Art Scholarships

Grants Scholarships for Video Game Design Majors

If you are looking for majoring in video game designing, you will need funding to pay for your course as this is one of the expensive courses available. Find and apply for grants scholarships for video game design majors as this would prove to be the best option in the present scenario. (more…)

Filipino Scholarships

Education is considered valuable in the Filipino community. Most Filipinos work in the healthcare industry with nursing being one of the top professions they choose. Several organizations offer Filipino scholarships to support bright students who need the financial assistance. Here are few of these scholarships.

Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund

The fund has five scholarships, each worth $5,000 for Filipino American California residents pursuing a career in engineering to attend four-year colleges or universities. They provide scholarships for SAT preparation courses and college admissions counseling as well.

Filipino American Human Services, Inc Scholarship

The FAHSI College Scholarship Program, also called the Frederick and Demi Seguritan Scholarship, provides each winner a renewable award of $5,000 per year for four years. The winner (one person) of this scholarship is a Filipino/Filipino American graduating high school senior who shows a passion for business and serving the Filipino community.

Filipino Bar Association of Northern California Legal Scholarship

This scholarship is for law students who want to serve the Filipino American community. 1 to 3 scholarships of $1,000 to $2,500 are offered every year.

Lapiz Family Scholarship

This scholarship is for University of California students who are farm workers or children of farm or migrant workers.

Maria Elena Yuchengco Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Filipino American students who are interested in studying journalism at any U.S. college or university can apply for this scholarship.

Helen and L.S. Wong Memorial Scholarship

High school students of Asian heritage belonging to the Fairfield and Suisun high school can apply for this award.

Human Capital Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to first-generation University of California students who belong to underrepresented groups.

Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for you If you are a current full-time undergraduate or graduate student who is working or has worked at a restaurant that is owned by an Asian or serves Asian cuisine, or if at least one of your parents has worked or is working in such a restaurant.

This fund is for summer internships for supporting an undergraduate student studying at Yale and working at a non-profit organization that serves an Asian community in the US.

Hawaii Filipino Community Foundation Scholarships

Here are some these foundation scholarships:

  • Ambassador Minerva Jean Falcon Hawaii Scholarship.
  • Filipino Nurses’ Organization of Hawai‘i Scholarship.
  • Philippine Cultural Foundation of Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund.

There are many sources for finding Filipino scholarships. Search online to find more information about the opportunities.

How to Find Grad School Scholarships

Grad school scholarships are in demand because the cost of education continues to increase. These days, anyone looking to enter grad school usually intends to apply for a few scholarships to pay the associated costs.

There are a few ways in which you can locate grad school scholarships.

Start from your educational institution. Ideally, you should go to your future school and get help from their financial aid office. The office will have resources, such as lists of scholarships and grants that you may be able to win.

You can also seek the help of your loved ones. There may be a friend of your father, or your own family member who may have heard of a scholarship, or may be a member of group that awards scholarships to students like you. Many people apply for scholarships, so you may also be able to find someone who has won a scholarship in the same field that you have chosen.

Another resource for finding grad school scholarships is the internet. There are scholarship databases that anyone can access. You can search by providing your subject details. These sites should be able to help you locate providers.

The government also helps students pay for school, especially if they are facing a financial crisis. You can find out if you qualify for federal government aid or not by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarships are based on several different criteria. There are merit based scholarships that are awarded to students on the basis of academic, athletic, or artistic merit; scholarships that any student can apply for; ethnic minority scholarships; disability scholarships; military scholarships; single mom scholarships; height scholarships, last name scholarships, and many more.

An important thing regarding scholarships is to start searching for them early. You won’t want to feel the disappointment of finding a scholarship you can apply for after the application deadline has passed.

Another thing to remember is that if you get a student loan to fund your education, you will have to repay it after you finish or quit school, but if you get a scholarship or grant, you won’t have to pay back anything. With a scholarship you will have to maintain a certain level of performance, whereas with a grant you get the money, no strings attached.

Check with scholarship groups; they often have opportunities available. Professional associations in your field may also offer grad school scholarships.

Outside Scholarships-The Inside Story

Outside scholarships refers to financial aid provided by non-governmental organizations. This aid is distinct from the one provided by Universities and other government owned institutions. The obvious advantage of outside scholarships is their diversity. There is no shortage of choice but the student must thoroughly research the credibility of the institution and the eligibility criteria. Let us take a look at some of the options available for various fields.


  • ‘Caretoon contest’ provided by National Liberty Museum offers an amount of $1,000 to contestants of all ages who can make cartoons in the ‘abbyak’ theme.
  • ‘Princess Grace Awards Program’ provided by the Princess Grace Foundation offers an amount of $5,000-$25,000 to theater, dance or film majors. The applicants must be US residents and must be nominated by the Dean or Chairperson of their Departments.
  • ‘Student Academy Awards’ provided by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences offers financial aid to filmmaker with no previous experience.


  • ‘The Collegiate Inventors Competition’ provided by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundations offers an amount of $15,000-$25,000. The award money is provided to an inventor with an original idea.
  • ‘Elmer Carvey  Memorial Scholarship’ provided by the American Vacuum Society offers an amount of $3,000 to current undergraduates or entering students in the field of chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering, etc.

Health Sciences:

  • Allied Health-care Scholarship Program provides an amount of up to $4,500 to students enrolled in various healthcare disciplines. Visit for details.
  • Dr. Amanda Perez Scholarship by the Latino Medical Student Association is awarded to students committed to a career in medicine and desirous to serve the Latino community.

Gender based:

  • Men of Principle Scholarship by the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity offer an amount of $500 to male Undergraduate students attending the University of California Irvine.
  • The Sara’s wish scholarship fund provides a variable amount of money to female undergraduate students for work or study abroad.

Merit based:

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Merit Scholarship provides a funding of $750 to $2,500 to full time college sophomores with a minimum CGPA of 3.0.
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students offers an amount of $2,500 – $5,000 to highly motivated individuals from an underrepresented community. The academic record of the candidates must be excellent.

These were some of the options that are available as far as the outside scholarships are concerned. There are many more opportunities to look for. Conduct some online research and take your pick. Goodluck.

Photography Scholarships

Photography scholarships can be acquired by people who want to acquire education in photography to pursue careers as freelance photographers, photojournalists, advertising, etc. There are many organization that offer money to people interested in the field of photography and they are not just to support their study efforts but also to provide them funding for other purposes like making visits to photography conferences.

The most obvious requirement on part of the candidate is to have a good skill in photography. The candidate must assemble the very best of his work and present it to the judges. Being a field of the arts, the possibilities are limitless as to what can be presented for evaluation. Let us take a look at some of the organizations that provide funds for photography scholarships.

Professional photography scholarships include:

  • The Millotte scholarship fund offers an amount of $4000 to the students of photography having an orientation towards natural subjects. Requirements include a GPA of 3.0.
  • North American Nature Photography Association provides funds to member students for visiting the annual NANPA summit conference.
  • The Janie Moore Green Grant provides an amount of $1000 to students for a course in photography. Eligibility criteria include a good academic record and good skill in photography.
  • The World Studio foundation provides scholarships for a number of disciplines of the arts including photography. Eligibility criteria include a minimum CGPA of 2.0 and the students will also be required to submit a sample of their work for evaluation.
  • The Association of Women Journalists offers scholarships for photojournalism.
  • The Ivan and Bernice Burnham Memorial Fund which is sponsored by Vermont Professional Photographers, provides a varied amount of money to students planning a study course in photography.

Some college scholarships are as follows:

  • The Jules Strauss photography scholarship is offered to outstanding seniors with an excellent academic record. It is sponsored by the San Francisco State University School of photography.
  • Larry Holland/AGI Commercial Scholarship
  • PPO/OIP&T Scholarship

Some other opportunities are:

  • Bob Baxter scholarship provides an amount of $ 1000 to students of photojournalism.
  • Reid Blackburn scholarship.
  • Bob East scholarship provides an amount of $2000 to students of photojournalism who are planning to attend graduate school.

These were some of the options which are available. The diversity of these photography scholarships is immense and there is really something for everyone. The correct strategy is to make an impressive compilation of your work and try your best.

College Scholarship Opportunities That Are Overlooked

Getting a scholarship to fund studies is becoming increasingly important for most students due to the sky rocketing costs of higher education. There are hundreds of scholarships offered by numerous organization based on different criteria. Most students try to look for college scholarship opportunities that are based on some popular criteria such as academic excellence or athletic performance; it is the most logical thing to do but students should not overlook the scholarship opportunities that provide aid based on unusual criteria. These scholarship opportunities provide the chance to students to fund their studies even if they do not fulfill the criteria for academic or sports scholarships. In this article I will discuss some such college scholarship opportiunites.

  • If you like to drink milk and you have little athletic ability you can win a $7000 scholarship to fund your studies by writing an essay on the benefits of drinking milk and sending it with a photo of you in milk mustache.  In 2010 25 such scholarships were awarded to students.
  • Do you love to skate board? If you have a passion for skateboarding you can apply for the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship program. This scholarship program provides aid to four students every year. The student with first position gets a $5000 scholarship while the remaining three get $1000 scholarships.
  • There are some scholarships offered to students based on height. The tall club offers scholarships to students that are over five feet ten inches tall for women and over six feet tall for men. The Little People of America group offers this award both for those with dwarfism and for individuals under four feet ten inches in height.
  • Students who are in love with potatoes and want to join a course related to potato farming can get aid through Potato industry scholarships.
  • If you have a talent for music you can get aid for college studies through the School Band and Orchestra Magazine Scholarship program by simply writing an essay on how music has made an impact in your life.
  • If you have read the Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead and can write an essay about it you can get aid of $10000 through the scholarship program offered by The Ayn Rand Institute.

More information on above mentioned scholarship programs can be obtained from their websites. You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities based on varying criteria and offered in different regions over the internet.

Scholarships for Art-Fashion Scholarships

Fashion industry is one of the most rewarding and fastest growing industries in world. Earnings of people in fashion industry are usually very high if they are successful, but in order to be successful in the highly competitive fashion industry of today natural talents, working knowledge of the industry and a professional qualification in fashion is required. If you meet these criteria you can be sure of a highly rewarding career in the fashion industry.

Fashion studies generally cost more than studies in other fields because of much practical work and material involved in fashion studies. However, the cost of fashion education is nothing compared to the rewards that you get after completion of your education.

Due to the high cost, fashion degrees are out of reach of many Americans. To provide aid to students to excel in fashion related fields many government and welfare organizations, and fashion schools offer hundreds of scholarships for art in fashion related fields. These scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria, some of these are awarded based on academic merit, some are based on essays and some other are awarded based on art competitions. In this article I will mention some scholarships for art available to fashion students.

  • The Passion for Fashion Scholarship Program: This program provides aid to students from all over America that are interested to join a degree in art related fields. The students are required to enter a competition by filling a form and submitting their work of art, winning students are provided scholarships that cover full tuition fee.
  • The FIDM Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship Competition: This competition provides excellent opportunity to students that are new in the field of Fashion. Only Students who have had no formal training in fashion and who are interested to join a fashion related degree can enter the competition. The scholarships are awarded based on thoughtfulness, promise, and creativity in students.
  • The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund provides aid to fashion students at all levels. They also help qualified students with internships and mentorships. Applicants are normally required to submit their own work of art to compete for most scholarships programs.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are hundreds of more programs that provide scholarships for art to fashion students. You can search for a scholarship program that you are eligible for with little effort over the internet.

Theatre Scholarships-Opportunities for Creative People

Theatre Scholarships

Theatre Scholarships

Acting being one of the most glittering professions in the world, charm young minds all over the world. Unlike past, actors with professional degrees are now preferred in almost all showbiz industries of world. In addition to acting there are also a number of other fields related to theatre that offer great career opportunities to qualified and trained professionals. Education in all of fields related to theatre is expensive, but there are many scholarships that students can get to finance theirrelated courses.

Government funding for theatre related courses is almost non-existent, but there are many private association, theaters and institutes that provide financial assistance to students pursuing a course related to theatre. Some such scholarship programs are discussed in this article.

  • The Alma College in Alma, MI offers two scholarship programs to students majoring in art and design, dance, vocal or instrumental music, or theatre. The amount of scholarship award is different for both programs. The scholarships are awarded based on auditions and portfolio submissions.
  • Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship program offers nineteen regional awards and two fellowship awards annually to aspiring theater and film actors. These awards are given based on performance in auditions.
  • The Donna Reed Performing Arts Scholarship is a scholarship program that provides assistance to students joining a course in Acting, Musical Theatre, Vocal, Instrumental, and Dance. The applicants must be US citizens and must submit an audiotape, videotape, or CD featuring their performance.
  • The School for Film and Television in New York City offers two scholarships annually for students majoring in acting. One award is based on academic merit and second is based on financial need. The applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to apply for these theatre scholarships.
  • The Purdue University is one of the most reputable universities providing Theatre related courses. They provide scholarships to students majoring in acting. They offer different scholarship programs for different levels including The Theatre Merit Award for freshmen enrolled in a theatre major; The Joe Stockdale/Ross Smith Scholarship, which is also awarded to first-year theatre majors; and The R.B. Stewart Scholarship, which is reserved for theatre students who have a GPA of 2.5 and 3.5 in theatre class.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. Students can also search for many other theatre scholarships offered to deserving students. All of these scholarship programs can be conveniently searched over the internet.

Top 10 Design Scholarships

Top 10 Design Scholarships

Top 10 Design Scholarships

A career in art and design is rewarding but design education is generally expensive. Design scholarships offered by numerous organizations can help you get a degree in designing that will guarantee a sound career for you. There are hundreds of organizations and design schools that provide design scholarships to encourage students to join design related fields. This article highlights 10 such scholarship opportunities.

The first program is the Colorado State University’s Bob Coonts Graphic Design Scholarships program that provides assistance to design students studying at the university.

The second program is the scholarship program offered by The California College of Arts. This program provides assistance to students from the college who show academic promise.

The third one being Cal Poly Graphic Communications Scholarships program is a program that provides financial assistance to design students studying at the California Polytechnic State University and majoring in graphic communication.

Another program, The Graphic Communications Scholarship, Award and Career Advancement Foundation based in New York awards several scholarships to students majoring in graphic communication.

Macy’s Scholarships Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky is fund established in Cincinnati’s College of DAAP that provides scholarships to design students in remembrance of a famous designer.

Miami International University of Art & Design offers several quarterly scholarships to deserving students majoring in a design related course. These scholarships are awarded to students who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and who have financial need.

The National Endowment for the Arts provides five merit based scholarships each year to the students studying at Corcoran College in Miami and majoring in Design related field.

Students of design at The North Carolina State University can get financial assistance through The Raleigh Hunter Scholarship in Visual Design program. This scholarship is awarded to talented students by Hunter Publishing Company.

Design students at The Indiana University can get financial aid under their Visual Communication and Design Scholarships. This program provides aid to students who show academic excellence.

Last on the list is The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers website. This website provides information on all scholarships offered to students related to any form of art or writing including design students. The websites is a very good resource which can help you search for design scholarships conveniently.

You can also search for many other scholarship opportunities available to you on the internet. More information on above mentioned programs can also be obtained from their websites.

Cosmetology Scholarships-Fund Your Beauty Studies

Cosmetology Scholarships

Cosmetology Scholarships

If you enjoy your time with different types of cosmetics and using them on yourself and other people, you can seriously consider a career in cosmetology. The price of visiting a cosmetology school can be the greatest hindrance in your way. The good news is that there are a number of cosmetology scholarships available that you can take advantage of.

Let us take a look at some of these opportunities.

  • The NCA Sally Beauty Scholarships has ten scholarships to offer worth $1,000 each. The scholarships are provided to people that fall in three categories: High school graduate, NCA members and children of NCA members.
  • The Ace Grant scholarship offers scholarship money of $5,000.
  • The NCEA and AACS offer an esthetician scholarship and the winners receive $1,000.
  • Joseph Francis Scholarship Foundation offers sixteen students a sum of $1,000 each.

If you want to search for more scholarships then the old way of searching from the internet or looking in catalogues is going to work for you. Eligibility criteria include a few things that you should be aware of. You must be eligible of financial assistance and must have a high school diploma. Your attendance record and academic record must also be good. The scholarships will cover the fee, tuition and some will also pay for the books. Some scholarships also require you to submit a certificate from your local beauty salon.

The cosmetology school that you will be attending will depend upon your location. Cosmetology schools are present in every state. You must make sure to search for an accredited institute because they will not only train you well but you will also be endured of proper scholarships and grants. For instance, Nail Tech and Beauty School in Minnesota and Stewart School in South Dakota are two of the many options you can consider.

Other good options are cosmetology grants such as the American Cosmetology Education Grant which is partially funded by the American Association of Cosmetology schools. Toyota International also offers cosmetology grants.

Any prospective cosmetology student can easily get financial assistance for his studies by doing some proactive search regarding the available scholarship opportunities. It is also necessary to apply well within time and to know about all the eligibility criteria. The applications must be made as professional as possible so that they make a good impact on the reader. A little research into cosmetology scholarships can help out many students who quit their dreams of becoming a professional cosmetologist.