Asthma Scholarships-Give Your Scholarship Search an Inhaler Dose

Asthma Scholarships

Asthma Scholarships

Scholarships are helping many students to achieve their educational goals. It is no wonder that there is tough competition for many of the scholarships and the students have to perform out of their skins to remain competitive. There are some categories of scholarships which have reduced level of competition because only a specific group of people are eligible to apply. Examples of such scholarships include those that are offered to minority groups, employees, people with disabilities, etc. Asthma scholarships also fall into these categories.

The availability of an Asthma scholarship can be a surprise for many people reading this article. While surely being a pleasant surprise for aspiring college students suffering from asthma, it comes as nothing too shocking because asthma exists in the youth and such students might need financial support.

Let us take a look at some of the asthma scholarship opportunities that students can avail:

  • The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology provides scholarships to students who are graduating from high school and have been diagnosed with asthma. A single $1,000 award is given to a winner and other students are provided with $100 merit awards. Academic achievements, community service and extra-curricular activities are among the eligibility criteria.
  • The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America provides two high school graduates with a $500 scholarship each. The students must be diagnosed with asthma and must show the ability to be a role model for younger students who suffer from the same condition. The students are required to present documents of academic achievements and write an essay.
  • The Schering-Plough Corporation offers ‘will to win asthma’ scholarships. The scholarship is awarded to students in five categories. Each category has two winners which receive a $5,000 award.
  • The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network provide several scholarships worth $1,500 each to students with food allergies. The organization also provides scholarships to researchers doing research in food allergies, ear, nose, throat disorders.
  • Asthma scholarships are also for athletes. College scholarships for athletes with asthma provide a $10,000 award to such a student.

These were some of the examples of asthma scholarships as an outline. Students are encouraged to do further research from the internet or other sources. Students must not allow a condition such as asthma; prevent them from pursuing their dream of education. Asthma scholarships are there to help them out and the students should avail them.