Accounting Scholarships

How to Look For Scholarship for PhD in Accountancy

PhD in accountancy means opening of a new career and new perspective in life. Although, many accountants find a good job immediately after they complete their bachelor’s degree, some prefer continuing their studies to the research level. (more…)

Comprehending Faith based Scholarships In The twenty-first Century

Catholicism is really a branch of Christianity that focuses on much more conventional and ritualistic practices from the worship of Jesus Christ, or Jesus of Nazareth. Primarily based in Vatican Metropolis, an independent city-state inside the city of Rome, Italy, the Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church is run by the Bishop of Rome, or the Pope. At the time of 2001, Christianity boasted more than 2.1 billion practitioners; roughly 1 billion of these Christians think about themselves Catholic. The vast majority of Catholics live in Western nations like Europe and North America, having a moderate number residing within the United states of america.

The large variety of Catholics in the United states of america makes the require for Catholic-specific scholarships or grants almost non-existent. Although there are an enormous variety of scholarships or grants for Christians generally, Catholic scholarships or grants could be tough to discover. Several scholarship granting institutions who offer monies to Catholic college students not only need the scholar to have over typical academic standing and grades, but also anticipate the scholar to travel abroad to educate Catholicism or to turn out to be a missionary for a length of time decided by the sponsoring institution. Although these options are perfect for some Catholic students, others would choose to pursue other occupations.

Some Catholic organizations are affiliated with particular heritages and only provide scholarships or grants to college students who’re of a definite ancestry, for example Italian or Irish Americans. Other Catholic societies provide scholarship or grant monies to Catholic students whose parents are members from the sponsoring society or organization and who’re students of Catholic schools or universities. While most colleges do not offer Catholic scholarships or grants, Catholics will frequently qualify for common Christian scholarships or grants.

Accounting Scholarships-Searching for Credible Scholarship Sources

Accounting Scholarships

Accounting Scholarships

College education is a turning point in the life of a student. It is here that a student adopts a career path and makes a decision about what his life is going to be like in the coming years. There are so many majors that college education has  to offer and sometimes a student who does not has a clear picture of what he wants to be can get frustrated. This is also important because of the availability of scholarships for specific majors. The student needs to do some research into the various scholarship options.

A good option is the field of accounting. This field never goes out of fashion and there is constant demand of professionals. There are a number of accounting scholarships available and are for the graduating high school student or are for the students who are already enrolled in college and majoring in accounting.

Let’s consider some of the good options.

  • The National Society of Accountants offers scholarships to accounting majors. You can check with them for eligibility criteria.
  • The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is another good example.
  • The American Society of Women Accountants provides scholarships to women.
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants provides scholarships for college students.

Some sources from where you can get information about accounting scholarships are as follows:

  • Online databases are a good source of finding information about scholarships and their eligibility criteria.
  • Finance office of the accounting school can be a good place for getting information about whether the accounting school is offering money for your study or not.
  • Local libraries retain listings of scholarships available and can also provide you with study magazines which can be a good source of information on the available scholarships.

Other options include grants and student loans. Loans are provided by private lenders, banks or the state. You will have to present a proof of financial need (EFC) and also will have to agree on the terms and conditions.

Generally, your chances are improved significantly if you do a lot of research and apply for as many positions as possible. You must also look for the accounting scholarships related to your specific field of accounting. A good option can be to look for institutes specializing in your field of interest. They may offer specific scholarships to prospective accountants fulfilling their criteria. Accounting is a wonderful field. Accounting professionals seldom go jobless. With accounting scholarships, your dream of becoming an accountant can come true.