African American Scholarship—Scholarship Opportunities for Ethnic Minorities

African American Scholarship

African American Scholarship

A major concern for students leaving school is to pay for their college fees. Increasing tuition costs at graduate and postgraduate level is making it difficult to pursue higher education for students.  Many organizations in the government and private sector are helping college students complete their education by providing scholarships, grants and student loan.

If you belong to a minority community living in US, there are many scholarship opportunities specifically for you. Many organizations representing Hispanic and African American communities are offering scholarships to help students from their communities. In this article I will explain some scholarships that are specifically awarded to students from African American community.

Dr. Marie-France Desrosiers Memorial Scholarship is scholarship program that provides financial aid to students who are joining Barry University and majoring in Psychology.

Oakwood College United Negro College Fund awards a $2000 scholarship to African American students joining Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund is a merit based scholarship program that provides for the expenses of tuition, room, books and boarding.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants awards scholarships to students from minority communities. The amount of the award is up to $5000.

Nancy Wolridge Graduate Fellowship is a scholarship program specifically for women from African American community. To qualify for these program applicants should have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

A Vivian Thomas Scholarship program provides financial assistance to African American students from the field of science and medical.

Mansfield University Board of Governor’s Scholarship is a program that provides seven students worth an aid of $1500 every year. The students should be from African American community and planning to study at Mansfield University.

Students who apply for a minority scholarship will be at advantage as they will face less competition compared to open scholarship programs. In addition to the above mentioned programs there are hundreds of other African American scholarships offered by different organizations in US. Students should also make use of scholarship search sites to search for financial aid available to them. Some programs, such as The Deborah Wolfe Fellowship, also provide opportunities to students to study in another country.

African American students should not restrict themselves to minority scholarship; they should also apply for open scholarship programs they are eligible for. Multiple applications will increase their chances of getting a scholarship to fund their studies.

In addition to scholarships students might also be able to find few organizations that provide financial assistance to African American students in form of student loans.