African American Scholarships—Where to Find Minority Scholarships?

African American Scholarships

African American Scholarships

Finding the resources to fund studies is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays, however if you are determined to continue your studies you can find a scholarship to fund your studies with little effort. There are many welfare organizations and educational institutions that offer scholarships specifically for African American minority students; all you need to find these scholarships is the knowledge of where to look for these scholarships. This article is an attempt to help minority students find African American scholarships.

There are a lot of scholarships offered to African American students from different fields  in different institutions in the US but remember you will have to put in some effort for finding those scholarships, meeting their requirements and applying for those scholarships. Finding a scholarship that suits your needs is not very difficult, as the competition for minority scholarships is low as compared to open scholarship programs but the scholarship is also not going to come to you without any effort. Some of the programs offered by different institutions are summarized below:

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants awards scholarship of up to 5000$ to quality students in the field of accountancy. Complete information is available on their website.

United Negro College Fund offers scholarships to students from different fields that cover tuition fees, room charges, books and other fees.

For science and medical students of African American community Vivian Thomas Scholarship is also awarded that covers tuition fees and living costs.

There is also a merit based scholarship that covers room, books, boarding and tuition fees offered to students from different fields by Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

In addition to the above mentioned programs you will also be able to find many other African American scholarships with little efforts on the internet; however you should not restrict to applying for only minority scholarships. You should apply for every open or minority scholarship program that you find on internet and that you are eligible for. Multiple applications will increase the probability of winning a scholarship and you might qualify for more than one scholarship, which will go a long way in assisting you with funding your studies. You should not make reckless applications; every scholarship application should be made with complete seriousness and care. Make sure that you are able to fulfill the criteria set out by the scholarship awarding body and you also provide all the information required by them.