Private Scholarships

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship – A Merit Based Program

The Palmetto fellows scholarship program started in 1988 and was established to help and encourage high school seniors attend college in the State. This scholarship is merit-based and helps students who are academically excellent and is administered by the South California Commission on Higher Education. (more…)

Pa School Districts Scholarships – For Students of Pennsylvania

Pa school districts scholarships are available for students of Pennsylvania. Students residing there or simply attending schools in Pennsylvania know very well how difficult it is to cope with the rising costs. Most of them are well aware of the hardships associated with financing education and so more than 80% of the students depend on outside funding for the completion of their studies. (more…)

Outside Scholarships – Thoughts and Recommendations

Outside scholarships are different from general scholarships that are offered by universities and government because they are provided to eligible students through private sector companies, organizations, foundations and individuals like philanthropists as well. (more…)

New York Times College Scholarship Program

New York Times college scholarship program is managed and administered by New York Times. If you are a student interested in applying and winning some scholarships, you should make sure you go through the details and updates posted on the official website. (more…)

Mayflower College Scholarship Rhode Island

Many financial aids are available through mayflower college scholarship Rhode Island. If you are interested in the scholarship programs, make sure you find out the list of scholarships first. The foundation administers and manages more than 150 scholarships. (more…)

Letters to Companies Asking For Scholarships

If you are a student suffering from financial crisis and find it difficult to pay for your education, you can write letters to companies asking for scholarships. Various private and nonprofit organizations provide financial support to eligible and deserving students. (more…)

Kohls Scholarship Values Volunteerism at Tender Age

Kohls scholarship is one of the most popular and accepted scholarship programs because the age limit for applying for this scholarship is 6 – 18. The students are mainly selected on the basis of their volunteerism and by analyzing the work and their effort towards the community and the people living there. (more…)

Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship

Janice M. Scott memorial scholarship is a type of financial aid funded by the family members of Mrs. James M. Scott who was a victim of the terrorist attack on Pentagon on September 11, 2001. If you are interested to win the award money set for this scholarship program, (more…)

Gilman Scholarship – Financial Aid to Support STEM Education

Gilman scholarship is awarded to only those students who wish to pursue their education in science, technology, engineering and math. The main intention of this scholarship program is to provide moral and financial support to students of United States to complete their education abroad. (more…)