AFROTC Scholarship Interview – Be Well Prepared and Organized

If you have been selected for AFROTC scholarship interview, remember that your main aim is to communicate effectively your dedication and desire to learn, grow and contribute as a student in college and AFROTC as well. You need to know how you are right for the scholarship program and how are you well matched and well suited for the training requirements and the lifestyle of the commissioning program. Just keep in mind that your evaluation during the time of interview will help you get the scholarship program that is best suited for you.

Keep in mind and arrive on time. If, due to any reason you find that you are going to be late, you should inform the concerned officials. Take into account your dressing and make sure you dress professionally and appropriately. Prepare yourself for the points you would like to discuss with the concerned officials and pay attention that you put up your points politely and precisely. Bring with you a resume and evidence of your achievements in different fields. Make good eye contact and reply honestly and sincerely. Be prepared to ask questions so that the personals get the impression that you are ambitious and eager to learn as well as you are also ready for challenges.

Prepare well for your AFROTC scholarship interview and you can practice with your friends or parents. Do not be afraid and get frustrated. It is for sure that interviews are frustrating and challenging. Just come to the interview prepared and feel good about yourself. Keep in mind that you have been asked to attend the interview because of your achievements as a high school student. Also, the Air Force will help you make smart decisions. The scholarship program that you have opted for will help you transform your life and your future as well.

An interview is always demanding and not so easy to handle. The only thing you can do is to put your best foot forward. Dress well, arrive on time and present yourself in best manner at the time of AFROTC scholarship interview. Remember, you will win the award money only when you impress and persuade the panel.