All about Fellowship Scholarships

All about Fellowship Scholarships

All about Fellowship Scholarships

The rising cost of education has caused many to quit college let alone the idea of getting post-graduate and research education. Education at post graduate level is usually very expensive. Most of the colleges and universities offering post graduate research education also run many fellowship scholarships programs for students to help them finance their studies.

You can search for such fellowship scholarships conveniently over the internet. The best strategy is to search for such scholarships over scholarship search sites. These search sites will provide you information on all scholarships available to you in a particular region based on particular criterion. These sites also provide you the facility to search for a scholarship which you qualify for by providing your information on a form. These scholarship search sites can save a lot of your time and effort. In addition to searching at scholarships search sites you can also try your luck at the following two scholarship programs.

Thomas J. Watson Fellowships

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship program provides aid to research students to complete a year of research education outside US. This is a very prestigious award that provides aid of $25,000 to single students and $35,000 to students traveling with spouses. The program requires the students to not take up part time work during their study and to not re enter US during their year of study. Watson fellows are also not allowed to participate in organized volunteer projects for any length of time during their Watson year.

The fellowships are awarded to graduates of 50 selective small colleges. Each applicant must be nominated by his or her college and application is also made through college.  1 applicant from each of 50 colleges is awarded the fellowships. More information on eligibility and deadlines can be obtained from the program’s website:

Jeanette K. Watson Fellowships

The Jeanette K. Watson Fellowship program provides the opportunity to students to intern at not-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and for-profit organizations. The fellows interim in any organization in New York for their first two summers and usually interim in overseas offices of international non-profits or community-based organizations in countries outside US, such as South Africa and India. The fellowships are awarded to 15 talented students that are either a second semester freshman or sophomore with at least four semesters remaining at the six divisions of the City University of New York or at four other selected colleges.  The applicants for this fellowship are also required to apply through their colleges.