Academic Scholarship Signing Day – Important For Students and Schools

Academic scholarship signing day was introduced in 2010 when 25 students signed the letter of intent to show their eagerness to attend the college or university that has offered them the scholarship. The main intention behind all this is to see the intention, commitment and dedication to continue and further the education of students. Different colleges and universities want to ensure that students finish their education and training beyond high school level. The signing day helps the school make out how many students are planning to continue their education, what subjects they are going to major in and which college they are planning to attend.


The schools and the people behind this initiative want to convey a message that the best key to survival and success is to whatever is in one’s hand. Putting your best foot forward will always help you in life and in all the years to come. However, you need to be truly passionate and dedicated towards achieving your goal. There are many such programs carried on at national and state levels that help students decide and determine to complete their education despite of the rising cost of education and other hardships of life.


Parents, coaches along with media gather for the academic scholarship signing day when high school students sign the document to receive full ride scholarships from different colleges and universities. There was a time when athletes were the only group that was honored in public. With the advent of signing day for those who received academic scholarships through different sources, recognition and honoring of academically excellent students have also started. Teachers and principals of different schools encourage this initiative because they believe that students should be recognized for their achievements in different fields.


There are various benefits of this signing day and teachers feel that through this method, students are being given the strength, support and love they need to proceed. They believe that students must be provided every possible opportunity to reach individual potential. To qualify for the academic scholarship signing day, one has to win scholarship award money from any college or university.