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Accounting Scholarships-Searching for Credible Scholarship Sources

Accounting Scholarships

Accounting Scholarships

College education is a turning point in the life of a student. It is here that a student adopts a career path and makes a decision about what his life is going to be like in the coming years. There are so many majors that college education has  to offer and sometimes a student who does not has a clear picture of what he wants to be can get frustrated. This is also important because of the availability of scholarships for specific majors. The student needs to do some research into the various scholarship options.

A good option is the field of accounting. This field never goes out of fashion and there is constant demand of professionals. There are a number of accounting scholarships available and are for the graduating high school student or are for the students who are already enrolled in college and majoring in accounting.

Let’s consider some of the good options.

  • The National Society of Accountants offers scholarships to accounting majors. You can check with them for eligibility criteria.
  • The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is another good example.
  • The American Society of Women Accountants provides scholarships to women.
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides scholarships for college students.

Some sources from where you can get information about accounting scholarships are as follows:

  • Online databases are a good source of finding information about scholarships and their eligibility criteria.
  • Finance office of the accounting school can be a good place for getting information about whether the accounting school is offering money for your study or not.
  • Local libraries retain listings of scholarships available and can also provide you with study magazines which can be a good source of information on the available scholarships.

Other options include grants and student loans. Loans are provided by private lenders, banks or the state. You will have to present a proof of financial need (EFC) and also will have to agree on the terms and conditions.

Generally, your chances are improved significantly if you do a lot of research and apply for as many positions as possible. You must also look for the accounting scholarships related to your specific field of accounting. A good option can be to look for institutes specializing in your field of interest. They may offer specific scholarships to prospective accountants fulfilling their criteria. Accounting is a wonderful field. Accounting professionals seldom go jobless. With accounting scholarships, your dream of becoming an accountant can come true.

Financial Aid Scholarship-How to Get Money for Further Studies

Financial Aid Scholarship

Financial Aid Scholarship

High school students looking to study further have many options to fund their studies. One of these options is a financial aid scholarship. The advantage of funding your studies with a scholarship is that you don’t have to worry about paying anything back to the awarding authority.

What does a scholarship cover?

Scholarships are offered by colleges and universities as well as companies and organizations. The coverage that as student gets with a scholarship varies with the provider. Some scholarships cover everything, including your tuition fees, accommodation and books, while other scholarships may be of a fix amount of money that you could use to pay for tuition fees or other expenses.

If you get two scholarships, one from the college or university you are going to attend, and an external scholarship from a company or organization, then the college or university will subtract the amount of the external scholarship from the money that they provide you for meeting expenses.

Are scholarships for everyone?

Scholarships are not something that only good students or good athletes can win. There are several scholarships available for students with an average academic record.

What are the different types of scholarships?

There are several types of scholarships that students can apply for if they meet the criteria. There are scholarships that are awarded on academic merit. There are scholarships which are exclusively awarded to minority groups, such as Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanics. Similarly, there are scholarships that focus on women. Disabled students can apply for scholarships for people with disabilities.

There are also different unusual scholarships on offer, such as scholarships for tall people, scholarships for short people, scholarships for left-handed people, and scholarships for people whose last name is Zolp.

How to find Scholarships?

Scholarships are advertised in the newspapers and on websites; you can also ask your high school or college’s financial aid office to find you some. If you go online, you can find scholarships that are offered by different companies and organizations by searching for the relevant pages; you can also get a list of scholarships from a scholarship search service site. The key is to start searching early so that scholarship deadlines don’t become a problem. You should also consider applying to maximum number of programs, because more applications often increase the likelihood of winning.

A financial aid scholarship can enable you to make higher studies affordable without worrying about paying anything back.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

Scholarships, Fellowships and Government Grants

With the free money given away for college education by federal and state governments as well as private companies and organizations, almost all students have a chance of funding their college education.

The best part of this money is that you don’t have to return it! The free financial aid comes in different forms such as scholarships, fellowships and government grants.

The first thing you need to do is to get FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can get a FAFSA from the institution you wish to attend or by visiting and following the instructions.

Make sure that you complete this document and submit it before the deadline. If you are able to get a government funded award, you will have to submit FAFSA every year in order to remain eligible for the award. This application is used to apply for numerous financial aid programs sponsored by the federal government. After the relevant authorities process your application, they will mail you a document in which the amount that you are eligible for will be mentioned.

There is no rule that says you can apply for only one financial aid program. Applying for multiple programs will mean that if the money provided by one fellowship or grant does not cover your school expenses, you can choose to fund your education with another financial aid program that you may have also won. You can search the web for grant and scholarship programs that also may be suitable for you. This can take some time, but careful research can produce great results.

Scholarship, Fellowship and a Grant—What’s the difference?

Scholarships & Fellowships: There is not a lot of difference between Scholarships and fellowships. The latter is usually applied to post graduate studies, while the former is generally used for undergraduate awards. Students who are returning back to college after a break can also apply for scholarships.

Government Grants: This is the money that is set aside by the government to help people in funding school. There are so many grants available for students that they can use in conjunction with a scholarship to move through college.

As mentioned above, financial assistance in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and grants are available for both graduate and undergraduate students looking to attend an institution of higher learning.  All you need to do is show diligence, do some research and complete the required paperwork; and you can get the money you’re looking for.

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

Grants and Scholarships for Graduate Students

If studying in college was expensive for you, graduate school will be no different.

Some college graduates, after finishing their education, immediately start looking for jobs, while others aim to continue studying. There are also some people, who return back to school after working for a couple of years. Whatever reason you may have for entering graduate school, you will have to pay much more than college.

Fortunately, there are options for funding graduate school studies if you are truly interested in getting more education. In fact, you can get the desired education without paying a dime for it with a scholarship. Financial aid, including scholarships for graduate students and are offered by government as well as private bodies, and most likely by the institution you’re looking to study in.

If you wish to continue studying after completing college, then applying for financial aid is the best option you have. There are several types of financial aids on offer these days, so there is no question of running out of choices. All you need to do is search for them and apply.

How can you study in graduate school without paying for much? Here are some ways:

  • The most common method college graduates use to fund their studies is applying for scholarships for graduate students. A scholarship helps you with college expenses, and you don’t have to return any money to the school or the sponsor. However, a requirement with most scholarships is that you maintain a certain grade, and the scholarship application needs to be renewed each year. So, you can cover your study expenses with a scholarship if you keep passing your course.
  • Another type of financial aid that you can get as a graduate student is a grant. Grants are more flexible than scholarships. With a grant, you don’t have to maintain your grades. So, with a grant, you are not bound in any way.
  • Another type of financial assistance is providing your services to the school and offsetting the pay from your tuition fee. By getting an internship you will also be able to get freebies and discounts.

Grants and scholarships for graduate students can help you enter graduate school and complete your studies without worrying about the education expenses. If you’re applying for scholarships, then try to get as many applications in as possible, because more application can increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Win Scholarships for Massage Therapy

Win Scholarships for Massage Therapy

Win Scholarships for Massage Therapy

Students who are planning to pursue courses or diplomas in a field related to massage therapy have many kinds of financial aid available to them. Many associations, schools, beauticians and even some magazines provide scholarships and student loans to students interested in massage related education. A number of students these days are also attracted towards a career in massage therapy because jobs in this industry are abundant and generally provide a good pay scale to qualified and licensed professionals. Students joining massage therapy courses can easily win scholarships if they put some effort into winning scholarships. This article discusses some scholarship opportunities available to students.

  • The Costa Rica School of Massage Scholarship Program is a program that provides aid to four massage therapy students each year. The amount of the award is $1000.
  • MASSAGE Magazine provides five $1000 scholarships to students pursuing a degree in massage or touch therapy. The scholarships are provided only to students who are enrolled at massage school that participates in Massage Magazine’s School Program.
  • American Specialty Health (ASH) provides many scholarships to students who are enrolled in an alternative therapy program. These scholarship programs include programs for massage therapy students. The amount of the award is $500.
  • Great Lakes Institute of Technology Medical Careers in Erie, Pennsylvania provides many scholarships to quality students. These scholarships cover 25% of the total tuition costs of the course students are enrolled in.
  • The Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship program is a big program that provides aid to over 200 minority and disadvantaged students. The amount of the award is up to $5000. Minority and disadvantaged students who are pursuing a licensed profession, such as the profession of massage therapists, qualify for these 200 scholarships.
  • Austin Schools of Massage runs three scholarship programs named The Clark Foundations Program, The Clark Advanced Clinical Program and The Dottie Scholarship Fund. These programs provide aid to talented students based on academic merit. The amount of the award varies with each program.
  • The Spa Foundation provides numerous scholarships to students who are majoring in therapy self-help and financial management resources.

In order to win scholarships students should read information on them in detail before applying. More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their website. Students can also search for hundreds of other programs that provide aid to students majoring in a massage therapy related field. These scholarship programs can be searched conveniently over the internet.

Education Scholarships-Funding Higher Studies

Education Scholarships

Education Scholarships

In life it’s important that you give yourself every chance of being successful. Getting a degree from an institution of higher learning is one such opportunity. However, going to college on their own is not an option for everyone as the financial aspect of higher education can prevent people from following their dream.

If you are one of the people who cannot afford college, it is not the end of the road for you, because there are different ways in which you can still enter college; and one of these methods are scholarships. Funding your college education with a scholarship can enable you to concentrate on your studies without worrying about tuition fees and other expenses.

Scholarships are awarded by educational institution as well as companies and organizations. You can apply for both internal (college, university) scholarships and external (organization, company) scholarships at the same time. In fact, it’s a good idea to apply for maximum number of scholarships, because more applications, in most cases, increase your chances of winning.

You can use the internet to search for scholarships. It’s an effective way to find scholarships because you can not only get information about opportunities offered by different institutions and organizations, you can also get a list of scholarships if you search with the help of a scholarship search engine service. But, beware of the considerable number of illegitimate sites.

Scholarship Websites

Here are two scholarship websites that can help you with your search.

There is a lot of good information available on this site. To find help, you will have to complete the registration and make a profile in which you will enter personal information and your college aspirations. It finds scholarships that are suitable for you, and also reminds you through email when you can apply for them.

When you register and fill out a profile on this site, it will help you in your scholarship search. You can find out facts about the scholarships, such as its value, the maximum amount of money you can get, due date, why the particular is suitable for you.

This site not only searches for scholarships that you can apply for, but it also edits the essay you need to write with your application. It also provides information on scholarships that are geared towards adults looking to go back to college. You can find tips and advice on financial aid as well as scholarship strategies on this site.

There are numerous websites that help you find scholarships. Funding your studies with a scholarship can help you realize your dream of getting higher education in your chosen field of study.

College Students-Scholarships for Funding Studies

College Students

College Students

The cost of college studies increases every year, and in the resent economic scenario, this increase in expenses means that getting higher education on their own has become very difficult for a lot of people.

The solution to this problem seems to lie in financial aid that is available in different forms, such as loans, scholarships and grants. While student loans is a popular option, students not only have to pay back the original amount that they received after finishing college, they also have to pay an interest on the loan.

The advantage of scholarships is that students do not have to pay anything back to the awarding authority. A misconception that exists about scholarships is that they are awarded to ‘scholarly’ people. The fact of the matter is that scholarships are available for all types of students, and scholarships for average students are awarded by many institutions. So, there is no reason to think that getting a loan is the only option for college studies.

Scholarships are awarded by both educational institutions and non-educational institutions. Students can apply for both types of scholarships at the same time. If a student wins an internal scholarship (those that are awarded by the college or university) as well as an external scholarship (those that are awarded by other sources), the college will make an adjustment in their scholarship amount equal to the external scholarship, so the total amount a student wins for college studies remains the same.

Financial aid is also available for college students. Scholarships are awarded by companies and organizations to students who have completed their freshman year. So, any college students having some financial difficulties can take advantage of these opportunities.

There are a number of sources available for students for finding scholarship programs. One of the best sources is the internet; students can go online and find out the details of a particular scholarship program, or conduct a search to get a number of scholarships that are relevant to them. Scholarship search services collect information provided by the students and show them a list of scholarships that match the information provided by them.

The scholarships search process should be started well in advance, so that the process of collecting information on different scholarships opportunities and preparing an application for them happens before the deadline. Students should avail maximum opportunities, as more applications, in many cases, improves the odds of winning.

Financial aid is available for both undergraduates and college students. Scholarships can help students in covering college expenses without having to pay back any money.

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Where to Find Native American Scholarships

Almost every school leaver these days is looking for scholarships or student loans to fund his studies. Students at postgraduate level face even more financial problems due to very high cost of postgraduate education. With hundreds of applicants on each scholarship program the competition for each scholarship award is tough, therefore applying for a minority scholarship will put you at advantage because you will face less competition. The American Indian minority is the smallest ethnic minority group in the United States but their history with higher education is deep. The Harvard University and Dartmouth College was founded to train American Indians. Continuing this history many organizations now award scholarships to Native Americans. This article highlights some of such programs.

Native American College Scholarship Fund: The Native American College Scholarship Fund is an organization that runs several scholarship programs to help Native American students get their education higher education. In addition to financial aid the organization provides counseling services to students, and also provides them other services, such as guidance on reduced college tuition costs, free access to resources, and learning campaigns.

The Fund also runs scholarship programs that provide aid to Native American mothers to pursue a degree in Native American history and culture in tribal colleges. 

Ottawa University: The Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas have a long history of providing aid to Native American students and it is still running aid packages for Native American students from all fields.

State Programs: There are some states that provide for in-state tuition expenses of Native Americans, such as the Oklahoma and Oregon. Some states only run programs for tribes who are resident in the state while others provide opportunities to all tribes.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation runs Native American scholarships program by name of Gates Millennium Scholar program. These scholarships are provided to students who have good academic background.

NALE: The Native American Leadership in Education and the Tribal Business Management Program offers financial assistance to Native American students that are planning to join a course in Education or business fields. These scholarships are awarded to students who show academic potential.

Detailed information on above mentioned programs is available on their websites. There are hundreds of other Native American scholarships programs that provide financial assistance to deserving students from American Indian origin. Students can search for these scholarships on scholarships search engines. There are about 50 of such scholarship search engines available over the internet.

Scholarships for Women-Education Incentives for the Fairer Sex

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women

Long gone are the times when there was discrimination on the basis of the sex of a person. That is true at least for the field of education. More and more women have risen to the occasion and showed their mettle in the field of education. It is no wonder that today scholarships for women are a reality and anyone looking carefully enough can find them.

The present policies of President Obama have also facilitated the procurement of scholarships by women. The process is especially easy in areas where women have traditionally been in minority. These areas include science, technology, engineering, etc. One such organization which helps out women is the Society of Women Engineers.

Many women leave the workforce. This is because traditionally women are considered to have unique duties at home which the males may not take up. These include taking care of the family, etc. Such women are encouraged to complete their education if they so choose.

Women who belong to minority groups or have a low income are also eligible for scholarships. These scholarships are provided from private sources or from the federal government. In this regard it is good to check the FAFSA website and also investigate the scholarships that an educational institution might be offering.

Other important areas where women are being offered scholarships are the fields with which women are traditionally associated. These are fields which are either exclusively for women or are often taken up by them. These include fields like nursing, teaching, etc.

Anyone applying for scholarships for women can take into notice a few strategies that significantly increase the chances of success. One of these which can be called the holy grail of scholarship application process is to apply as early as possible and to as many places as possible. This obviously allows a person to meet any special criteria and provides options to choose from. It should also be taken into account that the competition can be considerably reduced if one chooses to apply for a scholarship that is meant for a specific group of people, for instance scholarships for graduate women, etc.

Good academic performance can be a huge plus and some scholarships demand special qualifications. If someone possesses those qualifications then the chances of success are quite bright. Some scholarships are specifically planned to reduce the competition for them. These scholarships are meant for minority groups which are in lesser numbers and so the competition is reduced. Education is must for every woman and now through the aid of scholarships for women it is made quite easy.

What are Guaranteed Scholarships?

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

What are Guaranteed Scholarships

Scholarships or student loans are fast becoming a necessity for students going to college. Financial aid is no longer only for students with financial need but the rising costs of college education has forced every school leaver to look for some kind of financial aid. Scholarships normally have a criterion to qualify for; most of the scholarship programs will require you to have an excellent academic background. There are also scholarships that are awarded to athletic students or students from a specific community of society. All of these scholarships require students go through the process of applying and qualifying for the scholarship, but there are some scholarships that have no criteria for the award.

Many colleges and institutes worldwide give rebates in tuition fee or accommodation expenses to every student joining their institute. These colleges do so in order to attract students to join their college. These rebates are normally advertised as guaranteed scholarships but they are actually discounts in your fee and accommodation expenses. Some colleges also provide these discounts to only international students in order to attract international students to join there college. The purpose of such discounts is to build reputation of an international college and to increase the cultural diversity at their college.

The discounts offered by institutes in tuition fee and accommodation expense range from 10% t 30% of total cost. These discounts might not solve all your financial worries but they can help you greatly by reducing the financial burden on you. Some colleges also provide free accommodation for up to six months to all international students joining a course in their college. Many other institutions also provide packages in which students can pay for one course and do the second course for free, such as the ACCA plus free MBA package advertised by London School of Business and Finance.

There is another kind of guaranteed scholarships.  Some colleges advertise scholarships based on academic performance. These colleges provide discounts in their fee according to your academic performance. The better your academic background the higher will be the amount of discount. Some of these institutes may waive your full fee if you have a very excellent academic background. The aim of these colleges is to attract talented students to join their college.

Students can find hundreds of guaranteed scholarships by little effort over the internet. Most of these guaranteed scholarships are advertised by colleges, so they are easier to find then other scholarships.