About Us

We will provide you with free information about Scholarships or Government Grants. We will provide you with the information you will have to do your own research. This blog is free for everyone, spread the word. We can not do everything for you, but we can save you time – days, weeks, or maybe even months of research. You can help! You can help others by commenting with the things you know and others will help you from their experience as well, this is a win-win situation we are trying to gain here, for all of you – our visitors.

We will post as much information as possible about Scholarships or Grants, step by step, it will take us time to put all the information here, but we will add fresh information on a daily basis.

We will list programs here as well, but, you know we will not be able to publish them all here, maybe in a couple of years… But then new programs will be around, and then new ones, but the tools we will give you in our blog will make it possible for you to find the info faster and share it with others.