Art Scholarships—Winning Strategies

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships

Getting scholarships for artistic pursuits can be a process with requirements quite different from scientific subjects. While availability of scholarships for the field of science is an obvious reality, art scholarships are also available and in fact quite abundant. The only requirement is that the aspiring artist must know where to look for art scholarships and more importantly when to apply for them.

As far as the field of art is concerned, getting art scholarships does not depend upon letters of recommendations or grade percentages solely (though they are no doubt important). Other things like your portfolio can be important but not necessary. While you may want to apply to a number of places but the timing of the application is of more prime importance.

There are some guidelines for success. Firstly, you must apply well within time. This seems to be a golden rule for the scholarship application process anytime and anywhere. This is because it enables you to take care of certain details. As far as art scholarships are concerned, having plenty of time will enable you to research out various strategies to ensure your success. It might involve contacting people who have previously won an art scholarship and knowing what they did for it. You may also get testimonials from not only some of your own credible sources but also from people who belong to the scholarship awarding organization.

Secondly, you must have faith in your abilities and belief in your success. Know that many thousands of dollars worth scholarships go wasted every year because no one is applying for the scholarships. You must bear in mind that even if you believe that the process of acquiring an art scholarship will be a tedious one or the amount of money will not be according to your expectations, you must still pursue it because it might open the door for future profits and besides getting something for which there is tight competition in the market is something to be cherished.

Lastly, you must really work towards identifying and improving your weaker skills. This will dramatically increase your chances of success. Another strategy of improving your chances of success is to identify as much potential sponsors as possible. For instance if you are senior level student, you can apply for the University of Colorado’s ‘Bob Coonts graphic design scholarship’. Another very important organization is ‘The Alliance for Young artists and Writers’, you can check their website for scholarship opportunities.