You should make a complete application. You should ensure that you are providing all the information and documentation required by scholarship providers. You should also feel free to include proof of any extracurricular activities you may have participated in. Incomplete applications are generally not considered by the scholarship providers.
  • You should make applications on as many scholarships programs as you qualify for. It is a sure way of increasing your chances of getting a scholarship.
  • You should not pay to apply for scholarships. While your search on the internet you might come across a lot of scam that ask money to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are to give you financial aid, so no scholarship provider is going to ask you for a fee to apply for a scholarship. You should be aware of scams on the internet.
  • Start your search as early as you can. Starting your search early will give you more time to look for scholarships and enable you to apply on scholarships that have early deadlines for applying.

Scholarships for College Students

Scholarships for College Students

Scholarships for College Students

The cost of education at graduate and post graduate level has increased over the years, which is making it more and more difficult for the students to attain higher professional degrees. Accordingly students assistance in the form of grants, loans and scholarships have also developed. Many organizations that are not even related education sector now provide financial assistance to students facing financial problems.

There are hundreds of organizations that are providing financial assistance to students in form of scholarship. In fact some of these scholarships even go unused each year. The reason for this is that scholarships are notorious for their difficult qualifying criteria. Many of the students who can get financial assistance do not apply for it because they think that they will not qualify for it.

The conception was true in the past when scholarships were only meant for students with excellent performance in academics, but feeling the financial difficulties faced by students today many organizations have started programs that provide financial assistance to students based on criteria other then academic excellence. Some organizations even give preference to students with extra academic skills.

If you have a track record of participation in sports, you may be eligible for many scholarship programs that are offered by sports association and many colleges. If you are an active member of a church or any other religious community you can apply for scholarships offered by organizations representing your community or by your ministry. If you have exceptional leadership and social skills and you can prove them you may qualify for scholarship offered based on extracurricular skills. In addition to above criteria if you have an excellent academic background you can simply apply to academic merit based scholarships.

There are also many scholarship programs offered to specific groups among society. Many organizations run programs for disabled persons, single moms, aspiring talents etc. Moreover if you are from a minority community you can also apply for scholarships for college students specifically offered to your community. These scholarships are normally offered by welfare organizations.

If you put in a little effort to searching for a scholarship that you qualify for you might get the opportunity to attain the degree you have dreamed of without actually having to pay for it. If you get a scholarship you will also be relieved of the burden of leaving college with a huge debt to pay back with interest, as in the case of student loans.

College Scholarship Search—How to Search for College Scholarships

College Scholarship Search

College Scholarship Search

Increasing costs of college education has forced many students to look for financial aid in form of scholarships grants or student loans to fund their studies. Most of the students only apply for a student loan as they think that they will not qualify for a scholarship. Student loans temporarily solve financial problem facing students, but students who get these loans leave college with a heavy debt on their back.

Scholarships are the best way to pay for college, as you will never have to pay it back. Searching for a scholarship to pay for your education expenses can be a difficult and hectic task. It requires a lot of effort to search for and go through each scholarship program available on the internet.  You will have to put in some effort to get a scholarship that you qualify for; however you can refine your search by different methods which will save your time and effort, and make the search more convenient.

If you are using normal search engines to search for a scholarship you can use keywords that best describe your requirements to search the right scholarship program, however I will not recommend searching through normal search engines. The process becomes too hectic and you will have to deal with a lot of scam, and you might not be able to find a program that you qualify for.

You should make use of scholarship search engines that provide the facility of searching for a scholarship according to you requirements. Many but not all scholarship search engines provide this facility. It can make the search very convenient for you by automatically searching for a scholarship that you qualify for. A lot of time and effort is saved by use of these college scholarship search engines.

However, there are many scholarship programs that are not part of database of these scholarship search sites, especially scholarship offered in developing countries are not part of their database. Moreover scholarships offered by small organizations, and scholarships offered to religious or ethnic minorities in developing countries may not become part of their database, however they still provide ample information on international scholarships offered to students from developing countries in developed countries. You can make use of normal search engines if you want to search for such scholarship programs. Searching for a scholarship is a tough job but little persistence and effort is well rewarded in the end.

College Scholarship Money—All About Scholarship Money Available to International Students

College Scholarship Money

College Scholarship Money

Studying at an international college is a rewarding experience. Students who get the chance of studying in another country generally have access to more career opportunities and also have more diverse cultural experiences. The cost of studying in another country is high. Most of the colleges that offer admissions to international students also run scholarship programs to help international students meet expenses of college education. Searching for college scholarship money is tough but with basic knowledge about searching for such scholarships you will be able to find a scholarship more conveniently.

Search Engines

To search scholarships on search engines you should have basic knowledge of using search engines. If you do not know the tips and tricks to search a scholarship conveniently, the process can become too hectic for you.

First you should type the key word according to your requirements, for example ‘nursing scholarships’. This will display the result page showing nursing scholarships, now you can copy paste the following codes at the end of the URL of search page to refine your search according to time. Copy pasting ‘&as_qdr=m’ will give you results about scholarships published in last month, similarly ‘&as_qdr=d’ or ‘&as_qdr=w’ will give you scholarships published during last day and week respectively. You can copy paste ‘&as_qdr=L’ at the end of the URL to see results published in last year.

These keywords however work only for Google search engine. You can also search for scholarships on social networking websites. Many colleges advertise scholarships programs at these websites.

Scholarship Database Sites

There are lots of these websites on the internet. They can save lots of effort and time by providing information on college scholarship money in an organized way. They can also automatically search a scholarship for you that you qualify for.

Websites of Universities and Organizations

International students should also visit websites of different international colleges and universities. Most of the international colleges will provide them with a scholarship or rebate in fees. These colleges do so to increase the cultural diversity at their campus. Many government and private organizations also award scholarships to international students from developing countries. These scholarship programs may not become part of the database of scholarship search sites.  Many higher education regulatory bodies in developing countries award scholarships to talented students but there is generally a tough competition for these scholarships. Students can search for such scholarship opportunities by checking with government and private organizations in their home country.

College Scholarship—4 Methods of Finding One

College Scholarship

College Scholarship

A lot of students are aware of the benefits of a scholarship for college, but they don’t know where they can find it. Here are four methods of finding scholarships.

Financial Aid Office

Students who are still in high school can contact their school’s college help office. The staff present there is committed to helping students, and they usually happily help students find college scholarship programs. However, the time they can spend with you will be limited as they have to cater to a lot of students.

College students looking for scholarships can visit their college’s financial aid office to find out if they meet the requirements of any scholarships or grants offered by the college. This aid is usually provided to students who qualify for it on financial basis; however, some money is also given to students who perform in academics or athletics.

Online Scholarship Search Engines

Another method of finding college scholarship programs is through the internet by using search engines, like and These search engines are one of the best known methods of finding scholarships. However, these ‘scholarship searches’ are not totally accurate. These searches provide you with scholarships that you qualify for according to ‘them’, after you provide personal information like your SAT/ACT scores, financial status, etc. This method of scholarship selection means that you will have to spend a lot of time searching the ‘search’ results for appropriate opportunities.

Local Newspaper

A lot of local scholarships are advertised in the newspapers by the sponsors. Keep checking theses local papers to find these scholarships. An advantage of a local scholarship is that your chances of winning it will be greater due to lower competition.  Make sure that you go through the local newspaper at least once every week to find these sponsored scholarships.

Social Network

Another method of finding a college scholarship is to ask your network.  If you have a solid network of friends and advisors, you can ask them for help. Tell them about the field of study you’re interested in and ask them to inform you if they find any scholarships that are suitable for you. You can also ask your relatives if they know about any college scholarship programs and if they are a part of any group or organization; you can look if that organization or group has some scholarship program for college students. There are also a lot of companies that offer college scholarships and grants to their employees, so make sure that you check with your company.