Black Scholarships—Where to Look for Them?

Black Scholarships

Black Scholarships

Studying at college level is a rewarding experience that every student should be able to have, however increasing tuition fees and cost of living around the world has made it difficult for students to study at college level. Scholarships are one way of overcoming these funding problems for your study. There are thousands of institutions, welfare organizations and government organizations worldwide that offer financial assistance to students from all communities, in addition to these

Organizations there are also some organizations that offer scholarships to specific part of a society or community for minority development. If you belong to African American community you will be able to find many financial assistance programs with little effort. This article highlights some of these programs.

  • Dr. Marie-France Desrosiers Memorial Scholarship. This program offers financial assistance to students majoring in psychology at Barry University. More information is available on their website.
  • Mansfield University Board of Governor’s Scholarship. This program offers a $1500 scholarship to African American students who plan to study at Mansfield University. Seven of these scholarships are awarded every year.
  • Deborah Wolfe Fellowship. This scholarship program is for students who wish to study abroad. This program will provide you with the unique experience of studying in another country.
  • National Black Nurses Association Ambi-Kiwi Scholarship. This program provides assistance to students majoring in nursing.
  • Oakwood College United Negro College Fund. Students who wish to study at Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL are eligible for this black scholarship. The amount of scholarship is $2000.
  • Nancy Wolridge Graduate Fellowship. This scholarship program is specifically for female students from African American community. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to qualify for this program. It is a good option for females as there is no competition from male applicants.

The above programs are listed only to highlight the extensive opportunities available to African American students. Hundreds of more minority scholarship programs are also offered by different organizations, such as the FedEx/UNCF Scholarship Initiative Fund, The Ossie Davis Endowment Scholarship and The Ron Brown Scholar Program. However African American students should not restrict to applying for minority scholarships, you should make an application for every open or minority scholarship you are eligible for. Multiple applications increase the probability of winning a scholarship. Make sure you make every application with complete seriousness, fulfilling all the requirements of the scholarship awarding body, as the competition for each minority scholarship is tough.