Art Scholarships

Scholarships for Animation – Pave Your Way to Career in Animation

Scholarships for animation are available to help those students who have the desire to pursue and get a degree in animation. There are many students who wish to pursue their career in animation and nowadays there are many prospects too that can help them do so. (more…)

Scholarships and Grants for Music Theater Oklahoma City University

Scholarships and grants for music theater Oklahoma city university is available for deserving and needy students interested to purse their career in musical theater. Oklahoma City University is recognized throughout the world and is considered as a leader in musical theater education. (more…)

Scholarship Broadcast – For Students Having Interest in Broadcast Journalism

Getting ready for college needs lot of preparation and is a complicated process too. To make matter work properly you need to decide what to study, where to study and how to pay for your studies. If you wish to study broadcast journalism, apply for scholarship broadcast programs available for those students who wish to pursue broadcasting career. (more…)

Photography Grants Scholarships – Funding For Prospective Photographers

Photography grants scholarships are available for students who wish to pursue education and training in photography. Today, there are different career prospects that are related to photography and more and more students who have passion for photography attempt to acquire education in that field. (more…)

Nebraska Act Scholarship – Match Your Qualities and Achievements

Nebraska act scholarship is open of the scholarships given out to students interested to major in history subject. Scholarships and grants are free money and are available for students of different levels, caliber and also for different fields of education. (more…)

Musical Theatre Scholarships – Do Your Homework First

Musical theatre scholarships are available for students interested in pursuing their career in musical theatre education and training. Nowadays, scholarships and grants are designed to help more and more students opt for completing their higher education. (more…)

Music Therapy Scholarship – An Uncommon Career Option with Funding

Music therapy scholarship programs are available for those students who have a passion to study in specific stream like music therapy. Music therapy is not a new thing or invention because it has been used in ancient times also. The only thing is that this art had been forgotten in past and (more…)

Music College Scholarships for Minorities

Music college scholarships for minorities are available from different sources these days. Many colleges and universities across the country offer different types of music degrees and many of them are specializations in music theory, composition and conducting including vocal and instrumental. (more…)

Massage Therapy Scholarships Help Students Contribute To the Field Of Therapy

Many different fields have been added and at the same time bifurcated in the medical field of education. Gone are the days when there were few general physicians and surgeons and some nurses in hospitals. Now you have numerable branches to study and hence chances of employment are also increasing. (more…)

David Lyon Memorial Scholarship Triton

David Lyon memorial scholarship triton is offered to the students interested to pursue their career in music. Triton Music Parents Organization gives a number of scholarship awards to eligible and deserving students who have a grade 7 – 11 and who are members of the Triton Performing Arts Organization at present. (more…)