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International Scholarships – Dreams Can Come True

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

A lot of students out there have dreams of pursuing their studies overseas. However, such a goal can really cost a lot and for students who simply do not have the finances necessary for pursuing such a dream, international scholarships are often the only viable way of making this dream come true. Indeed studying abroad is a very expensive investment although every cent you put into it can really be worthwhile given the possible experience you can get out of it which is absolutely priceless even in the absence of international scholarships paving the way.

At this point you are probably wondering where you can take your shot at international scholarships for students such as yourself. Well, a good place to start your search is the source known as the International Scholarship Search. It provides one of the best information on international scholarships and financial assistance for deserving students. Some of the best things that you can find here that might just aid you in securing international scholarships include a huge list of scholarships and grants or loan options. One that I found today was a scholarship in Argentina.

International scholarships is certainly the best way out there to pursue your dreams of studying abroad, however, having a shot at one is certainly not as easy as a walk in the park. For many students, getting international scholarships is just too hard. Taking out a scholarship loan is by far the easier option. However, you must thoroughly think it over before doing so since scholarship loans may cause a huge problem on your finances that could take years to settle. The great thing about scholarship loans though is that it basically covers your entire expenses for studying abroad and that you don’t need to worry about having to dish out more money for expenses such as accommodations or transportation.

Schools will typically offer opportunities for international scholarships but they are often insufficient to finance all of the expenses necessary for studying abroad such as food, transportation and lodging expenses. Thus it is best to seek out multiple scholarship opportunities which may just result in additional funds that you can use to pursue this dream of yours.

Finding Scholarships for College

Finding Scholarships for College

Finding Scholarships for College

If you are looking for scholarships to go to college or trade school, congratulations on having the drive and the grades to qualify for admission. Now comes the hard part: Where is the money going to come from? If you are very rich and have parents willing to front the money no matter where you are going, once again congratulations! You are a winner in the genetic lottery. For those who come from families in the lower income brackets, there are federal, state and university grants and work/study dollars to be had. (At some schools like Harvard, 100% of financial need is guaranteed to be met.) For the rest of the world who falls in the middle, being able to finance higher education can be quite a challenge.

Grants, loans and scholarships are different ways to finance a college education. Grants typically come from governments and are exclusively income based. Loans are available to all students, but have to be repaid. Scholarships can be either need-based or merit-based or a combination of the two. Scholarships do not need to be repaid and are available through a wide variety of sources.

So where do you look? DO NOT pay money to receive a list of scholarships available! Why pay money for a list that someone created by Googling “scholarships”? Save that money towards a textbook and do the groundwork yourself. The first place to look is the school where you’ve been accepted. Most colleges offer some form of need-based financial aid. In addition to the financial aid office, also be sure to contact the department of your major. Often there are scholarships available based on major (business or the sciences, for example).

If you didn’t find any scholarships through your school, or not enough to cover the full amount, it is now time to get creative. Think of things that make you unique and place that term plus the word “scholarship” into a variety of different search engines (while Google is dominant, the others might pop up things you otherwise would have missed). Try looking under your ethnicity, your religion, gender, sports, future career aspirations, clubs, favorite book, hobbies, etc. There are also many scholarships for returning students (older than those fresh out of high school), first ones in the family to go to college, and also for the children of employees – as your parents if their work offers something like this or contact the Human Resources department directly.

Once you’ve found the scholarships out there, that is only half your battle. They will not simply give you money for visiting their website. All require an application and many require an essay. Keep their deadlines in mind as late applications are typically rejected. Remember, apply to as many as you think you are eligible for since lots of little scholarships can really add up.

Military Tuition Assistance – Montgomery G.I. Bill – Post 9/11 G.I. Bill

Military Tuition Assistance

Military Tuition Assistance

I have heard people complain that the military and military families get a lot of things “for free.” Of course, this is far from true. I am the wife of a junior enlisted Navy sailor. My husband’s take home income is below the National Poverty Average, many of my contemporaries rely on WIC and food stamps just to feed their families, and we must live in government housing in order to ensure that we can afford to put a roof over our heads. Our spouses are serving our country, we’re separated at least a few months every year from one another… is a sacrifice that our spouses and us, as families, do willingly for our country. The members of our military join with promises of benefits, to see the world, to leave their hometowns, adventure, steady income and the promise of funding for their education. But once they have gone through bootcamp, it’s easy to discover that none of the promises recruiters made are without strings attached.

One of the biggest reasons people join the military today is to receive money for a college education. This funding is in the form of Military Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery G.I. Bill and the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. The Military Tuition Assistance promises to pay 100% of tuition costs. However, the fine print is a little bit more revealing. The Army guarantees only $4,500 a fiscal year and most branches will only pay $250 a credit hour. Most state institutions charge more than $250 a credit hour for their tuition, leaving the service member either having to use Federally Insured Financial Aid or having to dig into their G.I. Bill (which would more than likely extend their service contract by at least a few years).

If a member of the active duty military were to go on to the numerous scholarship search engines, their particular branch’s educational website or do a general Google search, they will quickly discover that simply being active duty does not justify scholarships. They have to be a member of a particular group within the branch (e.g. Seabees in the Navy) or they have to have been injured in the War. My children, even I, could receive more scholarship opportunities than my husband.

There should be a federal grant or private scholarship funds for our active duty military to supplement the cost of tuition. Cost of living is enough as it is and our military members should be awarded the opportunities they were promised by their recruiter or the military should stick to their promise of paying 100% tuition. In the civilian world, this would be considered false advertisement. But to the military? Well, apparently, it’s okay to do this to members of our military, who serve to protect our freedoms, perform their duties without question (or the ability to do so), are separated from their loved ones for such long periods and endure more strain and stress than most civilians could understand.

Scholarships – Various Types



Scholarships are not only the awards, incentives, financial aids, or encouragements provided for a student to further education but are grand prospects that can fulfill the dreams and ambitions of the deserving students.

Today, various types of Scholarships are being offered by the various individual trusts, Government institutions, Institutes of higher learning like Universities, Corporate houses or by Missionaries and Charitable Trusts all over the world. These Scholarships are being awarded depending on the various criteria which in turn are decided by the donor or the founder of the Scholarships.

Scholarships are classified into the following major categories on the basis of criteria of the awarded scholarships like: – Merit-based Scholarships, Need-based Scholarships, Student-specific Scholarships and Career-specific Scholarships.

Merit-based Scholarships are the scholarships determined on the basis of student’s athletic, academic, artistic, or other abilities. Need-based Scholarships are the scholarships which are determined on the basis of the financial records of the student and his/her family. However, in case the scholarship is a Federal award, need-based scholarships will require students to fill out a FAFSA in order to qualify for it. Student-specific Scholarships are the scholarships, for which one can qualify on the basis of student’s specific factors like race, gender, religion, family and medical history, etc. Career-specific Scholarships are the scholarships which are awarded to the students who are planning to pursue a specific field or high-need areas of education like nursing in many countries.

Apart from the above mentioned scholarships, one can also find scholarships in their home or local areas as well which in turn are being offered by institutions or organizations like labor unions, houses of worships, chamber of commerce, community foundations and many more.

Finally, one must not forget that the procedures for applying for various types of scholarships are not identical so one must go through the details of the terms and conditions of the scholarships as many scholarships are also attached with some or other types of bond requirements.