Web Design Scholarships

Top 10 Design Scholarships

Top 10 Design Scholarships

Top 10 Design Scholarships

A career in art and design is rewarding but design education is generally expensive. Design scholarships offered by numerous organizations can help you get a degree in designing that will guarantee a sound career for you. There are hundreds of organizations and design schools that provide design scholarships to encourage students to join design related fields. This article highlights 10 such scholarship opportunities.

The first program is the Colorado State University’s Bob Coonts Graphic Design Scholarships program that provides assistance to design students studying at the university.

The second program is the scholarship program offered by The California College of Arts. This program provides assistance to students from the college who show academic promise.

The third one being Cal Poly Graphic Communications Scholarships program is a program that provides financial assistance to design students studying at the California Polytechnic State University and majoring in graphic communication.

Another program, The Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation based in New York awards several scholarships to students majoring in graphic communication.

Macy’s Scholarships Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky is fund established in Cincinnati’s College of DAAP that provides scholarships to design students in remembrance of a famous designer.

Miami International University of Art & Design offers several quarterly scholarships to deserving students majoring in a design related course. These scholarships are awarded to students who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and who have financial need.

The National Endowment for the Arts provides five merit based scholarships each year to the students studying at Corcoran College in Miami and majoring in Design related field.

Students of design at The North Carolina State University can get financial assistance through The Raleigh Hunter Scholarship in Visual Design program. This scholarship is awarded to talented students by Hunter Publishing Company.

Design students at The Indiana University can get financial aid under their Visual Communication and Design Scholarships. This program provides aid to students who show academic excellence.

Last on the list is The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers website. This website provides information on all scholarships offered to students related to any form of art or writing including design students. The websites is a very good resource which can help you search for design scholarships conveniently.

You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities available to you on the internet. More information on above mentioned programs can also be obtained from their websites.

Top 5 Information Technology Scholarships

Top 5 Information Technology Scholarships

Top 5 Information Technology Scholarships

Computer science education is rewarding because whether there is a recession or boom in economy, technology industry is always expanding and offering attractive jobs to qualified professionals, but computer education like other college education is expensive as well. To help students get professional qualification in computer science many information technology scholarships are provided by numerous sources. These scholarships are normally provided by Governments, colleges and universities, and companies in information technology industry. Some of such scholarship programs are explained in this article.

  • Intel Science Talent Search scholarship program provides aid to one lucky student that wins a $100,000 scholarship.
  • ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Scholarships provide aids to female students who are planning to join a four year degree course majoring in field related to computer and video game industries. The amount of the scholarship award is $3000.
  • NFB Computer Science Scholarship provides aid to 30 blind students from US that participate in their annual convention and that are planning to join full-time, postsecondary studies (except for one scholarship given to a part-time student working full time).
  • Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund is a welfare fund that provides aid to students who are joining bachelor and associate degree. Students joining a bachelor degree are awarded $2000 scholarships and students joining associate degree get $3000 scholarships.
  • UC/Edison International Scholarship Program provides aid to community college transfer students that are planning to get B. S. degrees in computer science, engineering, life science, math, physical science or technology. The program provides students from other countries with the unique experience of studying in another country. The amount of these information technology scholarships is $15000.

More information on these 5 scholarships programs can be obtained from their website. Hundreds of other information technology scholarships are offered by different organizations, and many computer manufacturers, such as Intel scholarships. If you have a good academic background you can also personally contact colleges that do not offer a scholarship, and ask them for a merit based discount. Many colleges offer merit based discounts to students. The better your academic background the bigger will be the discount given to you.

Students from developing countries can search for international scholarships offered to international students in developing countries. Such students can also search for grants available to them by governments in their countries. Many governments offer such grants to develop professional skills in their countries. Such grants are generally tied to an agreement to work for your country for a specified period.

Design Scholarship

Design Scholarship

Design Scholarship

As more and more students are taking interest in designing courses, the government has created design scholarship to help those students who are dedicated and focused towards attaining it. The future in this field of education is also bright no matter whether it is arts and design, fashion designing or web designing. However you have to be prepared with the necessary skill required for acquiring any designing course. Apart from this the expenses of these specific courses are high and most probably out of reach of many students. This is the reason why most of the students look for the scholarships awarded by the government.

Most of these scholarships are awarded on competition basis and it is held nationwide. The applicants are required to submit projects on various topics that can be anything right from the promoting a fashion store to a new clothing line. It can be anything that you require and what is your focus in future. The test is conducted so that the creativity and talent of the student can be tested. The government is also concerned with the proper implementation of all aspects of the designing course.

Design scholarship can be attained by appearing in the various scholarships examinations that are helped nationwide and the dates are properly set and announced so that more and more students are able to attend. In addition to this, there is some eligibility criteria set for all scholarships. The students are also divided into different categories and the sum of money that is granted is of different amounts. Not only national, international students are also eligible to apply and get the scholarships.

Design scholarship provides the eligible students to get financial assistance for their course. With the help of this money they can pursue their dreams. This helps them believe that their financial condition does not hamper their growth and development. They can achieve what they want with the help of the money provided to them by the government on the basis of their achievement. There are scholarships for undergraduate costume design course and scholarships are also granted on the basis of ethnic and disability grounds.