Music Scholarships

College Scholarship for drummers

College scholarship for drummers can be used for all sorts of things that are related to education like tuition, books, instruments, other associated expenses and many more. Some of the scholarships help students to pay for the college and tuition while some provide sufficient money to cover other related expenses also. (more…)

Setting Up an Elementary School Music Scholarship

Setting up an elementary school music scholarship is not a difficult task. You simply have to know how to do it. Nowadays, many business owners and private fund providers are setting up scholarship programs as they wish to spend some of their profit money in positive ways. (more…)

Scholarships on Recreation Administration

Scholarships are available for almost every field of education. Scholarships on recreation administration are available to help students obtain their degree and qualification in this field. Since there are various scholarship programs available, students of different types and levels get the financial and moral support. (more…)

Scholarships and Grants for Music Theater Oklahoma City University

Scholarships and grants for music theater Oklahoma city university is available for deserving and needy students interested to purse their career in musical theater. Oklahoma City University is recognized throughout the world and is considered as a leader in musical theater education. (more…)

Musical Theatre Scholarships – Do Your Homework First

Musical theatre scholarships are available for students interested in pursuing their career in musical theatre education and training. Nowadays, scholarships and grants are designed to help more and more students opt for completing their higher education. (more…)

Music Therapy Scholarship – An Uncommon Career Option with Funding

Music therapy scholarship programs are available for those students who have a passion to study in specific stream like music therapy. Music therapy is not a new thing or invention because it has been used in ancient times also. The only thing is that this art had been forgotten in past and (more…)

Music College Scholarships for Minorities

Music college scholarships for minorities are available from different sources these days. Many colleges and universities across the country offer different types of music degrees and many of them are specializations in music theory, composition and conducting including vocal and instrumental. (more…)

David Lyon Memorial Scholarship Triton

David Lyon memorial scholarship triton is offered to the students interested to pursue their career in music. Triton Music Parents Organization gives a number of scholarship awards to eligible and deserving students who have a grade 7 – 11 and who are members of the Triton Performing Arts Organization at present. (more…)

Artist Grants Scholarships – Financial Aids for Artists

There was a time when parents did not wish their children to become an artist as this career line was full of struggle and needed great effort and talent. However, today the options are immense and the world of art has broadened making it very lucrative as well. (more…)

University of Montana Band Camp Scholarship

University of Montana band camp scholarship is given to eligible and deserving students who wish to opt for the excellent opportunity of music and personal growth through the University Montana’s Band Camp. This is an opportunity for junior and high school musicians to have fulfilling and exciting experience. (more…)