Art Scholarships

Comcast Scholarship – Community Service Is Valued

Comcast Foundation gives Comcast scholarship money to almost 2,000 high school senior students from all over the nation. The award money is $1,000 and is given to the selected students who show academic excellence, those who have contributed to the community services and also demonstrate leadership skills. (more…)

Bob Gross Memorial Scholarship – Scholarship for Journalism

Bob Gross memorial scholarship is given to graduating high school seniors who are interested to pursue education in Michigan State University College of Communication, Arts and Science as full time student. If you find yourself eligible and deserving candidate, make sure you go through the list of courses that are provided and supported by this scholarship program. (more…)

Artist Grants Scholarships – Financial Aids for Artists

There was a time when parents did not wish their children to become an artist as this career line was full of struggle and needed great effort and talent. However, today the options are immense and the world of art has broadened making it very lucrative as well. (more…)

American Taekwondo Association Scholarships

American Taekwondo association scholarship program started in 1992 and is given to eligible students who participate in the training programs of American Taekwondo Association. The award money covers the tuition fees and is for high school senior students. (more…)

Video scholarships – Let your talent pay for education

If you are fascinated by making movies or you have the passion to make a career in this direction, opt for courses that can train you and make you an expert. However, for this type of course you will definitely have to pay a lot and you might be afraid of spending a fortune for this. (more…)

University of Montana Band Camp Scholarship

University of Montana band camp scholarship is given to eligible and deserving students who wish to opt for the excellent opportunity of music and personal growth through the University Montana’s Band Camp. This is an opportunity for junior and high school musicians to have fulfilling and exciting experience. (more…)

Scholarships for Music – Pay For Your Music School

If you like to sing or you have passion for music, going through the right education and training is very important. Scholarships for music will help you cover the expenses of education and training if required. Scholarships and grants are available for various reasons and different fields of education as well. (more…)

Poetry Scholarship Programs Help You Accomplish Your Dream Career

If you have interest in writing poetry and people admire your style and poems, you should apply for poetry scholarship. College education is extremely costly and if you want to pursue education and training in this direction you will need financial assistance to support your education. (more…)

Photography Scholarships – Find Money for School

Do you love taking pictures? Why not make photography your career if it is your passion? Well, to cover the educational costs you have photography scholarships available. Remember, photography is not just taking a good picture. Great photographers spend their whole life learning to get a perfect shot. (more…)

Music Education Scholarships – For Students Pursuing Career in Music

Music education scholarships, just as the name suggests, are for those who have interest and passion for music and they wish to pursue their education and training in this direction. Many of the students are well aware of the high cost of music education and most of them drop the idea even if they have the caliber and passion. (more…)