Bully Scholarship Edition Cheats xbox 360

Bully scholarship edition cheats xbox 360 is a game and is considered as enhanced re-release of its first edition on PlayStation 2. In fact, when the first edition had arrived only a year or two back, it was not welcomed at once. The main reason was that the new generation of games had arrived and people were no longer interested in the old style game in which the boy is sent to a boarding school and suffers bully and fights for his survival and existence. However, when people played and enjoyed it, it got immense popularity and acceptance.


The new edition has added few updated graphics and a handful of new missions claiming to give it unique and outstanding gaming experience. In this game there is a boy named Jimmy Hopkins who is 15 year old and has his own level of hardships in life. He has been expelled from seven schools by now and has been brought to a boarding school to continue education. He ditches classes and prefects, avoid cops and explores the town and lot many things. If you are new to this game, you need to have patience while playing it because in the first chapter you are limited to the school ground and have little or no action involved.


Bully scholarship edition cheats xbox 360 has received mixed reviews. Some have liked it as they like to spend hours on a game and have almost nothing important to do. The only thing that attracts people towards this game is that they have been given a second chance to relive the first day at school in their life through this game. There are different problems that one faces being Jimmy and initially you will not be liked by most of the fellow classmates also.


However, it is up to you how you turn Jimmy and help him make his school days comfortable and easy. So play bully scholarship edition cheats xbox 360 and let Jimmy have ways through missions and explore town and world on his own. Along with some of the main plots, you can enjoy side missions too.