Art Scholarships

Scholarships for Culinary Arts

Career in culinary arts is gaining popularity these days. Various culinary schools and universities are running throughout the world and there is education and training available for all levels of students and for different career and courses in this field. Since the cost of education is high and there are many students willing to opt for this career, a number of scholarships for culinary arts (more…)

Scholarship for Film Majors

A future in film industry needs proper education, degree and training and this includes lot of money. If you are planning to take your home videos to the next level and pursue a career in this field, look for scholarship for film majors so that you achieve the degree and qualification without financial burden. (more…)

Performing Arts Scholarships – Get Money and Have Opportunities Open

A performing arts degree can improve your earning potential and open good job opportunities for you. You can pursue one of the various disciplines available or combine some of them too. If you are interested in performing arts scholarships you will have to find out first what the courses for which these scholarships are available are. (more…)

College Scholarship for drummers

College scholarship for drummers can be used for all sorts of things that are related to education like tuition, books, instruments, other associated expenses and many more. Some of the scholarships help students to pay for the college and tuition while some provide sufficient money to cover other related expenses also. (more…)

Bertha MacDonald Highland Dance Scholarship

When you apply for bertha MacDonald highland dance scholarship, you should be clear of the requirements. After all you need to be sure that the scholarship that you are opting for is appropriate for you and you are also eligible to apply for it. Just keep in mind that if you do not qualify for the scholarship, there is no use applying for it. (more…)

Art Contest Scholarships

A formal education and course in the field of art is costly. However, art contest scholarships can help students pay for their course and these can help ease the financial burden of prospective artists. Prizes range from few hundred dollars to covering full cost of education. (more…)

Art Competition for Scholarship

Scholarships are available for different reasons and if you are interested to pursue your education in the field of art, you can go through the art competition for scholarship programs. There are several career choices from which you need to choose the best suitable one. (more…)

Setting Up an Elementary School Music Scholarship

Setting up an elementary school music scholarship is not a difficult task. You simply have to know how to do it. Nowadays, many business owners and private fund providers are setting up scholarship programs as they wish to spend some of their profit money in positive ways. (more…)

Scholarships on Recreation Administration

Scholarships are available for almost every field of education. Scholarships on recreation administration are available to help students obtain their degree and qualification in this field. Since there are various scholarship programs available, students of different types and levels get the financial and moral support. (more…)