Private Scholarships

Bowling Scholarships – Let Your Talent Pay for College

Each year many bowling scholarships are awarded to those bowlers who possess the potential. If you are a bowler, you should check with your college or university and find out whether they have anything to offer or not. Besides these, even government and some private organizations offer financial aids with the intention of supporting potential and future bowlers complete their academic degree. (more…)

Bill Peg Reese Scholarship

Bill peg Reese scholarship program is a renewable scholarship program awarded to high school graduates. The award money is $1,000 per semester and is awarded for all the four years. As an applicant you should have clearly communicated educational goals and objectives, strong academic performance, noticeable financial need, self awareness and must have participated in different school activities. (more…)

Big Sun Athletics Scholarship

Big sun athletics scholarship is funded by Big Sun Organization and is designed with an intention to help young athletes be successful in their scholastic pursuits. The scholarship is annual and offered to a deserving student. No matter which sport you are associated with, you can apply for this scholarship program. (more…)

Ben Bibler Scholarship – For Students with Determination and Desire

Ben Bibler was the best example for people of what anyone could accomplish when he focused on his energy and had the right amount of determination and aspiration to achieve his goals. So, applying for Ben Bibler scholarship is not so difficult for those who are determined and strong minded to achieve their scholastic goals. (more…)

Art Contest Scholarships

A formal education and course in the field of art is costly. However, art contest scholarships can help students pay for their course and these can help ease the financial burden of prospective artists. Prizes range from few hundred dollars to covering full cost of education. (more…)

YMCA Scholarship – Check Out Details and Apply Successfully

The main intention of YMCA is to support development of youth and give them a healthy living. The YMCA scholarship provides financial assistance to youths of today so that they are able to achieve academic degrees. If you are one of the young individuals who wish to go to college, (more…)

Adoption Scholarships in TN

Adoption scholarships in TN are available for selected students. There are scholarships that are available for eligible students though in limited number. Since these are free financial aids, you do not need to repay them. This is also one of the reasons why students are increasing in number while applying for scholarships. (more…)

Adele Scholarship University of Dayton

Apply for Adele scholarship university of Dayton only when you meet the eligibility criteria. Scholarships are associated with basic and specific requirements that every applicant is expected to fulfill. Apart from this, every sponsor expects something in special from the applicants that they select. (more…)

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

Abbott and Fenner scholarship programs are designed to help those who have the desire and ambition to succeed. This scholarship is awarded annually and the winner receives the award within two weeks of the deadline that is listed. All applicants are requested to fill in the application form correctly and accurately and provide their name and mailing address clearly as well. (more…)

2.0 Scholarships – Financial Aids for Average Students

Scholarships are of different types and 2.0 scholarships come under one of the category. These financial aids are available for students who have obtained grade point average of at least 2.0. Most of the scholarships are either available for students who are excellent academically or who can prove their financial condition very weak. (more…)