Easy Scholarships

Graduate Students Scholarships – Research Well and Apply For the Apt One

Several graduate students scholarships are available yet most of the students find it difficult to find and apply. This is mainly because they have to face a different set of barriers in finding and applying for scholarships. Research well and go through the details of the scholarship programs you find out. (more…)

Georgia Goal Scholarship Program

Georgia goal scholarship program is designed in a different way and focuses on unique matters. In fact, this scholarship program will give you a great opportunity to redirect your income tax payments. To learn more about the scholarship program and about the application procedure, you should visit the official website of the sponsor. (more…)

Canadian Scholarships – For Meritorious and Needy Students

Canadian government is extremely concerned with the overall development of the people living there. It is not just the Canadians but those who come to Canada to study is also helped out through various Canadian scholarships available for international students. (more…)

Canada Medicine Scholarships Non Canadian

You must be surprised to know how much free money is available for completing education by the Canadian government. Canada medicine scholarships non Canadian is not only available through government sources. Many non government and private sources are also ready to provide the fund for the completion of education of many students. (more…)

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

If you have tried all options and have not yet found a scholarship that you may be eligible for you can apply on scholarships that have an easy criteria to apply for aid.  You can get a considerable part of your expenses taken care of with these easy scholarships to apply for. These scholarships are easy because they are not based on academic or sporting excellence which are the criteria for most other scholarship programs.

Easy scholarships are based on varying criteria according to the aims of the organization that is offering the scholarships. If you apply for such scholarships you might also be on advantage because not many people know of these scholarship opportunities. I will discuss some such opportunities in this article.

  • The MoneyMatters101.com scholarship program: This scholarships program is run by the money matters website. It provides aid to students that enter their competition to answer essay type questions about credit cards and the contribution of credit cards towards student’s debt.
  • The OP Loftbed Scholarship program: This program provides aid to students that use loft beds in their dorm rooms. The scholarships are aimed at showing gratitude to such customers.
  • The Ayn Rand Institute Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students from all fields that enter a competition to write essays on the book “The Fountainhead”.
  • The Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest: This contest is open to imaginative students that are interested in science related fields. The students are required to submit their writing on science fiction to compete for this program. The association also offers scholarships to writers and illustrators in other fields.
  • The American Welding Society Scholarship Program: This scholarship program provides aid to American students that are interested in learning the art of welding, brazing, joining or thermal spraying.
  • The NCTA Scholarship program: This scholarship program provides aid to students that write essays about Santa and the Christmas.
  • The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award: This award is given to students that join a contest to predict future events in the economic market. Successful students are provided significant amount of scholarships.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are hundreds of other easy scholarships to apply for based on varying criterion, such as scholarships for tall, short or fat people, and scholarships for vegetarians. You can search for all of these scholarships over the internet using scholarship search sites.

A List of Easy Scholarships for US Students

Easy Scholarships

Easy Scholarships

The current economic situation is a big factor in the increasing number of people going back to college to be better equipped for getting a good job. But there are a lot of those people as well who don’t have the money to pay for college. However, these people are not hopeless as there are so many alternative methods of funding studies, especially with an increase in easy scholarships that they can avail.

Scholarship in the minds of many is something that is awarded to a bright student with a perfect record. In reality a large proportion of people entering school are not fresh high school graduates, instead majority are doing jobs and enroll to study for a much better career. A lot of Americans are just average people seeking a way to fund their studies.

And, if you belong to this group of people, then you will need to find one of the easy scholarships out there. As mentioned above, these scholarships are available; you just have to search for them.

Here are some easy scholarships that you can apply for:

1. Wells Fargo: You can be one of the 20 people who are awarded $1000 scholarship by Wells Fargo. The information you need to provide to apply for this scholarship includes your name and contact information.

2. Create a Greeting Card: They are offering $10,000 for college. You can apply for this scholarship by creating a greeting card and sending it to them. Who knows you might be the lucky winner!

3. The Military Scholarship: This is a $10,000 scholarship that you can apply for by simply completing a form. Also, this scholarship is not just for people in the military, everyone has an equal chance of winning it.

4. The Scholarships for Dads: This is another $10,000 scholarship that someone wins it every month. The information you need to enter to be considered for it is your name and email.

5. Scholarships for Moms: A $10,000 scholarship that you can win by filling a form to enter the competition.

These easy scholarships can be helpful for those individuals who are looking to further their education but do not have the money to do so.

There has been an unbelievable increase in the money currently being provided to people looking to enroll in college. This trend began in 2009 and is on the rise since then. This year may be the best time ever to get your hands on an easy scholarship for college.