Scholarships Foundation

Scholarships for Hampton Roads Seniors

You must have heard that today there are scholarships for almost every reason and for all types of students as well. In this direction scholarships for Hampton roads seniors are also available. The Hampton Roads Community Foundation administers scholarships for undergraduates. Read the eligibility criteria carefully and determine whether you qualify to apply or not. (more…)

Scholarship to Attend Conference

Scholarships are available for various reasons and attending conference is one of them. So, if you are looking for scholarship to attend conference you should narrow down your search and look for the options on internet. Internet is a vast source of information and you will be able to find many options if you are ready to spend sometime here. (more…)

Lowe’s Scholarship – For chosen Students

Lowe’s scholarship is awarded to selected students in the communities where they do business. The fund is sponsored by the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation. The basic requirements that every applicant has to fulfill are they have to be citizens of the United States, maintain a minimum of 3.25 grade point average (more…)

Iowa West Foundation Scholarship

Iowa west foundation scholarship is designed to help specific category of students. The programs are designed as area specific and there are certain requirements and restrictions that have to be taken into account before applying for the scholarship program. If you are interested to take the advantage of the scholarship programs (more…)

How to Set Up a Scholarship Fund

If you wish to spend your money for a noble cause, the best thing is to sponsor a needy and deserving child so that he completes his education and leads a good life. For this, you will have to learn how to set up a scholarship fund so that you can select the right candidate through proper channel. (more…)

Henry Vogt Scholarship – Award for Outstanding Students

Henry Vogt scholarship is awarded to leaders in and out of the classroom. Students who are outstanding not only in academics but also have leadership qualities in them are presented with this award money. The winners are selected on the basis of ACT or SAT scores as well as on the basis of their cumulative grade point average. (more…)

Hall Family Foundation Scholarship Program

The Hall Family Foundation is a philanthropic organization and the main intention of this foundation is to help people make their lives better. They are dedicated towards enhancing the quality of human life. Therefore, they have designed hall family foundation scholarship program so that students are also helped out if they are facing financial crisis in their lives. (more…)

Ben Bibler Scholarship – For Students with Determination and Desire

Ben Bibler was the best example for people of what anyone could accomplish when he focused on his energy and had the right amount of determination and aspiration to achieve his goals. So, applying for Ben Bibler scholarship is not so difficult for those who are determined and strong minded to achieve their scholastic goals. (more…)

Tracy Lawrence Scholarships

Tracy Lawrence scholarships are available for students who are eligible and deserving. Just like any other scholarship program, this scholarship is also coupled with several requirements set for the program. Find the complete details out from legitimate source and then see whether you are able to meet the criteria or not. (more…)