Skateboard Scholarship

Golf Scholarship – Start Playing From Your High School Days

Earning a golf scholarship could be the smartest and easiest way to pay for your college. There are hundreds of scholarships available for college going students and young golfers. Some of them can be availed if the student wishes to study in his community while most of them are offered to students to study away from their home town. (more…)

Girls on Athletic Scholarships at Syracuse

Scholarships are of different types these days. No matter what is your field of excellence, you will find exact or related scholarships with little or no effort. The availability of girls on athletic scholarships at Syracuse is the example of such scholarships. You simply have to take the decision and take out some time to research for the availability of scholarships. (more…)

Soccer Scholarships – Stay Focused and Strategic

There has been a considerable increase in the number of students applying for soccer scholarships in high schools in the past few years. Soccer is growing in popularity and many students are taking help of their talent to pay for their college. However, it is not that easy to apply and win the award money. (more…)

Athlete and Student and Higher Education and Scholarship and Comparison or Success

Athlete and student and higher education and scholarship and comparison or success, all work hand in hand. Students have the desire of completing their education and the cost of education comes in their way. Although there are a number of scholarships and grants available for students, it is not an easy task to find and apply for them. (more…)

Sports Scholarships

The cost for college education ranges in the hundreds and thousands. There are not many people who have this kind of money to spend on education. Scholarships are therefore the need of the hour and one of the viable options is sports scholarship. Colleges are looking to pick up talented athletes from high schools to boost their teams. This means that college sport coaches and selection officials scout the high school play fields for suitable athletes. The athletes that are lucky enough to catch the eye of the selectors are usually offered sports scholarships and accepted to a college team. This is however not the only means of acquiring a sports scholarship. The candidates can also make demonstrations of their abilities in response to an advertised scholarships opportunity, etc.

The competition for sports scholarships is obviously high. A good athlete has a better chance of winning a scholarship. Sports scholarships are available for both individual and team sports. The candidates should prepare themselves accordingly. Another very important tactic is that of advertisement. If an athlete better advertises his abilities to the coaches and is generally well known, then he/she has a better chance to beat the rest of the competition. This tactic however clearly cannot work alone it also requires a good degree of skill and talent in the sport.

Some of the sports scholarships are full ride; others cover only partial expenses of the study. Full ride scholarships have a greater merit rating and partial sports scholarships are for the more mediocre athletes.

There are generally two types of sports scholarships. The first type is called headcount scholarship. These are full ride scholarships and all the team members get the money. The second type is the equivalency scholarship and this is a partial scholarship in which a set amount of scholarship money is divided among the team members. The good point of the former is that every team member gets a full amount of money and the good thing about the latter is that the more an athlete performs the more increment he/she gets in her scholarship money.

In the United States, athletic scholarships are regulated largely by National Collegiate Athletic Association and also by National Association of Independent Athletics. More specific information can be had from local or online listings of scholarships. There is a variety of eligibility criteria, full/partial status and total number of candidates allowed. Usually an athlete can be sure of his success if he/she trains well and utilizes his/her talent.

College Scholarship Opportunities That Are Overlooked

Getting a scholarship to fund studies is becoming increasingly important for most students due to the sky rocketing costs of higher education. There are hundreds of scholarships offered by numerous organization based on different criteria. Most students try to look for college scholarship opportunities that are based on some popular criteria such as academic excellence or athletic performance; it is the most logical thing to do but students should not overlook the scholarship opportunities that provide aid based on unusual criteria. These scholarship opportunities provide the chance to students to fund their studies even if they do not fulfill the criteria for academic or sports scholarships. In this article I will discuss some such college scholarship opportiunites.

  • If you like to drink milk and you have little athletic ability you can win a $7000 scholarship to fund your studies by writing an essay on the benefits of drinking milk and sending it with a photo of you in milk mustache.  In 2010 25 such scholarships were awarded to students.
  • Do you love to skate board? If you have a passion for skateboarding you can apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship program. This scholarship program provides aid to four students every year. The student with first position gets a $5000 scholarship while the remaining three get $1000 scholarships.
  • There are some scholarships offered to students based on height. The tall club offers scholarships to students that are over five feet ten inches tall for women and over six feet tall for men. The Little People of America group offers this award both for those with dwarfism and for individuals under four feet ten inches in height.
  • Students who are in love with potatoes and want to join a course related to potato farming can get aid through Potato industry scholarships.
  • If you have a talent for music you can get aid for college studies through the School Band and Orchestra Magazine Scholarship program by simply writing an essay on how music has made an impact in your life.
  • If you have read the Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead and can write an essay about it you can get aid of $10000 through the scholarship program offered by The Ayn Rand Institute.

More information on above mentioned scholarship programs can be obtained from their websites. You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities based on varying criteria and offered in different regions over the internet.

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

How to Pay for College through Strange Scholarships

Most of the students are not able to get any financial aid from their parents to fund their studies, so some kind of financial aid is becoming a necessity for most students in order to pay for their education expenses.  All students wish they can get a scholarship to fund their studies, as scholarship money does not have to be paid back. There is varying criteria for award of scholarships all over the world; some scholarships are awarded based on high GPA, some on basis of athletic performance and yet other on basis of financial need. However there are some scholarship programs that have unusual criteria of qualifying for financial aid. I will discuss some of such programs in this article.

  • The Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program awards scholarships to students who skate. One $5000 scholarships and three $1000 scholarships are awarded by the association every year. You can see detailed information at their website
  • The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (AASEV) awards scholarships to students who are interested to join fields relating to the grape and wine industry. The scholarship amount varies each year. Their website is
  • The Scholar-Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year award provides aid to students who have what it takes to sport the famous milk mustache. Theses scholarships help twenty five students pay for college every year. The amount of the award is up to $7500. Winners also get a trip to Disney Wide World of Sports’ Milk House in Orlando, FL and an induction into the Milk House Hall of Fame. You can get more information on their website
  • The Arabian Horse Foundation offers a scholarship programs named in remembrance of William Zekan. The program provides financial assistance of $2500 to horse lovers. More information can be obtained from their website
  • There is an organization that helps tall students pay for college. These scholarships are awarded by Tall Clubs International. Males over 6’2″ and females above 5’8″ are eligible to apply for this $1000 scholarship

In addition to the above mentioned unusual scholarship programs there hundreds of other unusual scholarships. There are scholarships for fat people, for short people or for people who speak a particular language, and numerous other scholarships based on unusual criteria. You can find all such scholarships on scholarship search sites.

You may also search for normal types of scholarships that you qualify for on these search engines. Most of these search engines will provide you with the facility of searching for a scholarship according to you own academic background and your own skills.